Movie Trailers - November 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1930

Total trailers found: 85

Hell's Angels Trailer (1930)

15 November 1930

Two brothers attending Oxford enlist with the Royal Flying Corps when World War I breaks out. Roy and Monte Rutledge have very different personalities.

A Soldier's Plaything Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

The story takes place towards the end of the first World War. Ben Lyon is gambling with some friends.

The Big Trail Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

Breck Coleman leads a wagon train of pioneers through Indian attack, storms, deserts, swollen rivers, down cliffs and so on while looking for the murder of a trapper and falling in love with Ruth Cameron.

The Widow From Chicago Trailer (1930)

23 November 1930

A woman infiltrates a criminal mob to avenge her brother's death.

Abraham Lincoln Trailer (1930)

08 November 1930

Silent film master D.W. Griffith's first talkie works as a companion piece to his classic BIRTH OF A NATION, providing a detailed biographical sketch of the 16th president.

Morocco Trailer (1930)

14 November 1930

The Foreign Legion marches in to Mogador with booze and women in mind just as singer Amy Jolly arrives from Paris to work at Lo Tinto's cabaret.

Another Fine Mess Trailer (1930)

29 November 1930

Two homeless vagabonds hide out in a vacant mansion and pose as the residents when prospective lessees arrive and try to rent it.

Outward Bound Trailer (1930)

29 November 1930

Seven people find themselves passengers on a mysterious ship. Director Robert Milton's 1930 drama, adapted from Sutton Vane's stage play, stars Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

A Lady's Morals Trailer (1930)

08 November 1930

Romantic biography of Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind and her famous affairs.

Yamekraw Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

In a wordless story with semi-surreal stage sets, a poor black man ventures from his ramshackle rural home to the big city, where a dancing girl in a dive two-times him.

Hold Anything Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

Bosko is a construction worker who impresses Honey by making music from everything in sight, including a decapitated mouse, a typewriter and a goat filled with hot air.

Viennese Nights Trailer (1930)

25 November 1930

This sentimental Romberg-Hammerstein operetta was made late in the first cycle of movie musicals, and the glut of product at the time crowded it out at the box office.

Just Imagine Trailer (1930)

23 November 1930

New York, 1980: airplanes have replaced cars, numbers have replaced names, pills have replaced food, government-arranged marriages have replaced love, and test tube babies have replaced .

Office Blues Trailer (1930)

22 November 1930

An amorous secretary ignores her importunate co-worker and daydreams (in song) about her boss when she should be working on letters.

School's Out Trailer (1930)

21 November 1930

The kids mistake Miss Crabtree's brother for a potential boyfriend, and plot to discourage him.

El presidio Trailer (1930)

14 November 1930

The Spanish-language version of 1930's The Big House.

The Love Storm Trailer (1930)

21 November 1930

Today Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

A wealthy young society couple loses their fortune. When the husband is forced to take a job like everyone else, the wife cannot deal with the sudden downward plunge of her once-privileged life and drifts into prostitution.

Birds of Prey Trailer (1930)

18 November 1930

Adapting A.A. Milne’s play The Fourth Wall, this tense thriller is among the earliest films produced at Ealing and stars C.

The Cat Creeps Trailer (1930)

10 November 1930

Disappearances and strange goings-on in a spooky old mansion.

Suspense Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

During the First World War a British unit take up a new position in a trench unaware that the Germans are laying a mine underneath it.

Remote Control Trailer (1930)

15 November 1930

A radio announcer gets caught up with a fake clairvoyant and his gang of thieves.

Sin Takes a Holiday Trailer (1930)

09 November 1930

Dowdy Sylvia accepts her boss' marriage proposal, even though he only asked her to avoid marriage to another woman.

On a Sunday Afternoon Trailer (1930)

29 November 1930

Fleischer Studios giving "On a Sunday Afternoon" the bouncing ball 'Screen Song' treatment.

War Nurse Trailer (1930)

21 November 1930

In this film, Anita loses her heart to an American soldier she meets, only to find herself bitterly disappointed later.

Añoranzas Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

Carlos Gardel sing his hit song "Añoranzas".

Mexico Trailer (1930)

16 November 1930

Oswald's rooster fights Pete's rooster in a brawl south of the border.

Wenn die Abendglocken läuten Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

Looser Than Loose Trailer (1930)

15 November 1930

Charley is about to get engaged to Thelma when his boss foists some clients upon him to entertain.

Compliments of the Season Trailer (1930)

27 November 1930

A released robber stops a young lady on Christmas eve from committing suicide by jumping in the water.

