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The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Trailer (1929)

06 July 1929

There is a big charity function at the house of Mrs. Cheyney and a lot of society is present. With her rich husband, deceased, rich old Lord Elton and playboy Lord Arthur Dilling are both very interested in the mysterious Fay.

The Karnival Kid Trailer (1929)

30 July 1929

Mickey Mouse is working as a hot dog vendor at a carnival when he meets and quickly falls for Minnie the "Shimmy Dancer".

Nogent Trailer (1929)

27 July 1929

A short, early travel documentary about Nogent.

House Cleaning Time Trailer (1929)

20 July 1929

Farmer Alfalfa and his cat are having a wash day and mice starts a soap war.

Everything Turns, Everything Revolves Trailer (1929)

25 July 1929

A day at the carnival — sensational tent shows where miracles can be seen for the price of admission, boisterous noise of crowds and barkers, shrill and gaudy circus music, the violence of the street ten-fold.

Dangerous Curves Trailer (1929)

12 July 1929

A young bareback rider in a circus is in love with a trapeze artist, but he has two problems: he drinks too much and he's fallen under the spell of a "vamp" who's nothing but trouble for him.

Fighting Friends Trailer (1929)

05 July 1929

The remaining fragments of an early Ozu film. It is the simple story of two friends who live together in a poor tenement and who share about everything in life (food, hopes, work.

On with the Show! Trailer (1929)

13 July 1929

With unpaid actors and staff, the stage show Phantom Sweetheart seems doomed. To complicate matters, the box office takings have been robbed and the leading lady refuses to appear.

Red Heroine Trailer (1929)

11 July 1929

Red Heroine was a smash hit on release and a prime example of the martial arts explosion of the late 20s (setting the template for later revivals), but with a crucial twist: in place of the typical, manly hero we have a swashbuckling woman.

Fourth of July Parade Trailer (1929)

04 July 1929

This home movie, shot by longtime Corpus Christi resident Antonio Rodríguez Fuentes, captures the Fourth of July parade through downtown Corpus Christi in 1929.

La ville des mille joies Trailer (1929)

12 July 1929

The Single Standard Trailer (1929)

27 July 1929

A bored socialite finds fleeting romance with an artist.

Wonder of Women Trailer (1929)

12 July 1929

A German pianist is going to break up with his unfaithful wife, when he receives the message that his favourite stepchild has died.

Show Boat Trailer (1929)

27 July 1929

This film sticks very closely to the Edna Ferber novel, rather than the musical based on the novel. There are only two major changes from Ferber's book : *Julie in this version is a white woman, not a racially mixed one; therefore she and her husband are not unlawfully married.

The Bee & the Fox Trailer (1929)

22 July 1929

Harry Fox & Beatrice Curtis perform parts of their vaudeville act.

Me and the Boys Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

A film featuring some of best jazz musicians from the early twenties.

Fashions in Love Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

No overview available

Don't Be Nervous Trailer (1929)

06 July 1929

This is a Lloyd Hamilton classic. Gangster leader Nick the Sheik (Hamilton) is released from jail and manages to run into "collector of rare coins" Vernon Snodgrass (also Hamilton), who looks exactly like him.

The Time, the Place and the Girl Trailer (1929)

07 July 1929

The Time, the Place and the Girl is a 1929 American black-and-white musical film, based on the 1907 musical play of the same name.

Drag Trailer (1929)

21 July 1929

1928-29 film directed by Frank Lloyd. It was an Oscar nominee for Best Director in the second year of the Academy Awards.

Der Dieb im Schlafcoupée Trailer (1929)

11 July 1929

Snappy Sneezer Trailer (1929)

29 July 1929

Charley falls in love with Mary, but his attack of hay fever alienates her father.

Der Mitternachtswalzer Trailer (1929)

26 July 1929

a silent movie by Heinz Paul

Mother's Boy Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

Young Irish lad Tommy O'Day lives in a poor section of New York's Lower East Side, and is blessed with a beautiful singing voice.

Dad's Day Trailer (1929)

06 July 1929

A middle-aged dad gets no respect from his ungrateful family at home, so he goes to the beach for the day.

Das letzte Fort Trailer (1929)

08 July 1929

Sündig und süß Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

L'Arpète Trailer (1929)

19 July 1929

This light-hearted comedy takes place at and around a Parisien haute-couture fashion house and tells a love triangle story.

