Movie Trailers - April 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1929

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The Flying Scotsman Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

From Wikipedia The Flying Scotsman is a 1929 black and white film set on the Flying Scotsman train from London to Edinburgh, also featuring the famous locomotive LNER Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman.

Big Business Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

Stan and Ollie play door-to-door Christmas tree salesmen in California. They end up getting into an escalating feud with grumpy would-be customer James Finlayson, with his home and their car being destroyed in the melee.

Spite Marriage Trailer (1929)

06 April 1929

Elmer, a humble worker in a dry cleaning establishment, idolizes stage actress Trilby Drew. She, in turn, is carrying a torch for fellow actor Lionel Benmore.

The Woman Men Yearn For Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

After a chance meeting at a train station, Henry and Stascha, unhappy with their circumstances, are determined to leave and be together.

The Wild Party Trailer (1929)

06 April 1929

A comely collegian (Clara Bow) falls for an anthropology professor (Fredric March) and accompanies him on a jungle expedition.

Monte Cristo Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

This epic adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo was directed by Henri Fescourt, and stars Jean Angelo, Lil Dagover, Pierre Batcheff, the beautiful Marie Glory, and Bernhard Goetzke as the Abbé Faria.

El sexto sentido Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

Carmen is happy. She is in love with Carlos, a young man filled with optimism, the exact opposite of his taciturn and tormented friend Leon.

Manolescu - Der König der Hochstapler Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

George Manolescu (Ivan Mouskojine) plays a confidence man who works his way from Paris to New York, along the way during a train ride to Monte Carlo he meets the voluptuous as always Cleo (Bigitte Helm) where they have a whirl wind romance which becomes short lived after she flees from him.

The Voice of the City Trailer (1929)

13 April 1929

An escaped convict and the detective tasked with hunting him down end up working in parallel to clear the convict's name and nab the gangsters that framed him.

Days of Youth Trailer (1929)

12 April 1929

Students Watanabe and Yamamoto unknowingly compete for the same girl.

The Woman from Hell Trailer (1929)

20 April 1929

Dee Renaud is a girl playing the "Devil" in an amusement concession at a beach resort. Slick Glicks, the barker, promises the yokels that if they're able to catch the "Lady From Hell," she will reward them with a kiss.

The Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrovna Trailer (1929)

15 April 1929

This silent-screen classic, like many others produced near the end of the silent era, was both a theatrical extravaganza boasting an original orchestral score and an item which languished in obscurity for many years.

Reckless Rosie Trailer (1929)

06 April 1929

A gorgeous showgirl is hired as a lingerie model at a fashion show......

The Barnyard Battle Trailer (1929)

25 April 1929

Mickey Mouse joins a mouse army to battle evil cats.

Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

Eveready Horton and his behemoth penis venture through the country in search of the penetrable.

Good Night Nurse Trailer (1929)

27 April 1929

Nothing But the Truth Trailer (1929)

20 April 1929

A young man bets $10,000 that for 24 hour he can tell nothing but the truth.

Presto-Chango Trailer (1929)

13 April 1929

In this entry in the Aesop's Fables series, a boy and girl cat cannot keep their eyes- and paws- off each other.

The Morning Sun Shines Trailer (1929)

12 April 1929

The Morning Sun Shines is a fiction-documentary film by Kenji Mizoguchi and Seiichi Ina. The film is a combination of a drama about a reporter, and documentary footage about newspaper production.

Alibi Trailer (1929)

20 April 1929

Chick Williams, a prohibition gangster, rejoins his mob soon after being released from prison. When a policeman is murdered during a robbery, he falls under suspicion.

Undying Pearl Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

Toshie, a young, conservative secretary-typist has fallen in love with Shozo Narita, a young man she has met through her work.

Cagliostro - Liebe und Leben eines großen Abenteurers Trailer (1929)

07 April 1929

Cagliostro, an Italian adventurer played by the almost unnaturally handsome Hans Stüwe, rises through the French aristocracy on account of his magical tricks, medical knowledge and ability to foretell the future.

The Pagan Trailer (1929)

26 April 1929

Henry, the pagan son of a white father and native mother, has inherited land and a store, but he prefers the simple life.

Dans la nuit Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

This is the first of the two movies directed by highly talented actor Charles Vanel. The first part depicts in parallel a wedding and the miners' work.

Skyscraper Symphony Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

A montage of the skyscrapers of Manhattan opens with a succession of stationary views of the upper portions of numerous buildings.

The Stolen Lump Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

Removing the Lump (Kobutori, 1929) is based on the tale Kobutori-jiisan about an honest old man who dances with the tengu, mythical bird-like creatures, in order to have them remove an unsightly lump from the side of his face.

Two Pence Magic Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

Two Penny Magic (Zweigroschenzauber 1929) starting off with a little magic trick. It then presents an array of images from swimmers, bicyclers, murderers, airplanes in flight, boxers, lovers, runners, becoming in the end a collection of images in a magazine.

Vesnoy Trailer (1929)

14 April 1929

It pictures the struggle of people against the cold and harsh winter.

The Desert Song Trailer (1929)

08 April 1929

French General Birabeau has been sent to Morocco to root out and destroy the Riffs, a band of Arab rebels, who threaten the safety of the French outpost in the Moroccan desert.

