Movie Trailers - December 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1930

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Playful Pan Trailer (1930)

27 December 1930

The mythological satyr plays some tunes on his pipes and gets various flora and fauna dancing to them.

Paid Trailer (1930)

30 December 1930

Mary Turner goes up for three years on a crime she didn't commit. Once out she and former prison mates plan a scam in which old men can be sued for breach of promise - the "heart balm" racket.

Going Wild Trailer (1930)

21 December 1930

Rollo and Lane just happen to be tossed off the train at White Beach where Robert Story -Air ace and writer- is supposed to stop.

Only Saps Work Trailer (1930)

05 December 1930

Rubber-legged comedian Leon Errol made his talkie starring bow in Paramount's Only Saps Work. Based on a play by Owen Davis Sr.

Fighting Thru Trailer (1930)

25 December 1930

Dan and Tennessee are successful gold miners. Ace Brady learns of their success and sends Fox to rob them.

Passion Flower Trailer (1930)

06 December 1930

A bored society woman invites scandal and heartache when she falls in love with her low-born chauffeur.

The Devil's Cabaret Trailer (1930)

13 December 1930

At "Satan & Co., Inc.", the Devil is upset because too many people are going up to Heaven rather than down to Hades.

Anna Christie Trailer (1930)

22 December 1930

A young woman reunites with her estranged father and falls in love with a sailor, but struggles to tell them about her dark past.

The Royal Family of Broadway Trailer (1930)

22 December 1930

Julie Cavendish comes from a family of great Broadway actors. Her mother Fanny staunchly continues acting.

Captain Thunder Trailer (1930)

27 December 1930

A notorious Mexican bandit goes all soft and mushy when he falls for a beautiful senorita. Warner Bros.

Follow the Leader Trailer (1930)

06 December 1930

Ed Wynn, a waiter, tries to get hit employers daughter a start on the stage; Ginger Rogers replaces Ethel Merman when Merman is kidnapped.

Storm Over Mont Blanc Trailer (1930)

25 December 1930

In the Mont Blanc Observatory works Hannes. The only contact to the outside world is a pilot and Hella over the morse-code-radio.

Little Lise Trailer (1930)

04 December 1930

Victor Berthier, a good man but also a very jealous one, killed his wife in a fit of jealousy. After serving a few years in a chain gang, he is released for good behavior.

Sea Legs Trailer (1930)

02 December 1930

Searchlight Doyle, lightweight boxing champion of the United States Navy, is shanghaied into the fleet of Sainte Cassette, an island republic, as a replacement for a wealthy slacker who must serve his country to receive a $2 million inheritance, a scheme concocted by attorney Gabriel Grabowski.

Ein Mädel von der Reeperbahn Trailer (1930)

16 December 1930

New Moon Trailer (1930)

25 December 1930

New Moon is the name of the ship crossing the Caspian Sea. A young Lt. Petroff meets the Princess Tanya and they have a ship board romance.

The Devil to Pay! Trailer (1930)

20 December 1930

Spendthrift Willie Leyland again returns to the family home in London penniless. His father is none too pleased but Willie smooth-talks him into letting him stay.

The Booze Hangs High Trailer (1930)

07 December 1930

Bosko has a grand time on the farm, dancing with a cow, playing a horse's tail like a violin and getting drunk with three pigs.

Hook, Line and Sinker Trailer (1930)

26 December 1930

Two fast-talking insurance salesmen meet Mary, who is running away from her wealthy mother, and they agree to help her run a hotel that she owns.

Zwei Menschen Trailer (1930)

30 December 1930

Gustav Froehlich and Charlotte Susa play Rochus and Judith, the zwei menschen (two humans) of the title.

One Good Turn Trailer (1930)

25 December 1930

Singer Ruth Eton, of the singing team of Eton and Farrell, is told by her agents to get rid of her partner if she wants to advance her career.

Man to Man Trailer (1930)

05 December 1930

Eighteen years ago, John Bolton found the man who killed his brother Joe and shot it out. The man was killed and John went to prison.

Reaching for the Moon Trailer (1930)

29 December 1930

Wall Street wizard, Larry Day, new to the ways of love, is coached by his valet. He follows Vivian Benton on an ocean liner, where cocktails, laced with a "love potion," work their magic.

Einbrecher Trailer (1930)

15 December 1930

The young wife of a rich old husband is prevented of a fling by a gentleman-burglar, who falls in love to her.

Dance of the Hands Trailer (1930)

31 December 1930

Tilly Losch in short

Pioneer Days Trailer (1930)

05 December 1930

Mickey and Minnie are on a wagon train; they camp for the night, unaware that Indians have spotted them and are doing a war dance.

Africa Trailer (1930)

01 December 1930

Oswald is riding on a camel; he defeats an attacking lion, using the camel's humps as cannonballs. In Cairo, he meets a queen and sings her his theme song; the sphinx and a couple pyramids join in, but the king isn't as happy.

Lightnin' Trailer (1930)

07 December 1930

Comedy film Directed by Henry King

Alaska Trailer (1930)

14 December 1930

A Walter Lantz's Oswald cartoon where he's looking for gold but soon becomes a gag fest with a singing waiter who ends his verses with someone "who cannot leave his mother", a piano player who keeps chugging beer, and Oswald and his peg-leg buddy (probably Peg-Leg Pete who eventually became Mickey's nemesis) saying in unison "Pop Goes the Weasel" with the rabbit getting the better of this buddy after he keeps hitting him.

