Movie Trailers - July 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1930

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Midnight in a Toy Shop Trailer (1930)

03 July 1930

A spider seeks shelter inside an old toy store, where he soon discovers that the merchandise comes to life after dark.

Murder! Trailer (1930)

31 July 1930

When a woman is convicted of murder, one of the jurors selected to serve on the murder-trial jury believes the accused, an aspiring actress, is innocent of the crime and takes it upon himself to apprehend the real killer.

Holiday Trailer (1930)

03 July 1930

A romantic comedy film which tells the story of a young man who is torn between his free-thinking lifestyle and the tradition of his wealthy fiancée's family.

The Sea Bat Trailer (1930)

05 July 1930

The sister (Raquel Torres) of a sponge diver killed by a stingray loves an escaped convict (Charles Bickford) posing as a priest.

Road To Paradise Trailer (1930)

20 July 1930

Loretta Young plays dual roles in this 1930 crime drama about a young thief planning to steal jewels from a wealthy socialite.

Manslaughter Trailer (1930)

22 July 1930

A spoiled young rich girl is sent to prison for accidentally running down a pedestrian. There she learns about a life and people she had never even imagined existed before.

Mistress of a Foreigner Trailer (1930)

01 July 1930

Tōjin Okichi is a 1930 film by Kenji Mizoguchi based on the novel by Gisaburo Juichiya. Only 4 minutes have survived.

For the Defense Trailer (1930)

18 July 1930

William Foster, a slick attorney who stays within the law, but specializes in representing crooks and shady characters.

Raffles Trailer (1930)

24 July 1930

A distinguished English gentleman has a secret life--he is the notorious jewel thief the press has dubbed "The Amateur Cracksman".

Hokuspokus Trailer (1930)

10 July 1930

Hokuspokus is a 1930 German comedy film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch and Oskar Homolka.

Recaptured Love Trailer (1930)

07 July 1930

In this drama, a 50-year-old married man (played by John Halliday) goes with his wife (Belle Bennett) and son (Junior Durkin) to a nightclub in a fancy hotel in Detroit.

The Ladies' Paradise Trailer (1930)

03 July 1930

Denise, an orphaned girl, moves to Paris where she hopes to find work at her uncle's store. But the glamorous department store 'Aux Bonheur des Dames' across the street crunches all the little businesses around.

The Fire Fighters Trailer (1930)

24 July 1930

Mickey and others are firemen; they slide down an ostrich's neck when the alarm sounds. A squealing cat whose tail Mickey pulls acts as the siren.

Our Blushing Brides Trailer (1930)

19 July 1930

Three department store girls--Connie, Franky, and Jerry--share an apartment on West 91st Street in New York City.

Inside the Lines Trailer (1930)

05 July 1930

During World War 1, German spies will stop at nothing to spy on the allied war plans stored at Gibraltar.

Paradise Island Trailer (1930)

15 July 1930

Ellen Bradford comes to the south sea island of Tonga to marry her fiancée and finds out he is a drunk.

Worldly Goods Trailer (1930)

31 July 1930

A businessman who has devoted his whole life to obtaining money and power finds that he can't buy the one thing he craves: love.

Dancing Sweeties Trailer (1930)

18 July 1930

Bill is a hot shot dancer who partners with Jazzbo, until he sees Molly at the dance. He enters the Waltz with Molly and wins first prize - and they wind up being married that same night.

The Shindig Trailer (1930)

28 July 1930

Another barn dance. Minnie plays piano; Mickey plays fiddle, then percussion, then harmonica. Mickey dances with the huge Patricia Pig.

Spooks Trailer (1930)

13 July 1930

Late in the evening, just as a skeleton puts out its cat for the night, the masked Phantom stalks the graveyard, pausing only to insult an overly inquisitive owl.

Love Among the Millionaires Trailer (1930)

06 July 1930

A young waitress falls for the son of a railroad tycoon, and finds herself hobnobbing with the rich when he invites her to spend some time with he and his family in Palm Springs.

Wise Flies Trailer (1930)

17 July 1930

A hillbilly sleeps; atop his bald head, flies have constructed a playground. Other flies ski-jump off his nose.

One Mad Kiss Trailer (1930)

13 July 1930

A Musical Romance...

Jungle Jazz Trailer (1930)

05 July 1930

In this early synchronized sound cartoon from the Van Beuren cartoon factory, a dog and cat encounter huge, strange and terrifying creatures in the jungle.

Two Fresh Eggs Trailer (1930)

05 July 1930

Slapstick comedy with St. John and Jimmy Aubrey dropping dishes in a restaurant with two patrons, one boss and a floor show of eight.

The Americans Come Trailer (1930)

25 July 1930

A 1930 musical tableau presented by Joe Schenck. Based on patriotic hymn by Fay Foster.

Ein Tango für dich Trailer (1930)

31 July 1930

Snow Time Trailer (1930)

19 July 1930

A Van Beuren cartoon where the animals go skiing, ice skating, eat hot dogs and get drunk....

Bully Beef Trailer (1930)

12 July 1930

The story, such as it is, concerns a cat and mouse going off to War -- looking a lot like World War One, down to the artillery and tanks.

What Made Her Do It? Trailer (1930)

16 July 1930

"What Made Her Do It?", which was based upon a popular Shingeki play is regarded as important as representing the "keiko eiga" or "tendency film".

Tee Time Trailer (1930)

24 July 1930

Felix tricks his father into thinking that he's practicing the piano, then escapes to play golf with Skidoo the mouse.

That Night's Wife Trailer (1930)

06 July 1930

The film revolves around a desperate man who commits a crime in order to support his family, and the moral dilemma the policeman who tracks him down finds himself in.

A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight Trailer (1930)

31 July 1930

A drunk mouse dances out of a newspaper office and posts leaflets advertising a Hot Time.

Der Schuß im Tonfilmatelier Trailer (1930)

24 July 1930

During the shooting of a jealousy scene on a soundstage, one actress is murdered. Due to the fact that the male star of the movie had a relation with the victim and the female star is now his fiance, he is suspected by the police.

Wild Company Trailer (1930)

05 July 1930

The son of a wealthy politician falls in with a notorious gangster planning to rob a night club.

Sweet Mama Trailer (1930)

06 July 1930

A young girl falls in love with a member of a gang of crooks. She determines to bring the rest of the gang to justice so she can save the man she loves.

A Man From Wyoming Trailer (1930)

12 July 1930

A Man from Wyoming is a 1930 American romance film directed by Rowland V. Lee and starring Gary Cooper, June Collyer, and Regis Toomey.

Das Notizbuch des Mr. Pim Trailer (1930)

26 July 1930

A Austrian propaganda film by the Social Democrats for the general election on 9 November 1930's.

Believe It or Not #2 Trailer (1930)

22 July 1930

The second entry in the Believe It or Not series of shorts begins with Robert Ripley in his office sorting his mail.

The Sap from Syracuse Trailer (1930)

26 July 1930

Ellen Saunders is an heiress on a cruise to Europe being pursued by a day laborer mistaken for a prominent mining engineer.

The Cabinet of Dr. Larifari Trailer (1930)

31 July 1930

Three men start a movie company and search for film ideas.

The Unholy Three Trailer (1930)

03 July 1930

"Talkie" remake of Tod Browning's 1925 silent film. A trio of former sideshow performers double as the "Unholy Three" in a scam to nab some shiny rocks.

Nur am Rhein Trailer (1930)

15 July 1930

Anybody's War Trailer (1930)

09 July 1930

A dog catcher is rejected by the army, but sneaks in with his dog.