Movie Trailers - October 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1930

Total trailers found: 61

L'âge d'or Trailer (1930)

28 October 1930

The film consists of a series of tightly interlinked vignettes, the most sustained of which details the story of a man and a woman who are passionately in love.

Winter Trailer (1930)

30 October 1930

In the last of the Silly Symphonies season cycle, bears hibernate (or try to), raccoons sneeze, moose swim, and pretty much everyone ice skates.

The Gorilla Mystery Trailer (1930)

09 October 1930

A gorilla has escaped; Mickey, panicked, calls Minnie, but she plays a song to show she is not afraid.

Liliom Trailer (1930)

05 October 1930

A carousel barker falls in love with a young woman. Both are fired from their jobs, and when the young woman becomes pregnant, the carousel barker tries to help pull off a robbery, which goes wrong.

A Lady Surrenders Trailer (1930)

06 October 1930

A wealthy industrialist's wife gets into a big argument with him; to cool off, she goes on an ocean trip.

Renegades Trailer (1930)

26 October 1930

Four one-for-all and all-for-one privates in the French Foreign Legion are all in jail for disorderly conduct, but they break out and rejoin their regiment and fight off a band of marauding Arabs, and are soon in Casablanca getting decorated by the French Minister of War.

Billy the Kid Trailer (1930)

18 October 1930

Billy, after shooting down land baron William Donovan's henchmen for killing Billy's boss, is hunted down and captured by his friend, Sheriff Pat Garrett.

The Pay-Off Trailer (1930)

14 October 1930

A thug robs a young engaged couple of their last few dollars. When the thug's gang boss hears of the robbery, he gives them back their money and takes them under his wing.

Whoopee! Trailer (1930)

05 October 1930

Western sheriff Bob Wells is preparing to marry Sally Morgan; she loves part-Indian Wanenis, whose race is an obstacle.

Cold Feet Trailer (1930)

17 October 1930

Oswald is in the mountains, trying to make a film.

East Is West Trailer (1930)

23 October 1930

Ming Toy is on the auction block in China. She is saved by Billy and taken to San Francisco by Lo Sang Kee.

The Doorway to Hell Trailer (1930)

18 October 1930

In this early talkie, a vicious crime lord (played by Lew Ayres in a rare villainous role) decides that he has had enough and much to the shock of his colleagues decides to give the business to his second in command (James Cagney in his second film role) and retire to Florida after marrying his moll.

Imperial and Royal Field Marshal Trailer (1930)

23 October 1930

Comedy film directed by Karel Lamač.

Up the River Trailer (1930)

12 October 1930

Two prisoners, Saint Louis and Dannemora Dan, escape during a theatrical production in order to go to the aid of Steve, a former prisoner whose past is about to be exposed by the man who framed Judy unless Steve agrees to help him commit another crime.

Die singende Stadt Trailer (1930)

29 October 1930

A tourist guide in Naples is taken on by an English woman impressed by his singing, and who regards him as her protege.

Sinners' Holiday Trailer (1930)

10 October 1930

Ma Delano (LaVerne) runs a penny arcade in Coney Island, living upstairs with her sons (Cagney & Gallagher) and daughter (Knapp.

The Picnic Trailer (1930)

22 October 1930

Summertime, and Mickey takes Minnie on a picnic. While Pluto is chasing a rabbit, and Mickey and Minnie are doing a courtship dance, every animal in the woods is busy making off with their picnic food.

Scotland Yard Trailer (1930)

19 October 1930

A soldier is wounded in action. His face is restored by a plastic surgeon to resemble someone else.

The Indians Are Coming Trailer (1930)

09 October 1930

Jack Manning (Tim McCoy) arrives in a midwestern town from Gold Creek in Califonia. He brings a message from Goerge Woods (Francis Ford) to his brother Tom Woods (Francis Ford), in a dual role, and niece Mary (Allene Ray, informing them he has struck gold and asking them to join him in California via a wagon train.

Kismet Trailer (1930)

30 October 1930

Hajj, a rascally beggar on the periphery of the court of Baghdad, schemes to marry his daughter to royalty and to win the heart of the queen of the castle himself.

The Virtuous Sin Trailer (1930)

31 October 1930

Marya (Kay Francis) gets friendly with Gen. Platoff (Walter Huston) in order to save her husband Victor (Kenneth MacKenna) from being executed.

Just Like Heaven Trailer (1930)

21 October 1930

Tobey is a headstrong peddler who sells balloons on the streets of Paris. A traveling dog circus usurps his corner and a power struggle ensues between Tobey and the circus's beautiful ballet star, Mimi.

The Life of the Party Trailer (1930)

25 October 1930

Two gold diggers (Winnie Lightner, Irene Delroy) try a French dressmaker, two Mr. Smiths and Havana.

Maybe It's Love Trailer (1930)

03 October 1930

A very young Joan Bennett tops the cast as Nan Sheffield, the daughter of a college president (George Irving).

Sky Scraping Trailer (1930)

31 October 1930

A Dave Fleischer's Talkartoon Sound Cartoon Featuring Bimbo.

The Silver Horde Trailer (1930)

24 October 1930

A salmon fisherman has to choose between a bad girl and a society doll.

The Land of Missing Men Trailer (1930)

14 October 1930

Steve O'Neil robs the stage and kidnaps Nita to keep Lopez from doing the same. Then he and Buckshot head for Lopez's hideout for a showdown.

