Movie Trailers - March 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1930

Total trailers found: 71

The Blue Angel Trailer (1930)

31 March 1930

The Blue Angel follows Immanuel Rath (Emil Jannings) through a transformation from esteemed educator at the local Gymnasium (college preparatory high school) to a cabaret clown in Weimar Germany.

Tonka of the Gallows Trailer (1930)

03 March 1930

A prostitute in an act of pity is keeping chaste company with a condemned man through the night before he is to be hung.

Alraune Trailer (1930)

02 March 1930

A scientist, Professor Jakob ten Brinken, interested in the laws of heredity, impregnates a prostitute in a laboratory with the semen of a hanged murderer.

Brats Trailer (1930)

22 March 1930

Stanley and Oliver are trying to spend a relaxing night at home playing checkers, but the antics of their mischievous sons keep interrupting their recreation.

Free and Easy Trailer (1930)

22 March 1930

Gopher City Kansas hosts a beauty contest. The winner, Elvira Plunkett, and her mother go to Hollywood.

Mamba Trailer (1930)

09 March 1930

August Bolte, the richest man in a settlement in German East Africa in the period before World War I, is called "Mamba" by the locals, which is the name of a deadly snake.

Ludwig II, King of Bavaria Trailer (1930)

10 March 1930

Wilhelm Dieterles Ludwig der Zweite describes how the king turned in becoming a madman.

Cannibal Capers Trailer (1930)

13 March 1930

A group of cannibals gather together for a tribal dance. In the middle of their gala, they are interrupted by a ferocious lion!

Maria of the Sea Trailer (1930)

19 March 1930

Falacha is the captain of a fishing boat of Nazaré who lost part of his men in a shipwreck. Among them was the husband of Aunt Aurélia, who holds Falacha responsible for this tragedy.

Montana Moon Trailer (1930)

20 March 1930

A wild-partying flapper marries a cowboy and tries to adjust to life on a western ranch. Director Mal St.

Fiddling Around Trailer (1930)

20 March 1930

Mickey comes onstage to the applause of an unseen audience and plays various classical tunes on the violin, after some minor mishaps.

Hell Harbor Trailer (1930)

14 March 1930

Lovely Anita dreams of escaping the monotony of her island home and sailing to bustling Havana. But when her abusive father promises her to the greasy local merchant, Anita does everything in her power to make her dream a reality.

Son of the Gods Trailer (1930)

08 March 1930

Story about a Chinese passing as White (Richard Barthelmess) starts as Barthelmess leaves college after being insulted by a trio of brainless co-eds.

The Ghost That Never Returns Trailer (1930)

15 March 1930

The rebel leader Jose Real is allowed to leave prison for one day to visit his family. But it is a ruse to make him reveal the whereabouts of his rebel gang.

Two Hearts in Waltz Time Trailer (1930)

12 March 1930

Nicki and Vicki, two librettists who also happen to be brothers, are presently in collaboration with composer Toni.

The Big Kick Trailer (1930)

29 March 1930

Revenuers have been chasing a gang of bootleggers for years. They're hot on the trail near a gas station operated by Harry, a seemingly slow witted fellow with a cheery and spunky girlfriend.

The Lone Defender Trailer (1930)

04 March 1930

A prospector is murdered by The Cactus Kid and his gang, who hope to find the murdered man's goldmine.

Puttin' on the Ritz Trailer (1930)

01 March 1930

A vaudeville and nightclub performer becomes successful and forgets who his friends really are.

The First Seven Years Trailer (1930)

01 March 1930

Jackie gets in a duel over the affections of Mary Ann.

Broadway's Like That Trailer (1930)

04 March 1930

A girl who works in a music store discovers, on the eve of her wedding, that her intended husband already has a wife.

Sarah and Son Trailer (1930)

14 March 1930

A ne'er-do-well husband, after years of abusing his wife, disappears with their son, and winds up selling him to a wealthy family.

Walk Cheerfully Trailer (1930)

01 March 1930

Kenji is a small thief who likes drinking and fighting. When he falls in love with sweet and simple Yazue, and she finds out what kind of guy he really is, she leaves him 'until he becomes an honest person'.

The Girl Said No Trailer (1930)

15 March 1930

A comedy romance in which breezy Haines, as a young lady killer, tries to capture the heart of Hyams who has turned him down for Bushman.

Hot Dog Trailer (1930)

28 March 1930

Bimbo is out stalking the ladies in his car when he is arrested by the police. Now he has to explain himself to the judge.

Ingagi Trailer (1930)

15 March 1930

An expedition enters an area of the Congo jungle to investigate reports of a gorilla-worshipping tribe.

The Flame of Love Trailer (1930)

30 March 1930

In Russia, a Chinese dancer gives herself to a duke to save her brother's life.

High Society Blues Trailer (1930)

23 March 1930

After selling his business in Iowa, Eli Granger and his family move to an exclusive Scarsdale area in New York, where by chance he occupies a house adjacent to Horace Divine, a wealthy businessman with whom he made his business transaction.

Dixie Days Trailer (1930)

29 March 1930

In this spoof of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," featuring cartoon animals, a slave auction becomes a musical audition, and the chase over the ice floes is an opportunity for some fancy footwork.

