Movie Trailers - May 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1930

Total trailers found: 90

À propos de Nice Trailer (1930)

28 May 1930

What starts off as a conventional travelogue turns into a satirical portrait of the town of Nice on the French Côte d'Azur, especially its wealthy inhabitants.

Westfront 1918 Trailer (1930)

23 May 1930

A group of German infantrymen of the First World War live out their lives in the trenches of France. They find brief entertainment and relief in a village behind the lines, but primarily terror fills their lives as the attacks on and from the French army ebb and flow.

The Florodora Girl Trailer (1930)

31 May 1930

A chorus girl gets bad advice from her fellow chorines in handling a rich suitor who assumes she is a gold-digger.

In Gay Madrid Trailer (1930)

17 May 1930

Ricardo, a young law student in his home town of Madrid, is a carefree playboy who loves nightclubs and courting pretty girls.

Hog Wild Trailer (1930)

30 May 1930

Ollie can't find his hat, much to the amusement of his wife and maid. Then Ollie and Stan attempt to install a rooftop radio antenna.

Salt for Svanetia Trailer (1930)

24 May 1930

An ethnographic treasure that documents with visual bravado the harsh conditions of life in the isolated mountain village of Ushkul.

True to the Navy Trailer (1930)

25 May 1930

Ruby is a counter girl at the San Diego Soda Shop with a habit of being a girlfriend to Sailors stopping by.

Young Man of Manhattan Trailer (1930)

17 May 1930

Two flappers (Claudette Colbert and Ginger Rogers) try to get their newspaper reporter boyfriends to pay attention to them.

Frolicking Fish Trailer (1930)

08 May 1930

The title pretty much says it: fish and other marine life dance and frolic to various tunes. An octopus keeps spoiling the fun in various ways.

Strictly Unconventional Trailer (1930)

03 May 1930

An adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham's The Circle.

Dumb-bells in Ermine Trailer (1930)

10 May 1930

In a small town in Virginia, Faith Corey, daughter of a socially prominent family, meets and falls in love with Jerry Malone, a prizefighter, though her straitlaced mother wants her to marry Siegfried, a spellbinding "missionary reformer.

Sunny Skies Trailer (1930)

17 May 1930

The first of two films pairing western/serial/action-film leading man Rex Lease (who also sings and dances here) and dialect comedian and comic writer Benny Rubin.

Redemption Trailer (1930)

02 May 1930

Feyda is a man of wealth and has many fine qualities, but he is powerless to resist gambling and beautiful women.

The Cactus Kid Trailer (1930)

14 May 1930

Mickey walks into the tavern where Minnie is dancing, and begins to dance and play piano himself. Pegleg Pete comes in and treats Minnie badly.

The Lady of Scandal Trailer (1930)

24 May 1930

A British man shocks his snooty, disapproving family when he becomes engaged to a famous actress.

One Romantic Night Trailer (1930)

03 May 1930

A princess is forced to choose between a charming tutor and a rakish prince.

The Song of the Flame Trailer (1930)

24 May 1930

This was a screen version of the 1925 operetta by Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach, Herbert Stohart, and George Gershwin.

The Big Fight Trailer (1930)

11 May 1930

Based on the David Belasco stage production of the Max Marcin play in which heavyweight-champion Jack Dempsey played the role of the fighter, Tiger: This "behind-the-scenes look of a heavyweight-championship fight" looks much like all of the other boxing films in which the Champ gets involved in a frame-up and is asked to take a dive.

The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu Trailer (1930)

01 May 1930

The villainous master criminal Dr. Fu Manchu sets out to destroy the people he holds responsible for the death of his family.

Light Spill: Black-White-Gray Trailer (1930)

10 May 1930

This short film made by László Moholy-Nagy is based on the shadow patterns created by his Light-Space Modulator, an early kinetic sculpture consisting of a variety of curved objects in a carefully choreographed cycle of movements.

The Runaway Bride Trailer (1930)

04 May 1930

Gangsters stalk a young bride who they think knows where a cache of money is hidden.

The Flirting Widow Trailer (1930)

11 May 1930

An older daughter invents a fiancé so that her father will allow a younger sister to marry. However ,the lie comes back to haunt her.

The Cuckoos Trailer (1930)

04 May 1930

Two phony fortune tellers get mixed up with gypsies.

Detective Umon's Diary, Story No. 6 Trailer (1930)

29 May 1930

An important silent film survives, Kumahiko Nishina's Umon torimonocho rokuban tegara jinenji kidan (The Samurai Detective, aka The Detective Records of Umon, aka Detective Umon Diary: Exploit Number Six, 1930).

A Notorious Affair Trailer (1930)

04 May 1930

A scheming musician seduces a wealthy woman for love and money.

Das Rheinlandmädel Trailer (1930)

05 May 1930

Sinister Harvest Trailer (1930)

26 May 1930

Early "shockumentary", apparently shot in Egypt, which documents the habits of opium addicts. The interiors of drug dens are shown, and at the conclusion the film an addict is shown collapsing on a sand dune; the booming voice of the narrator informs us that the addict has perished.

The Big Pond Trailer (1930)

03 May 1930

A tour guide in Venice romances a visiting American tourist whose father owns a chewing-gum factory back in the U.

Wolves Trailer (1930)

19 May 1930

An outlaw leader fakes a draw for a sick girl so he can help her escape

Bear Shooters Trailer (1930)

16 May 1930

While on a camping trip, the gang comes across poachers.

Noah Knew His Ark Trailer (1930)

24 May 1930

A crazy Aesop's Fables cartoon about Noah's Ark.

