Movie Trailers - September 1930

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Dolly macht Karriere Trailer (1930)

29 September 1930

Dutch Treat Trailer (1930)

20 September 1930

A Terrytoons cartoon released September 21, 1930.

Lekki kajak skladany Trailer (1930)

26 September 1930

Short Polish documentary about the evolution of light foldable kajaks.

Henry Santry and His Soldiers of Fortune Trailer (1930)

29 September 1930

Henry Santry's band is comprised of self-proclaimed soldiers of fortune. Within their concert set includes the opening declaration of them being soldiers of fortune, Henry serenading a dancing girl he who wants a girl like her, Private Bell looking for a girl he could love tonight, a nimble female dancer performing a comic routine, and a friendly battle between the various instruments in the band.

The Emergency Case Trailer (1930)

01 September 1930

No Overview

Doctor's Orders Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

Alabam is lovesick. He tells Mickey how he can't get close to the girl of his dreams; he's overheard by Dave, a smooth operator, who insists that Alabam leave everything to him.

Believe It or Not #5 Trailer (1930)

11 September 1930

At a charity bazaar, Ripley settles a thousand dollar bet by producing man who has not slept in 75 years.

Five Minutes from the Station Trailer (1930)

30 September 1930

When Bert Adams brings his boss, Mr. Mason, home for dinner, he and his wife Carrie hope Mason will take the opportunity to announce that Bert will be promoted to fill a new vacancy in the company's shipping department.

The Bandmaster Trailer (1930)

07 September 1930

Krazy leads a group of animals in a concert. After a time, he takes on personalities of various musicians of the day.

Nur Du Trailer (1930)

04 September 1930

O alte Burschenherrlichkeit Trailer (1930)

29 September 1930