Movie Trailers - June 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1929

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Un chien andalou Trailer (1929)

06 June 1929

Un Chien Andalou is a classic European avant-garde surrealist film from the cooperation of Director Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali.

Blackmail Trailer (1929)

30 June 1929

Alice's boyfriend Frank is a Scotland Yard detective who seems more interested in police work than in her.

Men o'War Trailer (1929)

29 June 1929

Sailors Stan and Ollie offer to buy sodas for two women they meet in a park, even though they are short on cash.

Berth Marks Trailer (1929)

01 June 1929

The story involves Stan and Ollie as two musicians attempting to travel by train to Pottsville (presumably Pennsylvania, a very popular vaudeville performance location).

The Four Feathers Trailer (1929)

01 June 1929

An Englishman (Richard Arlen) fights in the Sudan after receiving white feathers of cowardice from his fiancee (Fay Wray) and friends.

Behind That Curtain Trailer (1929)

28 June 1929

Sir George hires Hillary Gatt to find out more about Eric who wants to marry Lois. Gatt is murdered and the couple, married, run off to India.

The Idle Rich Trailer (1929)

15 June 1929

Millionaire William van Luyn falls in love with his secretary Joan Thayer and marries her. Her family, part of "the great middle class" (as blowhard nephew Henry keeps reminding us), is happy for Joan, but reluctant to take charity from Will.

Finis terrae Trailer (1929)

26 June 1929

On the islet Bannec, off the coast of Brittany, four fishermen have set up camp for three months to harvest seaweed.

Railroadin' Trailer (1929)

15 June 1929

The gang is playing around the railroad station, and Joe and Chubby's father, an engineer, lectures against the kids playing in such a dangerous area.

Broadway Babies Trailer (1929)

29 June 1929

Dee lives with her two girlfriends in a boarding house. Billy is in love with Dee and runs the show where Dee is in the chorus.

Wood Choppers Trailer (1929)

08 June 1929

A series of animated short subjects created by Paul Terry and actor-turned-writer Howard Estabrook. Estabrook suggested making a series of cartoons based on Aesop's Fables.

Mickey's Northwest Mounted Trailer (1929)

08 June 1929

One of the last silent shorts in the series. Stinky invites Mickey and company to his rodeo. Plenty of lassoing, horse riding, and even a head-butting contest between Hambone and a goat!

She Goes to War Trailer (1929)

07 June 1929

A young woman disguises herself as a man and follows her fiancéé into the trenches during World War I to find out what war is really like.

High Voltage Trailer (1929)

29 June 1929

A busload of passengers gets stranded in a snowstorm and take refuge in an abandoned church, where they run into a mysterious man who may be on the run from the law.

The Trial Of Mary Dugan Trailer (1929)

08 June 1929

A woman is tried for the murder of her lover. Director Bayard Veiller's 1929 courtroom drama stars Norma Shearer, Lewis Stone, Lilyan Tashman and H.

Les Mystères du château de Dé Trailer (1929)

06 June 1929

Mannequin hands hold a pair of dice. A castle is perched on a hilltop. Below it, a posh, modern villa.

Flucht in die Fremdenlegion Trailer (1929)

29 June 1929

River of Romance Trailer (1929)

28 June 1929

Mississippi, 1830's. Tom Rumsford comes back to Magnolia Landing, his parents'estate. Having been brought up in the North by Quaker relatives, he just hates violence and accordingly refuses a duel.

At the Party Trailer (1929)

12 June 1929

Buddy Harris and Frank Radcliffe crack some jokes, play craps, and sing a song.

The Plowboy Trailer (1929)

28 June 1929

Mickey flirts with Minnie on the farm, but she spurns him - making him look bad in the eyes of his helper, Horace Horsecollar.

Baby Rose Marie the Child Wonder Trailer (1929)

01 June 1929

Rose Marie, aged five or six, sings three numbers in the Vitaphone sound stage decorated as an elegant drawing room.

Thunderbolt Trailer (1929)

20 June 1929

A criminal known as Thunderbolt is imprisoned and facing execution. Into the next cell is placed Bob Morgan, an innocent man who has been framed and who is in love with Thunderbolt's girl, without knowing of their relationship.

Madame Q Trailer (1929)

08 June 1929

A burlesque of the popular melodrama MADAME X.

The Studio Murder Mystery Trailer (1929)

01 June 1929

Philandering actor Richard Hardell is murdered at a movie studio. His jealous wife Blanche, his director Rupert Borka, and a girl he mistreated, Helen MacDonald, all have substantial reasons for having wanted him dead.

This Is Heaven Trailer (1929)

22 June 1929

This film was released in both silent and sound versions.

Human Clay Trailer (1929)

16 June 1929

The story evolves around four women. The two lead characters, Vera (Gracia Morena) and Gilda (Lelita Rosa), middle class women, are poor but ambitious.

Masked Emotions Trailer (1929)

22 June 1929

The Pearl Trailer (1929)

06 June 1929

A surreal silent short involving a man buying a pearl necklace for his wife and the ensuing events.

Corrida Trailer (1929)

05 June 1929

A Man Ray documentary short on bullfighting.

Ko-Ko's Big Sale Trailer (1929)

28 June 1929

Koko the Clown and his dog try to become salesmen.

La Divine Croisière Trailer (1929)

13 June 1929

The Last Roundup Trailer (1929)

30 June 1929

There is trouble on the Bar D ranch as cowhand Mile Ahead plans to rustle the herd. He starts a fire on the opposite side of the ranch to keep the hands busy and also kidnaps the new school teacher.

Helter Skelter Trailer (1929)

14 June 1929

Big Boy's mother takes in washing to make ends meet. An irate customer demands money for damaged clothing, but Mother has no money to give her.

Ko-Ko's Harem Scarem Trailer (1929)

14 June 1929

Koko and Fitz emerge from an inkwell into the sultan's harem.

Little Mother Trailer (1929)

01 June 1929

Little Mother is a 1929 Our Gang short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Little Mother was the 87th Our Gang short to be released.

Oft in the Silly Night Trailer (1929)

05 June 1929

A chauffeur falls in love with the daughter of his employer.

Oklahoma Bob Albright and His Rodeo Do Flappers Trailer (1929)

11 June 1929

Vitaphone short in which Oklahoma Bob and his two "daughters" perform a series of musical numbers, including an exciting new dance craze.

Jailhouse Blues Trailer (1929)

19 June 1929

Mamie is missing her man, and finds him in jail. She pleads through her singing for his release.

The Gamblers Trailer (1929)

28 June 1929

Jason Robards Sr. (Carvel Emerson) and George Fawcett (Emerson Jr.) play a father-and-son team of cons, who gamble their firm’s assets.

After the Ball Trailer (1929)

07 June 1929

This one covers the 19th century ballad in a very respectful manner: although the written reprise is gagged up, the song is introduced very respectfully by an unshown Irish tenor and then offered for the audience's singing without any voice-over to lead them.

Rhythms Trailer (1929)

29 June 1929

Early talkie-musical from Vitaphone and Warner has Leo Ruisman and his orchestra doing a few numbers including Some of These Days, Lonely, the standard Milenberg Joys and the highlight If I Had You sung by Smith Ballew.

Als de halmen buigen Trailer (1929)

05 June 1929

If bending the stalks turn the hectic life in the city against the harmony of man and nature in the countryside.