Movie Trailers - November 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1929

Total trailers found: 86

The Hoose-Gow Trailer (1929)

26 November 1929

Stan and Ollie arrive as new inmates at a prison after apparently taking part in a hold-up raid, a raid they tell a prison officer they were only watching.

The Love Parade Trailer (1929)

19 November 1929

The queen of mythical Sylvania marries a courtier, who finds his new life unsatisfying.

A Straightforward Boy Trailer (1929)

24 November 1929

A kidnapped boy proves to be more than his abductor can handle.

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 Trailer (1929)

23 November 1929

An all-star revue featuring MGM contract players.

Disraeli Trailer (1929)

01 November 1929

Prime Minister of Great Britain Benjamin Disraeli outwits the subterfuge of the Russians and chicanery at home in order to secure the purchase of the Suez Canal.

The Post Trailer (1929)

25 November 1929

A boy is sitting at a table, writing a letter for Boris Prutkov. The cartoon follows the journey of this letter from Rostov to Leningrad, where its addressee Prutkov has just left for Berlin; when the letter arrives in Berlin, Prutkov has just departed for London; as the letter arrives in London, Prutkov is already on a steamboat to Brazil; and once the letters is delivered by the postman Don Basilio, Prutkov is already on his way back to Leningrad – where the letter, having followed Prutkov around the world, finally reaches him.

Condemned Trailer (1929)

03 November 1929

Suave thief Colman is sent to Devil's Island, where he becomes romantically involved with the wife of sadistic warden Digges.

The Racketeer Trailer (1929)

09 November 1929

This late-20s gangster movie features Carole Lombard as a young gal who agrees to marry a smooth-talking gangster in exchange for the mob man's pledge to arrange a big-time concert appearance for her violinist boyfriend.

Broadway Scandals Trailer (1929)

10 November 1929

Ted Howard, a vaudevillian left, stranded in a tank town. A local girl, Mary (Sally O'Neil), proposes to finance a new act with her savings and the team succeeds in a minor way until Ted is discovered by Broadway femme fatale Valeska (Carmel Myers).

Arsenal Trailer (1929)

09 November 1929

Set in the bleak aftermath and devastation of the World War I, a recently demobbed soldier, Timosh, returns to his hometown Kiev, after having survived a train wreck.

Jazz Heaven Trailer (1929)

03 November 1929

A young songwriter struggles to make good in New York.

Jungle Rhythm Trailer (1929)

15 November 1929

Mickey's on African safari, riding on an elephant, but his shotgun disintegrates the first time he tries to use it.

The Virginian Trailer (1929)

09 November 1929

A good-natured cowboy who is romancing the new schoolmarm has a crisis of conscience when he discovers his best friend is engaged in cattle rustling.

Untamed Trailer (1929)

23 November 1929

In her first Talkie, Joan Crawford plays Bingo, a jungle-raised oil heiress, who turns Manhattan upside down in her hunt for Andy McAllister, the man of her dreams.

The General Line Trailer (1929)

07 November 1929

Also known as The Old and the New (Staroye i Novoye), The General Line illustrates Lenin’s stated imperative that the nation move from agrarian to industrial culture in an epic ode to farm-collectivization progress.

The Trespasser Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

A stenographer who works for a lawyer falls in love with and marries a wealthy young man. His family has the marraige annulled, after which she gives birth to a child.

So This Is College Trailer (1929)

08 November 1929

Biff and Eddie are the best of friends. They are college seniors; roommates at the Fraternity; and star teammates on the USC Football team.

Tanned Legs Trailer (1929)

10 November 1929

Peggy and Bill are high society lovebirds, but their marriage plans are put on hold while Peggy spends most of her summer straightening out her wayward parents and her unlucky-in-love sister Janet.

The Locked Door Trailer (1929)

16 November 1929

On her first anniversary, Ann Reagan finds that her sister-in-law is involved with a shady character that she used to be intimate with, and determines to intervene.

La grazia Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

Based on a short story written by Novel Prize for Literature in 1894, Grazia Deladda, “La Grazia” is a classic Italian-drama that follows the story of the a man (Giorgio Bianchi) who fell in love with beautiful shepherdess (Carmen Boni).

The Gypsy Charmer Trailer (1929)

03 November 1929

A Finish silent feature about gypsy romance.....

The New Gentlemen Trailer (1929)

20 November 1929

The plot focuses on Gaillac (Albert Prejean), an electrician employed by the Paris Opera. In love with gorgeous ballerina Suzanne (Gaby Morlay), Gaillac must play second fiddle to Suzanne's wealthy "protector," powerful politician Count Montoire (Henry Roussell).

El Terror de la Frontera Trailer (1929)

06 November 1929

Early silent Western from Ecuador.

Tony Sarg's Marionettes in the Orient Trailer (1929)

06 November 1929

A marionette musical from Tony Sarg's show.

El misterio de la Puerta del Sol Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

This is considered to be the first Spanish film with sound. Songs, dances and ambient sound were introduced into the story.

The Tiny One Makes it Big Trailer (1929)

06 November 1929

The adventures of a tiny samurai.

Little Veronika (Innocence) Trailer (1929)

21 November 1929

Young Veronika travels from her Tyrolean village to her aunt’s Viennese apartment for her confirmation.