Scotch Highball Trailer (1930)

15 November 1930

Various anthropomorphic animals flock to the stadium to watch a horse race. Released November 16, 190

Charming Ceylon Trailer (1930)

25 November 1930

A Traveltalk visit to the island nation when it was still a British crown colony and the name Sri Lanka was 40 years in the future.

Padrino Pelado Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

Carlos Gardel sing his hit song "Padrino Pelado".

Rosas de Otoño Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

Carlos Gardel sing his hit song "Rosas de Otoño".

The Gorilla Trailer (1930)

02 November 1930

A series of murders that take place in an old, dark mansion are suspected of being committed by an ape.

The Truth About Youth Trailer (1930)

03 November 1930

A young man falls into the clutches of a nightclub singer who corrupts him.

Call of the Sea Trailer (1930)

30 November 1930

Lt. Cmdr. Good is a naval officer who goes on an extensive search for his long-lost friend who mysteriously disappeared on a tropical island.

Kohlhiesels Töchter Trailer (1930)

05 November 1930

Virgin Lips Trailer (1930)

10 November 1930

Lelita, a rich young lady, is courted by Paulo, her cousin, but she has reason to believe he is also having na affair with Lelita's sister, which causes jealousy trouble, until all becomes clear and true love prevails.

Min and Bill Trailer (1930)

29 November 1930

Min, the owner of a dockside hotel, is forced to make difficult decisions about the future of Nancy,t

The Lottery Bride Trailer (1930)

27 November 1930

Sundered lovers meet again amid tragic irony at a mining camp in northern Norway.

Ceux de 1830 Trailer (1930)

23 November 1930

Hundred year anniversary of the Belgian revolution (which resulted in the independence of Belgium in 1830).

Up to Mars Trailer (1930)

21 November 1930

In this one, Bimbo is playing fireworks in an abandoned yard except for a mouse (who suspiciously looks like Mickey in one close-up scene) who laughs derisively at him.

Die blonde Nachtigall Trailer (1930)

06 November 1930

Enfundá la mandolina Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

Carlos Gardel sing his hit song "Enfundá la mandolina".

Gypped in Egypt Trailer (1930)

08 November 1930

Waffles the Cat and Don Dog find themselves at the mercy of animate skeletons inside an Egyptian tomb.

Fast and Loose Trailer (1930)

08 November 1930

A wealthy family is thrown into turmoil when the daughter falls for the family chauffeur and the son begins to keep company with a chorus girl.

Grégor et ses Grégoriens Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

Jazz session by a small group of musicians.

Under Texas Skies Trailer (1930)

15 November 1930

Three cowboys try to stop a crook from defrauding an orphan girl out of her money.

Mano a mano Trailer (1930)

07 November 1930

Carlos Gardel sing his hit song "Mano a mano".

Toby the Showman Trailer (1930)

21 November 1930

Toby conducting an orchestra playing Irving Berlin's "Alexander's Ragtime Band" while that band is spitting tobacco in the spittoons nearby!

The Office Boy Trailer (1930)

22 November 1930

This blatant rip-off of Disney's Mickey Mouse is indeed a fascinating effort. Not only is it most agreeably quaint, but it's remarkably fast-paced.

Mariutch Trailer (1930)

14 November 1930

An Italian immigrant discovers his wife is a hootchy-kootchy dancer. Later, the audience is invited to follow the bouncing ball and sing along to "Mariutch Down at Coney Island.

Jumping Beans Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

A Terrytoons cartoon from the dawn of sound cartoons with a lot of well-timed gags, even if they average more Western than Mexican.

The Navy Trailer (1930)

02 November 1930

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, this time in the navy.

Kvartaly predmestya Trailer (1930)

11 November 1930

Kvartaly predmestya (52 minutes, USSR 1930, directed by Grigoriy Gritcher-Tchrikover) and it is about the cohabitation of a young Jewish woman (played by Nana Vatchnadze, a Soviet film star of those times) and a Ukrainian.

Nerone Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

Feet First Trailer (1930)

08 November 1930

Ambitious shoe salesman, Harold, unknowingly meets the boss' daughter and tells her he is a leather tycoon.

Way for a Sailor Trailer (1930)

01 November 1930

A devoted sailor jeopardizes his love life for love of the sea.

Tol'able David Trailer (1930)

15 November 1930

Tol'able David is a 1930 sound film directed by John G. Blystone and produced and released by Columbia Pictures.