Song of the West Trailer (1930)

15 March 1930

Captain Stanton (John Boles), who because of a misunderstanding over a woman with Major Davolo, has been cited for a court martial.

Der Liebesmarkt Trailer (1930)

05 March 1930

a silent movie by Heinz Paul

Mickey's Luck Trailer (1930)

29 March 1930

Mickey and the gang become fire fighters. Features ridiculous stunts (including a car getting hit by a train, and Spencer Bell sharing a scene with a live lion).

Only the Brave Trailer (1930)

07 March 1930

Cooper is a Union Army officer who after being jilted by girlfriend, Virginia Bruce, volunteers on what could be a suicide mission.

Broadway Folly Trailer (1930)

02 March 1930

Oswald just wants to get to the show.

Clancy in Wall Street Trailer (1930)

14 March 1930

Clancy (Charles Murray) and MacIntosh (Lucien Littletfield) are a pair of stock comedy Irish and Scottish plumbers who have been partners for twenty years; but when Clancy accidentally buys some shares on margin, MacIntosh's Scotch thrift rebels and their partnership breaks up.

Framed Trailer (1930)

16 March 1930

Rose Manning swears revenge for the unjust slaying of her father by Inspector McArthur. Five years later, as a nightclub hostess, she is sought by Chuck Gaines, secretly a bootlegger, but she centers her attentions on young Jimmy Carter, who, she learns, is the son of McArthur.

Whispering Whoopee Trailer (1930)

07 March 1930

Charlie hires three "party girls" to help him land a business deal.

Harmony Heaven Trailer (1930)

01 March 1930

The tale of a young songwriter, the actress who helps him find success, and the vamp who sets her sights on him.

Such Men Are Dangerous Trailer (1930)

08 March 1930

A lady marries a wealthy man who she does not love and leaves him on their wedding night. The man then goes to find a way to get his revenge.

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles Trailer (1930)

15 March 1930

An Unusual Classic Cartoon where a bunch of Different Animals get all Nice and Clean to perform the song, " I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles".

Mammy Trailer (1930)

26 March 1930

Mammy features Al Jolson as the star of a travelling minstrel show, appearing in a small Southern town.

Die Tat des Andreas Harmer Trailer (1930)

07 March 1930

Undertow Trailer (1930)

10 March 1930

Coast Guardsman has affair with lighthouse keeper's wife.

Es gibt eine Frau, die dich niemals vergißt Trailer (1930)

27 March 1930

Home Town Trailer (1930)

14 March 1930

While returning by boat to Japan, Yoshie Fujimura meets a rich woman who suggests him to become a singer thanks to an impresario friend of hers.

Delikatessen Trailer (1930)

05 March 1930

Friends Franz and Bela work in a deli belonging to Mr. Wallis. Franz is the manager and Bela a salesclerk.

Good Old Schooldays Trailer (1930)

06 March 1930

A Aesop's Fables cartoon with the animals going to school and causing mischief.

Pretzels Trailer (1930)

23 March 1930

A Terrytoons cartoon released 23 March 1930.

Enoken's Zangiri Kinta Trailer (1930)

27 March 1930

Enoken's pickpocket Kinta (returned from the Chakkiri Kinta movies) finds some unexpected trouble: a stolen diamond necklace he just can't seem to get rid of!

Captain of the Guard Trailer (1930)

28 March 1930

A captain of the king's guards secretly works for the rebels.

Young Eagles Trailer (1930)

20 March 1930

Lieut. Robert Banks, an American aviator on leave in Paris, meets Mary Gordon, a young American who lives abroad, but their romance is cut short by his return to the front.

Die letzte Kompagnie Trailer (1930)

14 March 1930

Lucky Larkin Trailer (1930)

02 March 1930

Colonel Lee, a homesteader, is the object of terrorists who want to drive him off the range so that his horses cannot be entered in the county races, and he refuses an offer of Martin Brierson to buy him out.

Marching On Trailer (1930)

07 March 1930

A farmer’s boy, obsessed with his balsa-and-paper flying models and with dreams of real aircraft, develops a friendship with the daughter of the local squire, who introduces the lad to her pilot brother and his flying officer friends; through hard work, and despite the handicap of a lowly class status, he eventually succeeds in qualifying as a pilot and joining the air force.

Our Baseball Game Trailer (1930)

01 March 1930

A baseball game between the rabbits and tanuki (raccoon dogs).

On the Border Trailer (1930)

14 March 1930

A Mexico/United States border patrol officer is aided by his police dog, Rinty.

Liebe im Ring Trailer (1930)

17 March 1930

Nuits de princes Trailer (1930)

04 March 1930

Silent french movie of director Marcel L'Herbier based on the novel of Joseph Kessel

Alf's Button Trailer (1930)

24 March 1930

A soldier discovers a button made from Aladdin's lamp grants wishes when rubbed.

Getting a Ticket Trailer (1930)

22 March 1930

Eddie Cantor tries to fix a speeding ticket.

The Man from Blankley's Trailer (1930)

28 March 1930

When a nobleman loses his way in the fog and enters a house where there's a party going on, he's mistaken for a hired butler.