Mysterious Mose Trailer (1930)

26 December 1930

Betty Boop (with dog's ears) can't sleep on a scary night, so she sings the title song and meets the gentleman in question.

The King of Bugs Trailer (1930)

20 December 1930

Early sound cartoon with an all-insect cast. An eager-to-please young bugler inadvertently annoys the king during a parade and tournament, but redeems himself by rescuing the king's daughter, who's been abducted by a really horrid-looking spider.

Golf Nuts Trailer (1930)

13 December 1930

This Terrytoon about golfing animals from 1930 is a synchronized sound film, with a decent sound track that could easily be omitted for a show in a theater which had not been wired for sound.

Der Herr auf Bestellung Trailer (1930)

19 December 1930

"Der Herr auf Bestellung" has the Weimar dream team of Walter Reisch as scriptwriter, Geza von Bolvary as director and most importantly, the incomparable Willi Forst as main actor.

La voluntad del muerto Trailer (1930)

12 December 1930

This is the Spanish-language version of The Cat Creeps, shot at the same time and on the same sets.

Divorce Among Friends Trailer (1930)

13 December 1930

George Morris constantly lies to his wife, Helen, to hide his escapades. As he is about to leave his wife, some guests arrives, including Paul Wilcox, who is in love with Helen.

Hans in allen Gassen Trailer (1930)

23 December 1930

Los que Danzan Trailer (1930)

05 December 1930

Paris la Nuit Trailer (1930)

29 December 1930

Cities and Years Trailer (1930)

11 December 1930

«Goroda i gody» is a Drama film directed by Yevgeni Chervyakov, and written by Yevgeni Chervyakov, Konstantin Fedin, Dmitri Tolmachyov and Nathan Zarkhi, released in the USA on April 03 of 1931.

Ladies Last Trailer (1930)

06 December 1930

The boys boycott the girls when they insist that the boys wear tuxedos to a big dance.

The Lash Trailer (1930)

14 December 1930

Don Francisco Delfina, a nobleman of Southern California in 1848, disguises himself as El Puma and leads a revolt against the tyrannical land agent and politician Peter Harkness.

Charley's Aunt Trailer (1930)

01 December 1930

A student is pressured into pretending to be a classmate's Aunt so he can act as a false chaperone.

Part Time Wife Trailer (1930)

27 December 1930

The story concentrates of neglectful husband Jim Murdock (Edmund Lowe) and his frustrated wife Betty (Leila Hyams).

The Road to Paradise Trailer (1930)

13 December 1930

Willy, Kurt and Hans are broke, so they sell their car and open a filling station. Then they all fall in love for the same girl.

Pigskin Capers Trailer (1930)

28 December 1930

It's the mice versus the cats in a football stadium.

Autoportrait ou Ce qui manque à nous tous Trailer (1930)

29 December 1930

Mix of surrealist images of bubbles and smoke with some documentation of the world lived by Man Ray r

Rogue of the Rio Grande Trailer (1930)

06 December 1930

El Malo, notorious Mexican bandit, forces the Mayor of Sierra Blanca, Seth Landport, to open the safe and turn over to him 2,000 pesos, which the bandit gives a promissory note for to the Mayor.

Tom Sawyer Trailer (1930)

18 December 1930

The classic Mark Twain tale of a young boy and his friends on the Mississippi River. Tom and his pals Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper have numerous adventures, including running away to be pirates and, being believed drowned, attending their own funeral.

L'héritage de Lilette Trailer (1930)

31 December 1930

Box Car Blues Trailer (1930)

07 December 1930

Bosko and his porcine friend are hobos in a runaway boxcar.

From Stump to Ship Trailer (1930)

31 December 1930

The long log drive: a spring journey down icy streams and rivers moving logs from the forest to the mill for sawing into boards, laths, and clapboards.

Boykott Trailer (1930)

14 December 1930

A Robert Land directed movie of the book of the same name by Arnold Ulitz with Lil Dagover and Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur.

High C's Trailer (1930)

27 December 1930

The comic and musical adventures of Charley Chase as he fights in the great war.

Eine Freundin so goldig wie Du Trailer (1930)

15 December 1930

The Right to Love Trailer (1930)

27 December 1930

A woman becomes estranged from her daughter when the girl learns that she is illegitimate.

Mars Trailer (1930)

29 December 1930

Mars is a 1930 short animated film. It is one of many short films in the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series.

Mothers Cry Trailer (1930)

07 December 1930

Having raised four children alone, widow Mary Williams still manages to love her eldest son, vicious and sadistic Danny Williams, who has led a life of crime and now returns to inflict his insane behavior on the family household.

The Cohens and the Kellys in Africa Trailer (1930)

21 December 1930

Cohen and Kelly families go to Africa to buy elephant tusks.

Uma História de Camelos Trailer (1930)

11 December 1930

Credited as being the first portuguese animated movie programmed to be exhibited in a movie theatre. The movie is considered lost.

Stone Age Stunts Trailer (1930)

07 December 1930

A cave man gets up in the morning to walk around hitting things with his club. After knocking a huge dinosaur out cold, he uses the stiff dino's body as a saw, using the spiny back bones as the saw's teeth.