Movie Trailers - April 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1930

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All Quiet on the Western Front Trailer (1930)

21 April 1930

A young soldier faces profound disillusionment in the soul-destroying horror of World War I. Together with several other young German soldiers, he experiences the horrors of war, such evil of which he had not conceived of when signing up to fight.

Night Trailer (1930)

28 April 1930

The moon and two owls sing to the Blue Danube Waltz, celebrating the night. Moths dance around a candle flame, fireflies glow, frogs chorus, and so forth.

Earth Trailer (1930)

06 April 1930

In the peaceful countryside, Vassily opposes the rich kulaks over the coming of collective farming.

The Divorcee Trailer (1930)

19 April 1930

Jerry and Ted are young, in love, and part of the New York 'in-crowd'. Jerry's decision to marry Ted crushes a yearning Paul.

Below Zero Trailer (1930)

26 April 1930

Street musicians Stan and Ollie have no success earning money in the dead of winter in a bad neighborhood.

Ladies of Leisure Trailer (1930)

05 April 1930

Jerry Strong is the son of a rich businessman, but wants to be a painter. He hires Kay Arnold, a good girl with a bad past, as a model.

Paramount On Parade Trailer (1930)

22 April 1930

This 1930 film, a collection of songs and sketches showcasing Paramount Studios' contract stars, credits 11 directors (including Dorothy Arzner, Ernst Lubitsch, Victor Schertzinger and Edmund Goulding).

Those Who Dance Trailer (1930)

18 April 1930

A policeman doubles as a gunman to get in with the mob.

Lovin' the Ladies Trailer (1930)

06 April 1930

To win a bet, a man tries to get a young couple to the altar.

The Benson Murder Case Trailer (1930)

13 April 1930

A ruthless, crooked stockbroker is murdered at his luxurious country estate, and detective Philo Vance just happens to be there; he decides to find out who killed him.

Bubbles Trailer (1930)

22 April 1930

A Vitaphone Varieties short. Features costumed children in a cavern-like land of 'make believe' where they sing and tap dance.

Children of Pleasure Trailer (1930)

26 April 1930

Successful songwriter falls for society girl who is just playing around. He doesn't realize that his girl-Friday is the one he really loves until it is almost too late.

This Mad World Trailer (1930)

11 April 1930

Parisot, a French spy in World War 1, returns home on a secret mission to visit his mother, and finds that Victoria, the wife of a German general, is billeted in the Parisot home while waiting to see her husband.

Wild Waves Trailer (1930)

24 April 1930

Mickey Mouse is a singing lifeguard. Minnie Mouse is the damsel he must rescue before she is swept out to sea.

Yes! We Have No Bananas Trailer (1930)

25 April 1930

A couple of very skinny rats steal some bananas from a costermonger. He pursues them and extracts some revenge, which leads into the title tune of this Fleischer Screen Song.

He Knew Women Trailer (1930)

21 April 1930

A novelist has to chose between his wealthy patron and a penniless romantic.

The Barnyard Concert Trailer (1930)

04 April 1930

Mickey leads an 8-piece orchestra (that's counting the bass played by three birds as one) through the most recognizable parts of the Poet and Peasant Overture.

The Light of Western Stars Trailer (1930)

19 April 1930

A friend of Dick Bailey is killed by a mysterious assailant, whom Dick suspects to be Stack, who is in league with the crooked sheriff.

La vida nocturna Trailer (1930)

19 April 1930

Stan lies to his wife about going to a nightclub with Ollie but Mrs. Laurel overhears the plot and outsmarts them both.

Under a Texas Moon Trailer (1930)

01 April 1930

A cowboy arrives in a small town and winds up trying to help a local rancher stop a gang of cattle thieves while romancing a pretty young girl.

Escape! Trailer (1930)

05 April 1930

When Matt Denant (Gerald de Maurier) finds himself wrongly imprisoned for manslaughter, he takes an opportunity to escape from jail during a foggy day and is forced to rely on the goodwill of local people to remain a fugitive of the law.

Show Girl in Hollywood Trailer (1930)

20 April 1930

Broadway actress leaves New York to become a star in Hollywood, and succeeds despite sleazy directors and her own ego.

When The Wind Blows Trailer (1930)

05 April 1930

Jackie throws his schoolbook out the window in disgust, but then climbs outside to retrieve it. Finding himself locked out, he tries various means of getting back inside without his parents finding out.

I Flunked, But... Trailer (1930)

11 April 1930

Takahashi finds a creative way to avoid doing his revision in this roguish comedy reminiscent of Harold Lloyd’s The Freshman.

The Hash Shop Trailer (1930)

11 April 1930

Oswald is a wise-cracking waiter. One diner tells the rabbit he can eat a horse, so Oswald actually gives him his dinner.

The Jerry Builders Trailer (1930)

05 April 1930

NEAT AND TIDY (1930) hilarious British Pathe comedy short with wonderful music hall comics.

Temple Tower Trailer (1930)

12 April 1930

The film depicts the character of Bulldog Drummond, a British adventurer and is based on the novel Temple Tower by Herman Cyril McNeile.

Sinkin' in the Bathtub Trailer (1930)

19 April 1930

The film opens with Bosko taking a bath while whistling "Singin' in the Bathtub". A series of gags allows him to play the shower spray like a harp, pull up his pants by tugging his hair, and give the limelight to the bathtub itself which stands on its hind feet to perform a dance.

La paloma Trailer (1930)

11 April 1930

The beginning has the main character wooing a woman on a balcony with the flower she sends down then putting the moves on him.

