Movie Trailers - August 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1930

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The Dawn Patrol Trailer (1930)

20 August 1930

World War I ace Dick Courtney derides the leadership of his superior officer, but Courtney is soon promoted to squadron commander and learns harsh lessons about sending subordinates to their deaths.

Animal Crackers Trailer (1930)

28 August 1930

The famous Captain Spaulding returns from Africa and attends a gala party where a valuable painting is stolen.

Monkey Melodies Trailer (1930)

09 August 1930

The monkeys are swinging; their song and dance routine has other jungle creatures joining in. And two monkeys in love chase and kiss.

Pups Is Pups Trailer (1930)

30 August 1930

The gang decides to enter their animals in a local pet show.

Monte Carlo Trailer (1930)

27 August 1930

A countess fleeing her husband mistakes a count for her hairdresser at a Monte Carlo casino.

St. Jorgen's Day Trailer (1930)

25 August 1930

The priests, stock market officials, and police conspire to squeeze income out of pilgrims come to see relics of a Christ like figure.

The Thoroughbred Trailer (1930)

09 August 1930

Riley and Donovan, racehorse owners and trainers who have been rivals and enemies for years, seek to befriend Tod Taylor, a jockey, and Ham, a retainer.

Good News Trailer (1930)

22 August 1930

A college football star falls for his mousy French tutor.

Danger Lights Trailer (1930)

21 August 1930

Head railroad man Dan is as ugly as he is honorable. When he spots a drifter who'd hopped a freight held up by a landslide, Dan offers the man a job; then he finds the man was a railroader, too, and takes him under his wing.

Dixiana Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

The film tells the story of a circus performer who falls in love with the son of a plantation owner in antebellum New Orleans.

Fit to be Tied Trailer (1930)

02 August 1930

George Burns tries to buy a tie in a department store filled with assorted kooks.

Fiddlesticks Trailer (1930)

15 August 1930

Flip the Frog was Iwerks' first creation. He made his debut appearance in "Fiddlesticks." In this cartoon, Iwerks supplied Flip with a bow tie and buttons, but there is no mistaking that Flip is a frog.

Top Speed Trailer (1930)

23 August 1930

An order clerk poses as a millionaire.

The Office Wife Trailer (1930)

23 August 1930

Larry Fellowes of Fellowes Publishing wants Kate to write her next book about the 'Office Wife'. The personal secretary/stenographer spends more time with the busy executive and makes more decisions than his wife ever will.

Rain or Shine Trailer (1930)

15 August 1930

Young Mary Rainey takes the reins of her deceased father's failing circus. With the help of the Inimitable Smiley Johnson, she hopes to bring fortune back to her ragtag band of ragged shoeleather performers.

Night Work Trailer (1930)

03 August 1930

Willie, as an assistant window-dresser, is the lowest man on the totem pole at a department store. To add insult-to-injury Willie is also the store's designated 'Fired Man.

Conspiracy Trailer (1930)

10 August 1930

Margaret Holt and her brother Victor set out to smash a narcotics ring responsible for their father's death: Victor becomes a district attorney and weaves a net around the gang and its leader Marco, alias James Morton, while Margaret becomes Marco's secretary.

Wings of Adventure Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

Dave Kent, a commercial aviator, and his mechanic, Skeets Smith, are forced to make an emergency landing in Mexico and find themselves in the hands of La Panthera, a notorious bandit who wishes to overthrow the government and become president of a new republic.

Frozen Frolics Trailer (1930)

30 August 1930

Waffles the Cat and Don Dog set out on an adventure to find the North Pole.

She's My Weakness Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

Tommy Mills and Marie Thurber, sweethearts, plan to marry when Tommy sells some land he has inherited.

Africa Speaks! Trailer (1930)

14 August 1930

Explorer Paul Hoefler leads a safari into central Africa and what was then called the Belgian Congo, in the regions inhabited by the Wassara and the famous Ubangi tribes.

Two Plus Fours Trailer (1930)

18 August 1930

This short subject was done by Paul Whiteman's Rhythm boys shortly after they finished The King of Jazz where lead singer Bing Crosby made his motion picture debut.

Congo Jazz Trailer (1930)

07 August 1930

Bosko hunts in the jungle, but ends up playing music with the animals.

Hot Tamale Trailer (1930)

02 August 1930

In that "cute" beginning, we see some funny sight gags with our hero serenading his girl down south in Mexico, strumming his guitar in a unique matter and then literally getting "cold feet.

Oh, Sailor Behave! Trailer (1930)

15 August 1930

Based on the farcical stage play written by Pulitzer Prize-winning* writer Elmer Rice, Oh, Sailor Behave! is a movie Musical with a split personality.

Chop Suey Trailer (1930)

23 August 1930

It seems to be mostly a stereotypical depiction of the Chinese-here portrayed as rats-and the way they run their laundry.