The Bridge Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

A convicted spy manages to avoid being hanged from a bridge when the rope breaks and flees for his life and freedom in this short silent film from Charles Vidor, his first as director.

Coquette Trailer (1929)

06 April 1929

A Southern belle's flirtation with a working man leads to tragedy.

The Donovan Affair Trailer (1929)

11 April 1929

Inspector Killian tries to solve a murder case with his assistant Carney.

Frozen River Trailer (1929)

19 April 1929

A lost Rin-Tin-Tin film.

The Installment Collector Trailer (1929)

19 April 1929

25 years prior to appearing on Goodson-Todman game shows, and 5 years prior to the premiere of his long-running radio show, Fred Allen starred in this unremarkable one-reeler most likely shot in the Kaufman-Astoria studios in New York.

Alpine Antics Trailer (1929)

01 April 1929

Oswald and his dog go up the mountains to rescue a pussycat dangling from a ridge.

Rayon de soleil Trailer (1929)

26 April 1929

Jean Gourguet's 1928 49-minute silent feels like a French precursor to Siodmak's 1930 "Menschen am Sonntag".

The Big Shot Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

Fat and Snub are a reporter and photographer who try to track down a reclusive Scotsman for an interview and photo.

Rails Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

A young honeymooning couple are lured away to a seaside resort by a high-society sleazeball, who has plans to seduce the girl, while at the same time her hubby in desperation stakes all his money on the roulette wheels.

Finding His Voice Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

Animated figure Talkie gets a visit from his friend Mutie in search for a job. Talkie takes him to the Western Electric sound lab.

Close Harmony Trailer (1929)

12 April 1929

Marjorie, a song-and-dance girl in the stage show of a palatial movie theater, becomes interested in Al West, a warehouse clerk who has put together an unusual jazz band, and uses her influence to get him a place on one of the programs.

Bread Trailer (1929)

01 April 1929

Ukrainian agitprop film from 1929 that was banned and long forgotten until its rediscovery in the 1970s, imaginatively shot by the gifted cameraman Oleksii Pankratiev, whose panoramic long shots feature dynamic compositions.

Skating Hounds Trailer (1929)

27 April 1929

A series of animated short subjects created by Paul Terry and actor-turned-writer Howard Estabrook.

The Hole in the Wall Trailer (1929)

27 April 1929

Mrs. Ramsey sent Jean Oliver to prison on a false charge. To get even, Jean (disguised as Madame Mystera) plans to kidnap her daughter and turn her into a thief.

Sevil Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

A silent drama from Azerbaijan made by Amo Bek-Nazaryan.

The Bees' Buzz Trailer (1929)

06 April 1929

Andy and Harry get into trouble while trying to stop the marriage of Andy's daughter.

Impressionen vom alten Marseiller Hafen (Vieux Port) Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

"Impressionen vom alten marseiller Hafen," captures the steady hum of commerce of one of europe's biggest and most populous port cities.

Gossip Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

A husband (John Miljan) and wife (Claire Whitney) arguing about which sex gossips more. Just then a friend (Robert Emmett Keane) they both know comes to visit but he isn't aware that they are now married.

Montparnasse Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

Come take an avant-garde walk in the Montparnasse of the late 1920's. This district of Paris, filmed in a most unusual way, shows how dedicated it is to art.

False Vases Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

When Felix's piano-playing causes Kitty's Ming vase to break.

A Bird in the Hand Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

Frank Orth strikes a conversation with a lady feeding imaginary birds.

Sonny Boy Trailer (1929)

18 April 1929

Sonny Boy's parents are in the midst of a bitter divorce when the boy's mother talks her sister into kidnapping him because she is terrified that her husband will take the boy out of the country after the divorce.

Humorous Flights Trailer (1929)

13 April 1929

The Friday Morning Bird, Flower, & Bridge Whist Club has invited Donald Ogden Stewart to speak to them about the lives of birds.

Black Waters Trailer (1929)

05 April 1929

A mad captain poses as a cleric to murder people aboard a fogbound ship.

The Framing of the Shrew Trailer (1929)

27 April 1929

Privacy Robson is a downtrodden husband who takes advice from his friend Florian Slappey. He eventually gets the upper hand after starting divorce proceedings, pretending to have a new girlfriend and refusing to eat anything she cooks him.

Sopernitsy Trailer (1929)

15 April 1929

Two young women fight over the love of a hunter.

La merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d'Arc Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

This relatively straightforward dramatic biography was one of two films commissioned to honor Joan of Arc on the 500th anniversary of her death, but it was soon undeservedly relegated to obscurity in favor of Carl Dreyer's triumphant 'La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc'.

Arthur Conan Doyle Trailer (1929)

29 April 1929

A 1929 Fox newsreel interview with the author and spiritualist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He speaks about his greatest literary creation, Sherlock Holmes, and his work in spiritualism.

A Detective Story Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

This story is built up with filmed documents in an experimental fashion.

Every Day Trailer (1929)

30 April 1929

Experimental documentary focusing on a day in the life of city workers, featuring montage sequences and repetition to emphasise the monotony of routine office work.

Taxi Dolls Trailer (1929)

13 April 1929

"Taxi Dolls" is about robots that are incredibly lifelike. One wanders off to a taxi and the inventor retrieves it.