Movie Trailers - September 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1929

Total trailers found: 60

They Go Boom! Trailer (1929)

21 September 1929

Stan and Ollie try to sleep in a room-for-rent. Ollie, suffering from a cold, coughs frequently, while Stan snores.

Our Modern Maidens Trailer (1929)

08 September 1929

Young vivacious Billie uses her charms on influential businessman Glenn Abbott in hopes of getting her secret fiancée Gil a diplomatic appointment.

Diary of a Lost Girl Trailer (1929)

27 September 1929

Thymiane Henning, an innocent young girl, is raped by the clerk of her father's pharmacy. She becomes pregnant, is rejected by her family, and must fend for herself in a harsh, cruel world.

Springtime Trailer (1929)

25 September 1929

Flowers, insects, and a crow family all dance to a jaunty tune celebrating spring. After a brief storm, grasshoppers, frogs, and spiders cavort to the Dance of the Hours.

Happy Days Trailer (1929)

16 September 1929

Margie, singer on a showboat, decides to try her luck in New York inspite of being in love with the owners grandson.

El Terrible Toreador Trailer (1929)

25 September 1929

A barmaid, a Mexican officer and a terrible toreador form a love triangle, as they dance, skip, kiss, punch and slap to the tune of Bizet's "Carmen.

Mickey's Choo-Choo Trailer (1929)

30 September 1929

Mickey is a railroad engineer with an anthropomorphic locomotive. He feeds the train (coal), then feeds his dog, then makes lunch for himself.

They Had to See Paris Trailer (1929)

18 September 1929

Oklahoma mechanic Pike Peters finds himself part owner of an oil field. His wife Idy, hitherto content, decides the family must go to Paris to get "culture" and meet "the right kind of people.

The Lady Lies Trailer (1929)

21 September 1929

Much to the disapproval of his snooty children, a wealthy widowed attorney takes up with a beautiful but "lower-class" woman.

Molly Picon, The Celebrated Character Comedienne Trailer (1929)

30 September 1929

A young actress is interviewed and flashes back to her tenement days.

Mickey's Surprise Trailer (1929)

14 September 1929

Rooney's second sound film. In it, we find Mickey and the gang putting on their own school performance.

Three Live Ghosts Trailer (1929)

15 September 1929

Three live ghosts

Big News Trailer (1929)

06 September 1929

A reporter's marriage is jeopardized by his drinking and he finds himself accused of a murder he didn't commit.

The Ship of Lost Men Trailer (1929)

17 September 1929

A young doctor gets stuck on a ship after treating an injured first mate. Later, he rescues a woman from plane wreckage, and with the help of the cook, he hides her away from the rowdy and dangerous crew.

Race Riot Trailer (1929)

01 September 1929

For his initial Lantz entry, Oswald enters his horse in the race as he tries to get him in shape doing exercises with the accompaniment of a pianist.

Her Private Affair Trailer (1929)

27 September 1929

A married society woman accidentally kills her would-be blackmailer and suffers a crisis of conscious when his disgruntled butler is charged with the crime.

Boxing Gloves Trailer (1929)

09 September 1929

The Rascals have a boxing arena that could pack them in if they could find fighters who would actually mix it up.

The Unholy Night Trailer (1929)

13 September 1929

On a dark foggy London night, someone tries to strangle Lord Montague, but he escapes. Only to discover the four other men who did get killed were old regimental comrades in Gallipoli.

Illusion Trailer (1929)

21 September 1929

A vaudeville magician team is broken up when Carlee, an ex--circus performer, becomes infatuated with socialite Hilda Schmittlap.

The Ace of Scotland Yard Trailer (1929)

30 September 1929

From the Universal synopsis: Retired Inspector Blake of Scotland Yard learns that Lord Blanton has acquired the sacred "Love Ring"---a cursed jewel that has brought grief to its previous owners.

Redskin Trailer (1929)

22 September 1929

Wing Foot (Richard Dix), is a Navaho educated in an otherwise all-white school. In the course of the story he experiences prejudice from both the whites (because of his race) and the Navahos (who disown him because of his upbringing).

St. Louis Blues Trailer (1929)

07 September 1929

In this all-black cast short, legendary blues singer Bessie Smith finds her gambler lover Jimmy messin' with a pretty, younger woman; he leaves and she sings the blues, with chorus and dancers.

The Great Divide Trailer (1929)

15 September 1929

Stephen Ghent, a mineowner, falls in love with Ruth Jordan, an arrogant girl from the East, unaware that she is the daughter of his dead partner.

Rio Rita Trailer (1929)

15 September 1929

Capt. James Stewart pursues the bandit "The Kinkajou" over the Mexican border and falls in love with Rita.

The Very Idea Trailer (1929)

15 September 1929

Pre-code comedy (1929) about a young married couple's unsuccessful efforts to become parents.

The Great Gabbo Trailer (1929)

12 September 1929

For the ventriloquist Gabbo his wooden dummy Otto is the only means of expression. When he starts relying more and more on Otto, he starts going mad.

I Graduated, But... Trailer (1929)

06 September 1929

Tetsuo Nomoto, a young graduated student tries to find a decent job by himself. Later on, he will marry his girlfriend, Machiko, whom he hides the fact that he has no job.

Permanent Wave Trailer (1929)

28 September 1929

Rough seas makes it difficult for Captain Peg Leg Pete. Oswald tries to make his captain soup, but a duck steals Pete's dinner.