Let Us Be Gay Trailer (1930)

08 August 1930

Dowdy housewife Kitty dotes on her self-centered husband but divorces him when his mistress shows up at their home one day to break up their marriage.

Let's Go Native Trailer (1930)

15 August 1930

Dress designer Joan Wood, who's heavily in debt, has created costumes for a Broadway show that is exported to Argentina.

Borrowed Wives Trailer (1930)

20 August 1930

Peter has to be married by midnight or else his inheritance goes to his uncle... Who happens to live in a "haunted house".

Die vom Rummelplatz Trailer (1930)

13 August 1930

Man Trouble Trailer (1930)

24 August 1930

A hard-boiled nightclub owner saves a beautiful young girl from drowning. He promptly falls in love with her, but she prefers a younger, more-genteel lover.

Canyon Hawks Trailer (1930)

25 August 1930

Cattleman Benson finds Mildred and her brother George living in one of his cabins and their sheep are on his land.

Sons of the Saddle Trailer (1930)

03 August 1930

Jim Brandon, foreman of the Wind River Ranch, owned by Martin Stavnow, is in love with Ronnie, the rancher's daughter, though he is unaware that Harvey, a youthful cowhand, also loves her.

Call of the Flesh Trailer (1930)

16 August 1930

A student nun (Dorothy Jordan) falls in love with a Mexican singer (Ramon Navarro) starring in a cafe next door to her convent.

Abschied Trailer (1930)

25 August 1930

Hella lives in a boarding house and has various romantic adventures before settling down with vacuum cleaner salesman Winkler.

The Oklahoma Cyclone Trailer (1930)

08 August 1930

A cowboy looking for his missing father, poses as an outlaw and joins the gang he thinks is responsible.

The Imperial City Trailer (1930)

25 August 1930

A Traveltalk visit to the island nation when it was still a British crown colony and the name Sri Lanka was 40 years in the future.

Dreyfus Trailer (1930)

15 August 1930

Lawful Larceny Trailer (1930)

17 August 1930

When Marion Corsey's husband, Andrew, is conned out of a small fortune by Vivian Hepburn, she dedicates herself to recovering the money.

Dizzy Dishes Trailer (1930)

08 August 1930

The Fleischer's Talkartoon short that debuted the now infamous Betty Boop.

The Great Longing Trailer (1930)

24 August 1930

During lunch break at the movie studio, the extras rush to the canteen Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Maria Paudler and Luis Trenker are chatting.

The Golf Specialist Trailer (1930)

22 August 1930

At a Florida hotel, absconding miscreant J. Effingham Bellweather goes slapstick golfing with the house detective's flirtatious wife and an incompetent caddy.

The Matrimonial Bed Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

It is the fifth anniversary of the death of Adolphe Noblet who died in a train wreck. His servant and friends still worship him but don't care much for his wife Sylvaine's second husband Gustave with whom she has recently had a child.

The Storm Trailer (1930)

17 August 1930

Way Out West Trailer (1930)

02 August 1930

Wise-guy carnival barker Windy bilks a group of cowboys out of their money, gets caught and is forced into working off the debt on their ranch.

Queen High Trailer (1930)

22 August 1930

The two partners of a ladies' garter business are constantly feuding with each other. When they ask their lawyer to dissolve their partnership, he proposes that instead the two of them play a single poker hand: the loser to become the winner's personal manservant for a year.

Three Faces East Trailer (1930)

26 August 1930

The action takes place during the Great War in the home of the First Lord of the Admiralty.

Common Clay Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

Young Ellen Neal gets work as a servant with the wealthy Fullerton family. She falls in love with the Fullerton's handsome young son.

Romance Trailer (1930)

26 August 1930

An opera star (Greta Garbo) kept by an older man (Lewis Stone) falls in love with a preacher (Gavin Gordon) from a rich American family.

Numbered Men Trailer (1930)

03 August 1930

Prison drama from 1930.

Grumpy Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

An exhaustingly cantankerous old man solves a jewel robbery.

Le procureur Hallers Trailer (1930)

31 August 1930

Fidlovacka Trailer (1930)

01 August 1930

Insurance Trailer (1930)

23 August 1930

Eddie Cantor does a Vaudeville doctor routine.

Ein Burschenlied aus Heidelberg Trailer (1930)

27 August 1930

The Silent Enemy Trailer (1930)

02 August 1930

A documentary about Indians in Northern Canada

Snappy Salesman Trailer (1930)

17 August 1930

Oswald tries to sell musical instruments to a father's many children.

Henpecked Trailer (1930)

10 August 1930

This is a lively little cartoon from Lantz' unit at Universal, a tad before he wound up owning the division, starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Laundry Blues Trailer (1930)

16 August 1930

Strange doings in a Chinese laundry with outrageous Oriental and Yiddish stereotypes.

Barnacle Bill Trailer (1930)

29 August 1930

Sailor Bimbo (as Barnacle Bill) jumps ship with his little black book and visits his lady friend, Betty Boop (with dog's ears).