Movie Trailers - September 1930

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Dolly macht Karriere Trailer (1930)

29 September 1930

Dutch Treat Trailer (1930)

20 September 1930

A Terrytoons cartoon released September 21, 1930.

Beyond the Cities Trailer (1930)

01 September 1930

A film Directed by Carlyle Blackwell.

Almost a Honeymoon Trailer (1930)

19 September 1930

An ambitious young man secures a job in the colonial service, the only stipulation being that he needs to be married which he isn't.

Leathernecking Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

Chick Evans is a Marine private in Honolulu, Hawaii. He falls for society girl Delphine Witherspoon, and begins to scheme as to how to win her over.

Why Sailors Leave Home Trailer (1930)

01 September 1930

When their ship arrives in an Arabian port, the sailors are given shore leave among them Bill Biggles, who has previously had little success with women.

The Bluffer Trailer (1930)

28 September 1930

A man tries to win the admiration of a girl's father, by pretending he's earned medals for bravery.

What a Widow! Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

A young woman's elderly husband dies and leaves her $5 million. She travels to Paris and becomes part of the "Continental" set and is pursued by a rich playboy and a lawyer who works for her.

Believe It or Not #4 Trailer (1930)

04 September 1930

At the request of a television experimenter who needed items to broadcast, Robert L. Ripley states unsubstantiated oddities including that a Spanish lady had her husband's portrait tattooed on her tongue as penance for nagging him to death.

Believe It or Not #5 Trailer (1930)

11 September 1930

At a charity bazaar, Ripley settles a thousand dollar bet by producing man who has not slept in 75 years.

Payroll Accountant Kremke Trailer (1930)

14 September 1930

In this realistic, unsentimental portrait of Germany’s dire economic situation, a middle-aged payroll clerk loses his job due to technological advances and, unable to find another, descends into despair.

Die Csikosbaroneß Trailer (1930)

10 September 1930

The Detective Trailer (1930)

21 September 1930

Walter Lantz/Bill Nolan Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon released September 22, 1930.

The Emergency Case Trailer (1930)

01 September 1930

A man assumes his brother's identity as a doctor to avoid a speeding ticket. Complications ensue when the police officer later asks the "doctor" to examine his wife.

O alte Burschenherrlichkeit Trailer (1930)

29 September 1930

Sweethearts on Parade Trailer (1930)

28 September 1930

Helen and Nita work in a department store to make ends meet while they search for millionaire husbands.

Lekki kajak skladany Trailer (1930)

26 September 1930

Short Polish documentary about the evolution of light foldable kajaks.

The Way of All Men Trailer (1930)

07 September 1930

A variety of broad-painted and unlikely characters are trapped in an underground café when a Mississippi River levee breaks and causes flood havoc above and below.

Rolling Along Trailer (1930)

30 September 1930

Two incompetent bus drivers attempt to exact revenge on their no nonsense boss. Hilarity ensues.

Henry Santry and His Soldiers of Fortune Trailer (1930)

29 September 1930

Henry Santry's band is comprised of self-proclaimed soldiers of fortune. Within their concert set includes the opening declaration of them being soldiers of fortune, Henry serenading a dancing girl he who wants a girl like her, Private Bell looking for a girl he could love tonight, a nimble female dancer performing a comic routine, and a friendly battle between the various instruments in the band.

The Santa Fe Trail Trailer (1930)

27 September 1930

The Santa Fe Trail (1930)

Second Honeymoon Trailer (1930)

12 September 1930

A wealthy man's wife becomes bored with him, so his friend decides to trick her into believing her husband is having an affair to "wake her up".

The Sea God Trailer (1930)

13 September 1930

The Sea God is an early sound melodrama about two men vying for Fay Wray and wealth in the South Pacific.

Reno Trailer (1930)

30 September 1930

A film by George Crone

The Village Barber Trailer (1930)

26 September 1930

Flip the Frog works the town barbershop.

Nenavist Trailer (1930)

03 September 1930

The end of the 1920s. Polish Diet a bill discusses the War Ministry to increase the production of weapons and oil for the needs of the army.

Galas de la Paramount Trailer (1930)

11 September 1930