Harry Fox and His Six American Beauties Trailer (1929)

21 July 1929

Harry Fox performs his vaudeville act.

All Americans Trailer (1929)

19 July 1929

A short musical documentary.

Sangue Mineiro Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

In the beginning of the Twentieth Century, in Belo Horizonte, the industrial Sampaio lives in a manor house with his stepdaughter Carmen, who has a sort of engagement with Roberto.

Carolina Segrera, 'The Cuban Nightingale' Trailer (1929)

22 July 1929

Opera singer Carolina Segrera belts out a couple tunes in this early Vitaphone short that has her being backed by don Alberto and His Argentines.

Melody Lane Trailer (1929)

20 July 1929

A songwriter leaves his chorus girl sweetheart to join the US Army in WWI. In France he falls in love with French singer Madelon.

Up the Poll Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

A bibulous election candidate makes a speech.

Harlem-Mania Trailer (1929)

22 July 1929

The Norman Thomas Quintet performs "Sleep Baby Sleep," "Listen to the Mockingbird," and "Melody in F," with quite a flair for comedy mixed in.

Black Magic Trailer (1929)

06 July 1929

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Sleepy Holler Trailer (1929)

19 July 1929

Krazy Kat attempts to get a good night's sleep.

Komunaris chibukhi Trailer (1929)

29 July 1929

A movie about living and fighting of Paris Commune and fate of the little boy - Communard. based on Ilya Ehrenburg novel.

A Pál -utcai fúk Trailer (1929)

13 July 1929

A couple of boy gangs in Budapest constantly fight over the neighborhood turf.

Girl Overboard Trailer (1929)

28 July 1929

A young man is sentenced to prison for a term of eight years, yet he's allowed out if he promises not to get married for those eight years, lest he be forced to complete his sentence behind bars.

Ko-Ko's Hypnotism Trailer (1929)

13 July 1929

A live-action amateur hypnotist mesmerizes Ko-Ko the clown and Fitz the dog; but a witch teaches the

Jungle Jingles Trailer (1929)

21 July 1929

Oswald goes on safari and comes across an elephant who plays golf with his trunk. Then Oswald gets into an nasty encounter with a Lion.

Smiling Irish Eyes Trailer (1929)

28 July 1929

A 1929 film directed by William A. Seiter.

City of Play Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

A British drama film directed by Denison Clift

Charles Hackett: Leading Tenor of the Chicago Civic Opera Co. Trailer (1929)

15 July 1929

Charles Hackett singing "I Look Into Your Garden" & "I Heard You Singing".

Twin Beds Trailer (1929)

14 July 1929

A young husband just wants to spend a quiet evening at home with his wife, but her collection of zany friends make hash of his hopes.

Charles Hackett Singing 'Il Mio Tesoro Intanto', 'O Paradiso' Trailer (1929)

15 July 1929

Charles Hackett sings "Il mio tesoro intanto" from "Don Giovanni" and "O paradiso" from "L'africaine"

Makers of Melody Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

Miss Merrill wants to know how the lads got the ideas for some of their songs, so Dick and Larry proceed to offer some examples.

College Love Trailer (1929)

07 July 1929

college love movie

Chemical Ko-Ko Trailer (1929)

26 July 1929

Koko the Clown tries a mad scientist's formula on various animals.

The Flying Fool Trailer (1929)

10 July 1929

A man protective of his brother checks out the girl his brother is in love with, in order to see if she's the real thing or just trying to take advantage of him.

Moving Day Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

A bunch of niwits make a mishmash of a moving job.

The Wrecker Trailer (1929)

16 July 1929

The Wrecker is a British film that tells the story of a crook who organises train crashes to discredit the railway, in favour of a rival bus company.

Jail Breakers Trailer (1929)

07 July 1929

A Aesop's Fables cartoon from Paul Terry.

The Two College Nuts Trailer (1929)

01 July 1929

Two college boys have a flat tire. They proceed to play music on a tire, a bassoon, a balloon and an umbrella.

The Man and the Moment Trailer (1929)

06 July 1929

Rich lout marries for freedom.

The Music Makers Trailer (1929)

03 July 1929

A man hides inside a giant phonograph machine and imitates various recording artists for a pair of flappers.

Horace Heidt and His Californians (II) Trailer (1929)

15 July 1929

Horace Heidt and His Californians plays "Tiger Rag", "Painting the Clouds with Sunshine", "Carnival of Venice" and "I'll Never Ask for More".