Zwei Krawatten Trailer (1930)

15 October 1930

The Apache Kid Trailer (1930)

09 October 1930

Krazy and his girlfriend are dancing at a nightclub. In the blink of an eye, the girl gets kidnapped by a hoodlum on a horse.

Teacher's Pet Trailer (1930)

10 October 1930

Jackie prepares a series of elaborate jokes for his new teacher.

Cuckoo Murder Case Trailer (1930)

17 October 1930

The Cuckoo Bird residing in an old clock in a creepy old mansion is shot dead by an unknown assailant; Flip the Frog is called in to investigate (and finds more than he bargained for).

Kongerevyen 1930 Trailer (1930)

13 October 1930

King Christian X attends military drill.

Midnight Trailer (1930)

11 October 1930

It's a straight musical involving a barbershop quartet of alley cats and some dogs summoned from the pound to quiet them to little success.

The Fowl Ball Trailer (1930)

12 October 1930

A Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon by Walter Lantz & William Nolan where Oswald do play a song with the animals in the swamp.

Check and Double Check Trailer (1930)

02 October 1930

Typical Amos 'n Andy storyline has the boys trying to make a go of their "open-air" taxi business while they get caught up in a society hassle, involving driving musicians to a fancy party.

One Night at Susie's Trailer (1930)

19 October 1930

A boarding house owner winds up being the "mother hen" to assorted mobsters and racketeers who live there.

A Devil with Women Trailer (1930)

17 October 1930

Soldier of fortune Maxton is stranded in a Central American country. He and Tom, the nephew of the country's richest man, try to end Morloff's banditry but just barely escape a firing squad.

My Gal Sal Trailer (1930)

17 October 1930

This Screen Song version of Paul Dresser's ballad is given a very soapy interpretation by a basso and then a barbershop group.

Night Birds Trailer (1930)

06 October 1930

Early British thriller about a master criminal named 'Flash Jack', who heads a gang of top-hatted thieves that rob the wealthy.

Dollar Dizzy Trailer (1930)

03 October 1930

Charley and Thelma are millionaires, each trying to elude suitors who are trying to marry them for their money.

Extravagance Trailer (1930)

09 October 1930

Alice Kendall is the darling of her social set, the sons and daughters of millionaires, although Alice's mother has impoverished herself to provide Alice with the luxuries she expects as her right.

Pardon My Gun Trailer (1930)

04 October 1930

Ted is riding for Pa Martin against Cooper in the big race. When Cooper has his men capture Ted, Peggy overhears them and sets out to free Ted in time for the race.

The Grand Uproar Trailer (1930)

03 October 1930

Bimbo sings a funny take-off of "Gay Caballero" and the comedy construction is adequate to the situation.

The Song Is Over Trailer (1930)

07 October 1930

Das Lied ist Aus (The Song Is Ended) is a typical early-talkie German musical in every respect, save one.

More Bad News for the Thirsty Trailer (1930)

25 October 1930

Made during Prohibition and consists of a group of Federal agents destroying a cache of liquor.

Song Service Trailer (1930)

24 October 1930

Lee Morse sings us a few songs....

Borderline Trailer (1930)

13 October 1930

A groundbreaking film which deals with an inter-racial love triangle and its effects on the local townsfolk.

Darling of the Gods Trailer (1930)

13 October 1930

Also known as Darling of the Gods, this was Emil Jannings' second talkie appearance. Jannings stars as famed operatic singer Albert Winkelmann, who is greeted with cheers, applause and romantic propositions whenever he performs in his native Vienna.

Playboy of Paris Trailer (1930)

18 October 1930

Yvonne, daughter of Philibert, a Paris cafe owner, is in love with dreamy, blundering Albert, a waiter, though he pays little attention to her.

Half Shot at Sunrise Trailer (1930)

04 October 1930

Wheeler and Woolsey play two soldiers who go absent without leave in Paris, during World War I.

Those Three French Girls Trailer (1930)

10 October 1930

An addled Englishman's efforts to save three young women from eviction land them all in jail.

Heads Up Trailer (1930)

10 October 1930

Jack Mason of the Coast Guard Academy meets Mary at the graduation ball and falls in love with her, though the girl's mother finds wealthy Rex Cutting a more proper choice for her daughter.

Filmed Prologue to Birth of a Nation Trailer (1930)

24 October 1930

A dialogue between director D. W. Griffith and actor Walter Huston on the subject of Griffith controversial 1915 film "Birth Of A Nation" and it's theatrical re-release in 1931.

Janko muzykant Trailer (1930)

14 October 1930

A talented violin-playing country boy struggles to get acceptance for his love for music.

Glorious Vamps Trailer (1930)

15 October 1930

A burlesque survey of femmes fatales through the ages.

Bigger and Better Trailer (1930)

24 October 1930

On the train trip home from school, all the kids except Dave talk about taking a vacation trip to Lake Arrowhead; Dave wants a summer job.

Das alte Lied Trailer (1930)

15 October 1930

We! We! Marie! Trailer (1930)

28 October 1930

Slim Summerville, Eddie Gribbon comedy short.

Big Cheese Trailer (1930)

25 October 1930

Comical character piece climaxing in a boxing match. Set in the rough, tough city; apparently the Bowery, if we let the music tell us.

Pension Schöller Trailer (1930)

20 October 1930