Movie Trailers - September 1930

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1930

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The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case Trailer (1930)

06 September 1930

The boys think their days of fishing to feed themselves have come to an end, when Stan's rich uncle Ebenezer dies leaving a large estate.

The Three from the Filling Station Trailer (1930)

15 September 1930

Die Drei von der Tankstelle, meaning The Three from the Gas Station, was advertised as a German operetta when release and with it’s star studded cast would become the forerunner of Musical films.

Outside the Law Trailer (1930)

18 September 1930

Fingers is planning a half-million-dollar bank robbery in gang boss Cobra Collins' territory. Fingers' moll Connie tries to bluff Cobra into thinking the hit won't be for another week when the call comes through saying it's now.

The Chain Gang Trailer (1930)

04 September 1930

Mickey Mouse and several other characters are on a prison chain gang, guarded by Pegleg Pete. They break rocks for a while, then Mickey breaks out a harmonica and everyone starts making music and/or dancing.

Bright Lights Trailer (1930)

20 September 1930

In this light-hearted musical, an early color film, a successful actress tires of the bustle and hustle of her tawdry life and settles down to what she thinks is the blissful mundaneness of married life.

Laughter Trailer (1930)

24 September 1930

Peggy is a Follies dancer who forsakes her life of carefree attachments in order to meet her goal of marrying a millionaire.

Moby Dick Trailer (1930)

20 September 1930

Herman Melville's mad Capt. Ahab (John Barrymore) spends years hunting the white whale that got his leg.

Old English Trailer (1930)

27 September 1930

An old man unethically provides an income for his two grandchildren.

Song o' My Heart Trailer (1930)

06 September 1930

Broken hearts in Ireland. Sean is a great tenor, in semi-retirement, living in a village close to Mary, the woman he's always loved.

Swing You Sinners! Trailer (1930)

23 September 1930

Bimbo, who gets his comeuppance for stealing chickens, encounters various talking gravestones with faces, many farm animals, a walking barn, and plenty of spooks and ghosts.

The Bad Man Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

Film version of a play about a Mexican bandit.

Under Montana Skies Trailer (1930)

09 September 1930

Clay gets a musical troop out af jail and helps raise money so they can put on their show. During the performance Blake and his men rob the box office.

Roseland Trailer (1930)

25 September 1930

A pretty dance hall girl is looking for the right guy.

Soup to Nuts Trailer (1930)

28 September 1930

Mr. Schmidt's costume store is bankrupt because he spends his time on Rube Goldberg-style inventions; the creditors send a young manager who falls for Schmidt's niece Louise, but she'll have none of him.

The Village Barber Trailer (1930)

26 September 1930

Flip the Frog works the town barbershop.

Zweimal Hochzeit Trailer (1930)

14 September 1930

Tarakanova Trailer (1930)

26 September 1930

Tarakanova is a 1930 French historical drama film directed by Raymond Bernard and starring Édith Jéhanne, Paule Andral and Olaf Fjord.

The Sea God Trailer (1930)

13 September 1930

The Sea God is an early sound melodrama about two men vying for Fay Wray and wealth in the South Pacific.

Sweet Kitty Bellairs Trailer (1930)

05 September 1930

Kitty Bellairs, a flirtatious young woman of 18th Century England, cuts a swath of broken hearts and romantic conquests as she visits a resort with her sister.

Big Boy Trailer (1930)

11 September 1930

Gus, the trusty family retainer, has hopes of riding his boss' horse, Big Boy, to victory at the Kentucky Derby.

Shadow Ranch Trailer (1930)

27 September 1930

Summoned to Shadow Ranch by his friend Ranny Williams, Sim Baldwin arrives to find Ranny has been ambushed and murdered.

Flying Fists Trailer (1930)

05 September 1930

Flip and a turtle train for a boxing match. They have comedic problems with their training equipment.

Scarlet Pages Trailer (1930)

27 September 1930

Nora Mason becomes entangled in a family mix-up of murder and scandal that threatens to ruin her career and entire future; Unless the mother she does not know can find a way to save her.

Madam Satan Trailer (1930)

20 September 1930

Angela and Bob Brooks are an upper class couple. Unfortunately, Bob is an unfaithful husband. But Angela has a plan to win back her husband's affections.

Follow Thru Trailer (1930)

26 September 1930

Lora Moore, the club champion, loses a golf match to a woman from another golf club. Then Jerry Downs, a handsome golf pro, and his goofy friend, Jack Martin, show up.

Love in the Rough Trailer (1930)

05 September 1930

When a shipping clerk is recruited by his employer to help his golf game, his boss insists he conceal his humble identity at the country club.

Farm Foolery Trailer (1930)

13 September 1930

The farm animals sing, dance and flirt in this Van Beuren cartoon.

Nenavist Trailer (1930)

03 September 1930

The end of the 1920s. Polish Diet a bill discusses the War Ministry to increase the production of weapons and oil for the needs of the army.

Sweethearts on Parade Trailer (1930)

28 September 1930

Helen and Nita work in a department store to make ends meet while they search for millionaire husbands.