Such Is Life Trailer (1930)

08 May 1930

A story about domestic life in a typical working-class environment. Life and trials and how little situations have big consequences.

The Texan Trailer (1930)

10 May 1930

The Texan is a 1930 American Western film directed by John Cromwell and starring Gary Cooper and Fay Wray.

Der Walzerkönig Trailer (1930)

08 May 1930

The Devil's Holiday Trailer (1930)

09 May 1930

Beautiful manicurist Hallie Hobart sets her sights on handsome David Stone, the son of wealthy wheat farmer Ezra Stone.

Little Red Riding Hood Trailer (1930)

14 May 1930

This is 1929: the little red riding hood is still with us and her life is more complicated than ever.

Ladies Love Brutes Trailer (1930)

14 May 1930

The movie stars George Bancroft, Mary Astor and Fredric March who are all excellent in their roles. The story begins as Joe Forziati (Bancroft), an Italian immigrant who has battled his way to success as a New York building contractor, decides to embark on a social career.

Life's a Stage Trailer (1930)

12 May 1930

A busker confesses to shooting a seducer to save his amnesiac film-star daughter.

Courage Trailer (1930)

22 May 1930

Belle Bennett plays as the widowed mother of seven children living in Sioux City, Iowa. She moves with them to Cambridge, Massachusetts in order to educate her children with culture and give them every advantage.

Bride of the Regiment Trailer (1930)

21 May 1930

As they are leaving the church following their wedding, Count Adrian Beltrami and Countess Anna-Marie are told that the Austrians are marching on the town to quell an Italian uprising.

The Czar of Broadway Trailer (1930)

25 May 1930

Mort Bradley, New York political boss and underworld czar, controls not only the city's most popular nightclub but also much of the press; however, the managing editor of the Times is determined to expose him.

Fashion's Mirror Trailer (1930)

26 May 1930

Duval's Fashion House is struggling, Mr. Duval believes in large part because of his playboy son, Jack, not pulling his weight in the business.

Jack Buchanan with the Glee Quartet Trailer (1930)

26 May 1930

Early Vitaphone-Warner Bros. short film introduced as part of the Vitaphone Varieties series featuring Jack Buchanan who announces to the audience that he will be replacing a member of the Glee Quartet though he has had little time to rehearse.

Call of the West Trailer (1930)

09 May 1930

Nightclub entertainer Violet La Tour collapses during a performance in Sagebrush, Texas, and is taken to the ranch of Lon Dixon.

The Bad One Trailer (1930)

03 May 1930

The Bad One (1930)

Weekend Trailer (1930)

26 May 1930

Wochende (Weekend), 1930, is an experimental movie, directed by Walter Ruttmann, produced in Germany. Walter Ruttmann made avant-garde films - the Opus series, from 1922 to 1925, and a major documentary Berlin, Symphony of a City in 1929, showing the city's activities from early morning to midnight. Interested in how spectators perceive sound, on 15 May 1930 he premiered a film without pictures, Wochenende (Weekend). The audience take their seats, the lights go out, the sound is heard and all that can be seen is a BLANK screen !

Film de famille Sauvage: "Rue du pré aux clercs" Trailer (1930)

10 May 1930

Images of the family : the solemn communion of the young Agnes ; the friend Edouard Goerg ; Agnes Antoine and children playing on swings or watering the yard.

Viejo smoking Trailer (1930)

26 May 1930

One of Carlos Gardel's singing short films.

She Who Gets Slapped Trailer (1930)

15 May 1930

A meek husband takes lessons on how to take control of his dominating wife.

Hard Times Trailer (1930)

02 May 1930

Hungarian Rhapsody Trailer (1930)

14 May 1930

Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2'. One of a series of shorts consisting of silent, staged stories, played out against popular pieces of classical music.

Zeemansvrouwen Trailer (1930)

15 May 1930

Melodrama about a simple woman from Amsterdam who is forced to choose between the depraved father of her children and the love of a kind-hearted sailor.

Mickey's Warriors Trailer (1930)

24 May 1930

A high society lady tries to bring peace between the Mickey's Scorpions and Stinky Davis' gang.

A Private Engagement Trailer (1930)

01 May 1930

The Yacht Club Boys sing at a private party for George Mellon and his daughter. There are four of them, one of whom plays the piano, two play the guitar, and fourth plays the violin.

Cyankali Trailer (1930)

22 May 1930

Drama based on a play by Friedrich Wolf. Hete is pregnant, hoping to have soon a family with her fiancé Paul.

Ben Bernie and His Orchestra Trailer (1930)

15 May 1930

Ben Bernie and his orchestra play a few songs for a vitaphone recording.

Oom Pah Pah Trailer (1930)

11 May 1930

A New York cartoon made in New York. It's the New Yorkiest! A few of the animators: Vet Anderson, Harry Bailey, Eddie Donnelly, Jim Tyer (at his early wildest).

Skulls and Sculls Trailer (1930)

31 May 1930

Felix the Cat is walking along when he is abruptly blindfolded and subjected to an elaborate ordeal which turns out to be (as the title hints) a fraternal initiation.

The Shrimp Trailer (1930)

03 May 1930

A timid man undergoes a personality change, and turns the tables on the people who've bullied him.

The Royal Four-Flusher Trailer (1930)

15 May 1930

Eddie, a modern man, suddenly finds himself in the palace in an ancient, mythical kingdom. This does not change his attitude or habits and, while pursuing a fair maid in the castle, he catches the attention of the Queen and forces him to make love to her.