Who Killed Rover? Trailer (1930)

08 April 1930

In this Dogville mystery, a wealthy resident leaves his fortune to his nephew, who is then kidnapped by jealous relatives.

La meilleure bobonne Trailer (1930)

21 April 1930

A comedy short which was the debut of Fernandel.

A Million Me's Trailer (1930)

05 April 1930

A Million Me's, the first of three one-reel films Lee Morse made in 1930.

The Dogway Melody Trailer (1930)

08 April 1930

An all-dog cast (with human voiceovers) recreates famous scenes from early musical films, particularly The Broadway Melody.

Cock o' the Walk Trailer (1930)

13 April 1930

Carlos Lopez is a handsome Argentine sportsman. Many women love him and he toys with them all. His days are filled with romance and intrigue and he manages to get himself feared and hated by most of the married men in Buenos Aires.

Her Future Trailer (1930)

22 April 1930

Playing the defendant in an expressionistic fantasy version of a courtroom, Ethel Merman pleads her case (singing "My Future Just Passed") and promises to stay out of trouble from now on ("Sing, You Sinners").

The Fighting Legion Trailer (1930)

05 April 1930

After being shot, a dying Marshal Dawson gives Dave Hayes his badge and asks him to finish his job. Dave becomes Marshal but when Bowie, the man that shot Dawson appears, he exposes Dave as an imposter.

Spring Is Here Trailer (1930)

13 April 1930

Early '30s musical about two sisters in love with the same man.

Alias French Gertie Trailer (1930)

20 April 1930

Bebe Daniels plays a safecracker posing as a French maid in order to gain access to wealthy homes. In the midst of a nocturnal search for a cache of valuables, Daniels is interrupted by Ben Lyon, another safecracker.

The Second Floor Mystery Trailer (1930)

26 April 1930

In this mystery, a man and woman have been corresponding through a "personal" column under the names Lord Strawberries and Lady Grapefruit.

Lisboa, Crónica Anedótica Trailer (1930)

01 April 1930

Caleidoscope of documentary-like scenes and re-enacted episodes of a day in the life of a large port town - Lisbon, from the old district around Saint George's Castle down to the docks and the 'Sagres' on the Tagus river, to the new commercial districts.

Meet the Boyfriend Trailer (1930)

21 April 1930

This one is set at a college picnic by the lake, with three musical numbers. "We've Got It Bad but It Don't Do Us No Good" is by a quartet of college men, with ukulele, pennywhistle, and ocarinas.

Soldiers and Women Trailer (1930)

30 April 1930

Captain Clive Branch, United States Marine Corps, is stationed at a Marine base in Haiti, and is having affairs with two women, Brenda Ritchie and Helen Arnold, each of whom is married to a Marine Captain.

College Hounds Trailer (1930)

08 April 1930

This Dogville comedy is a spoof of college football movies. A man in debt to a loan shark uses his daughter to stop football hero Red Mange from playing in the big game between Airedale College and Spitz University.

Plastered Trailer (1930)

22 April 1930

Slapstick comics Willie West and McGinty cause havoc at a construction site as they attempt to "work"

The Prison Panic Trailer (1930)

29 April 1930

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a cop on the beat who captures an escaped prisoner in this excellent Walter Lantz cartoon.

Indian Pudding Trailer (1930)

05 April 1930

A Terrytoon cartoon with a western flavor with cowboys and indians....

Japan in Cherry Blossom Time Trailer (1930)

25 April 1930

A springtime Traveltalk visit to Japan.

The Arizona Kid Trailer (1930)

27 April 1930

The Arizona Kid (Warner Baxter) carries out his mission as a Robin Hood-type bandit while posing as a wealthy and carefree miner.

The Haunted Ship Trailer (1930)

26 April 1930

Waffles and Don explore a sunken ship where they meet drunk turtles singing "Sweet Adeline" and a skeletal Davy Jones.

Sasha Trailer (1930)

25 April 1930

A Russian woman tells the tragic story of her life.

All Teed Up Trailer (1930)

18 April 1930

Thelma invites Charley to play golf at her father's exclusive country club.

Sixteen Sweeties Trailer (1930)

19 April 1930

A claustrophobic stage revue where McNaughton comes out to introduce the numbers with Thelma white and chorines, but is interrupted by Wills and Carney with painful gags, and some clothes-tearing horseplay.

Crying for the Carolines Trailer (1930)

22 April 1930

This short film is the only surviving example of Leon Schlesinger's "Spooney Melodies" series, the p"

The Happy Hottentots Trailer (1930)

22 April 1930

Two desperate singers take a job as the singing act in a movie theater between shows. They soon regret their decision.

Hot Dog Trailer (1930)

08 April 1930

This Dogville short starts in a nightclub. A married dog is out on the town with her lover boyfriend, which has everybody gossiping.

The Somme Trailer (1930)

28 April 1930

One of the last German silent films.

King of Jazz Trailer (1930)

20 April 1930

This revue presents its numbers around the orchestra leader Paul Whiteman, besides that it shows in it's final number that the European popular music are the roots of American popular music, called Jazz.

Journey's End Trailer (1930)

19 April 1930

Filmed version of the Famous WW1 play of the same name..written by R.C. Sherriff. Journey's End was famous for being the first Anglo-American film production, and for bringing director James Whale and star Colin Clive from the London Stage production.

Western Knights Trailer (1930)

20 April 1930

Western Slapstick. A good chance to see Al St. John moving into the western comedy sidekick that would be his bread and butter role for the next twenty years.

Die heiligen drei Brunnen Trailer (1930)

15 April 1930