The Self-Seeker Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

An opportunistic Kyivan Apollon Shmyguyev, whose peaceful bourgeois life is interrupted by the civil war, decides to wait out the trouble in the South of Ukraine, which is under the rule of the Russian White Army.

Darkened Rooms Trailer (1929)

23 November 1929

Phony spiritualists were given a good going-over in the early talkie melodrama Darkened Rooms. Evelyn Brent stars as Ellen, a fraudulent medium working in cahoots with genuine clairvoyant Emory Jago (Neil Hamilton).

Napoleon auf St. Helena Trailer (1929)

07 November 1929

Napoleon at Saint Helena (German: Napoleon auf Sankt Helena) is a 1929 German silent historical film directed by Lupu Pick and starring Werner Krauss, Hanna Ralph and Albert Bassermann.

Les Trois Masques Trailer (1929)

01 November 1929

A Song of Kentucky Trailer (1929)

10 November 1929

A horse race determines a woman's romantic fate.

Love, Live & Laugh Trailer (1929)

02 November 1929

Any movie that starts Jewish entertainer George Jessel as an Italian accordionist named Luigi can't be all bad.

For Sale Trailer (1929)

25 November 1929

A salesman tries to sell life insurance, hair tonic, and girth reducing exercise equipment and anything else to a man who doesn't want any of it.

Little Miss Everybody Trailer (1929)

29 November 1929

A musical short starring, Zelda Santley and Victor Pelle.

Wenn du einmal dein Herz verschenkst Trailer (1929)

20 November 1929

A 1929 German film.

Umon's First Exploit Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

The movie begins with a mysterious murder and Umon Kondo, a Doshin, so called drag-ass Umon, who dallies away lying sprawled all day long, launches an investigation.

Pack Up Your Troubles Trailer (1929)

19 November 1929

Douglas Stanbury & The Lyric Quartet sing a few songs.

Do zavtra Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

A story of Belarusian children that are enrolled in a special school. The orphans live in gymnasium shelter under poor conditions and high-school students are showing interest in life in Soviet.

Das Mädel mit der Peitsche Trailer (1929)

28 November 1929

Fred Allen's Prize Playlets Trailer (1929)

25 November 1929

Mr. Fiasco, a producer of plays gets three plays explained to him. In one of the plays, a man chooses scotch for a drink and dies.

Rabmadár Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

The survived print of the film is incomplete. This exciting, modern crime story focuses on a young woman, a prisoner who was dressed to steal by her lover, and therefore she was in jail.

Die Konkurrenz platzt Trailer (1929)

14 November 1929

Mickey's Big Moment Trailer (1929)

09 November 1929

The film finds Mickey and Hambone trying to dig up some dirt on Stinky Davis' father.

Two-Buldi-Two Trailer (1929)

11 November 1929

Naturally, the circus milieu of 2 Buldy 2 (1929) encourages stunts. A father and son, both clowns, are to perform together for the first time, but the civil war separates them, and the elder Buldy, tempted for a moment to acquiesce to the White forces, casts his lot with the revolution.

Markt in Berlin Trailer (1929)

10 November 1929

The weekly market at Wittenbergplatz, from the vendor set-up in the early morning hours to the clean-up in the afternoon, provides an opportunity for sympathetic observation of the customers.

Barnyard Melody Trailer (1929)

23 November 1929

A cat and mouse nonchalantly dance on roller skates and comically harass Farmer Gray.

Saturday's Lesson Trailer (1929)

09 November 1929

A man dressed as the devil scares the gang into minding their mothers.

Die Königsloge Trailer (1929)

29 November 1929

Hochverrat Trailer (1929)

01 November 1929

The Mighty Trailer (1929)

16 November 1929

In this melodrama set during WW I, a gangster joins the army and is promoted to major. He then returns from war torn Europe to tell a family that their beloved son had died in his arms during a battle.

Skirt Shy Trailer (1929)

30 November 1929

Harry must pose as a woman to help the women he works for get a marriage proposal.

Little Johnny Jones Trailer (1929)

17 November 1929

Little Johnny Jones is a jockey who is in love with his all-American sweetheart, Mary Baker, and also his career as the rider of thoroughbred horses.

Hurdy Gurdy Trailer (1929)

23 November 1929

Pete is a organ grinder, until Oswald spits out his gum and Pete's monkey gets tangled in the gum. Pete then uses Oswald as the monkey.

Rhythms in Blue Trailer (1929)

29 November 1929

Bobbe Arnst accompanied by Peggy Ellis on piano plays us a few songs.

Perekop Trailer (1929)

03 November 1929

This revolutionary epic likens the push for industrialization of Soviet Ukraine with the battle for Perekop during the Civil War.

Die Schleiertänzerin Trailer (1929)

15 November 1929

Snow Use Trailer (1929)

24 November 1929

This is a very early Lantz sound cartoon, so early that it merely makes use of simple synchronization, matching the music and tempo to the action at hand -- for example, when Oswald sticks a burning stove in Pete's trousers, we hear "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight".

Was ist los mit Nanette? Trailer (1929)

07 November 1929

Herschel Henlere in the Madcap Musician Trailer (1929)

30 November 1929

Henlere plays piano in the style of various “masters” and other instruments as a one-man band.