Second Honeymoon Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

A wealthy man's wife becomes bored with him, so his friend decides to trick her into believing her husband is having an affair to "wake her up".

A Warm Corner Trailer (1930)

29 September 1930

This early Gainsborough film is truly a lost treasure and easily one of the most daring and risque films ever made.

The Way of All Men Trailer (1930)

07 September 1930

A variety of broad-painted and unlikely characters are trapped in an underground café when a Mississippi River levee breaks and causes flood havoc above and below.

The Hard Guy Trailer (1930)

06 September 1930

An unemployed man hangs around his flat. Finally he puts a pistol in his pocket and walks out, leaving his wife in fear.

Strike Up the Band Trailer (1930)

25 September 1930

A boat sails the sea at night, with the moon watching from above. Bimbo-like sailors march around the deck, then fall through a trap door.

Leathernecking Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

Chick Evans is a Marine private in Honolulu, Hawaii. He falls for society girl Delphine Witherspoon, and begins to scheme as to how to win her over.

The Detective Trailer (1930)

21 September 1930

Walter Lantz/Bill Nolan Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon released September 22, 1930.

The Spoilers Trailer (1930)

20 September 1930

This third film version of Rex Beach's rugged Yukon novel The Spoilers was also the first talkie adaptation.

The Mystery of the Yellow Room Trailer (1930)

08 September 1930

Mathilde Strangerson, the daughter of an eminent scientist, narrowly escapes being murdered in her own bedroom by an unknown assailant.

Windjammer Trailer (1930)

18 September 1930

Adapted from the book By Way of Cape Horn by A.J Villiers, Windjammer is a beautifully-filmed record of the last journey of the Grace Harwar, a full-rigged Windjammer sailing from Australia to England via Cape Horn.

Mach’ mir die Welt zum Paradies Trailer (1930)

11 September 1930

The Stein Song Trailer (1930)

05 September 1930

Another sing-a-long Fleischer cartoon, this time starring Rudy Vallee

The Singing Sap Trailer (1930)

07 September 1930

Oswald has a fun day at the beach.

The Bluffer Trailer (1930)

28 September 1930

A man tries to win the admiration of a girl's father, by pretending he's earned medals for bravery.

Accused, Stand Up! Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

Paris, 30's declared professional rivalry between two stars of the musical, Yvonne and Gaby leads to dire consequences.

Why Sailors Leave Home Trailer (1930)

01 September 1930

When their ship arrives in an Arabian port, the sailors are given shore leave among them Bill Biggles, who has previously had little success with women.

Cleaning Up Trailer (1930)

28 September 1930

Two street cleaners save the life of the police commissioner. In gratitude, he gives them jobs as policemen.

Ein Walzer im Schlafcoupé Trailer (1930)

10 September 1930

Workers' Topical News No. 1 Trailer (1930)

18 September 1930

"UNEMPLOYMENT DAY: MARCH 6th 1930." "Contingents of marchers arriving at Tower Hill." A long column of marchers carrying banners moves through great crowds (89); CS of a girl selling the 'Daily Worker' (99).

Circus Capers Trailer (1930)

27 September 1930

The animated short starts with the circus parade, then goes to the circus master, who blows his whistle and points to a horse rider who looks a lot like Minnie Mouse.

Romance sentimentale Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

Romance sentimentale is a 1930 French film directed by Grigori Aleksandrov and Sergei M. Eisenstein.

Galas de la Paramount Trailer (1930)

11 September 1930

Meet Me Down at Coney Isle Trailer (1930)

04 September 1930

A nine-minute tour of famed Brooklyn amusement park Coney Island, focusing on the brightly-lit rides and attractions and the people who flock to the park at night to get away from the daytime heat during the summer.

Payroll Accountant Kremke Trailer (1930)

14 September 1930

In this realistic, unsentimental portrait of Germany’s dire economic situation, a middle-aged payroll clerk loses his job due to technological advances and, unable to find another, descends into despair.

Men of the North Trailer (1930)

27 September 1930

Part of a gold shipment has been stolen and the Sergeant suspects Louis LeBey. When Louis is attracted to newly arrived Nedra Ruskin, Woolie-Woolie becomes jealous and tells the Sergeant where Louis hid the gold.

Her Wedding Night Trailer (1930)

28 September 1930

Norma Martin (Clara Bow) is an American movie star in France trying to avoid the attention of men. Going to visit a friend in Southern France, she finds herself "married" to a playboy song writer Ralph Forbes (Larry Charters) she hadn't yet met.

Believe It or Not #4 Trailer (1930)

04 September 1930

At the request of a television experimenter who needed items to broadcast, Robert L. Ripley states unsubstantiated oddities including that a Spanish lady had her husband's portrait tattooed on her tongue as penance for nagging him to death.

Die Csikosbaroneß Trailer (1930)

10 September 1930

Der Tiger Trailer (1930)

11 September 1930

The Chinese Bungalow Trailer (1930)

26 September 1930

A young British woman marries a Chinese mandarin then falls in love with an Englishman. The mandarin plots his revenge.

On Your Back Trailer (1930)

14 September 1930

On Your Back is a 1930 American drama film directed by Guthrie McClintic and written by Howard J. Green.