His Glorious Night Trailer (1929)

28 September 1929

Being engaged against her will with a wealthy man, Princess Orsolini (Catherine Dale Owen) is in love with Captain Kovacs (John Gilbert), a cavalry officer she is secretly meeting.

Fishing Around Trailer (1929)

27 September 1929

Anderson and Graves vaudeville act 'Fishing Around'.

The Fly's Bride Trailer (1929)

28 September 1929

The Fly's Bride was produced in 1929, one year following Van Beuren's edict that all cartoons would be produced in sound.

Der Ruf des Nordens Trailer (1929)

12 September 1929

Peter Helling, the only survivor of a polar expedition, returns once more to the eternal ice. Why he calls his fate out again, what has happened? At that time he had set out with his best friend Svensson, to search for the missing friend of the woman they both love and for which they fought.

Fast Company Trailer (1929)

20 September 1929

Egomaniacal baseball slugger Elmer Kane is not only good, he enjoys telling everybody how good he is.

Smiles Trailer (1929)

26 September 1929

Fleischer Studios giving "Smiles" the bouncing ball 'Screen Song' treatment.

Vater Radetzky Trailer (1929)

13 September 1929

a movie by Karl Leiter

The Girl from Havana Trailer (1929)

22 September 1929

Joan Anders, a girl detective for a jewelers' protective association, poses as a chorus girl in a musical comedy troupe to capture a gang of jewel thieves.

The Golfers Trailer (1929)

21 September 1929

Charlie Guest (Charlie Guest) wants to be a golfer. Bert Swor (Bert Swor) is a famous golfer. Thelma Hill (Thelma Hill) only loves the best golfer.

Married in Hollywood Trailer (1929)

22 September 1929

Heir to a Balkan throne, Prince Nicholai falls in love with an American vocalist who is touring with an operetta company in Europe.

Cat, Dog & Co. Trailer (1929)

14 September 1929

Farina, Joe, and friends use dogs to power their "roadsters," but following a lesson from the head of the Be Kind to Animals Society, they make it their cause to rescue animals from bad treatment.

Under the Greenwood Tree Trailer (1929)

05 September 1929

Early sound film based on the novel by Thomas Hardy.

Flight Trailer (1929)

14 September 1929

Two Marine pilots in love with the same girl are assigned a mission to find a notorious bandit in Nicaragua.

Side Street Trailer (1929)

14 September 1929

Three New York Irish brothers cross paths as policeman, doctor, and bootlegger.

Wise Girls Trailer (1929)

21 September 1929

Early MGM talkie about a retired businessman, his headstrong daughter, and the comical complications that result when she marries in haste.

Woman Trap Trailer (1929)

28 September 1929

In Woman Trap, Hal Skelly is hard-bitten police sergeant Dan Malone, whose mission in life is to rid his community of gangsters.

Red Nichols and His Five Pennies Trailer (1929)

15 September 1929

9-minute short from Vitaphone/Warner has Red Nichols and his "Five Pennies" doing songs including China Boy, Nobody's Sweetheart, Ida Sweet as Apple Cider and Who Cares?.

Salute Trailer (1929)

01 September 1929

A comedy-romance about rival brothers attending a military academy.

The Wagon Master Trailer (1929)

08 September 1929

Bill Hollister (Jack Hanlon) organizes a wagon train to break the unfair monopoly held by Jake Lynch (Tom Santschi) on food prices in the mining camps.

The Last Attraction Trailer (1929)

08 September 1929

A travelling circus troupe during the Civil War. A kommissar tries to transfer the wagon into an agit-prop van.

Belje Trailer (1929)

17 September 1929

Belje is a Yugoslavian movie.

Sailor's Holiday Trailer (1929)

14 September 1929

Sailors Pike and Shorty are on leave when a street woman swindles them out of some money by telling them she is looking for her long-lost brother, a sailor.

Satires Trailer (1929)

06 September 1929

Mr. Young introduces the sketch in an appropriately melodramatic fashion, wearing an opera cape and a glowering expression.

The Gotham Rhythm Boys Trailer (1929)

27 September 1929

The Gotham Rhythm Boys perform a few of their songs.

Carlena Diamond: Harpist Supreme Trailer (1929)

06 September 1929

Carlena Diamond plays her harp for this Vitaphone production reel #864.

Coletta Ryan and Duke Yellman Trailer (1929)

13 September 1929

Coletta Ryan and Duke Yellman singing a few of their songs in 'Songology'.

El adiós del unitario Trailer (1929)

08 September 1929

Fast Life Trailer (1929)

01 September 1929

A man is tried and convicted for the murder of a man who flirted with his wife., and sentenced to death However, it turns out that he is innocent of the murder and that the real killer has close ties to a powerful politician.

The Highest Victory Trailer (1929)

01 September 1929

The Drake Case Trailer (1929)

01 September 1929

Talkie about a maid who is accused of killing the lady of the house

Oil's Well Trailer (1929)

15 September 1929

In this one, Oswald is wooing his girlfriend (who looks like a cat) on a canoe. Like Felix the Cat, Oswald sometimes uses his tail for something other than wagging, in this case, he uses it as an outboard motor to bring the boat to shore.

The Delightful Rogue Trailer (1929)

21 September 1929

A modern-day pirate vies with a society playboy for the love of a dancer.