Movie Trailers - May 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1929

Total trailers found: 40

Eternal Love Trailer (1929)

11 May 1929

In the Swiss Alps of the early 19th century, a couple forced into loveless marriages struggle to find happiness with one another.

Unaccustomed As We Are Trailer (1929)

04 May 1929

Notable for being Laurel and Hardy's first sound film (hence the title, drawn from the popular cliché "Unaccustomed as we are to public speaking .

Broadway Trailer (1929)

27 May 1929

A naive young dancer in a Broadway show innocently gets involved in backstage bootlegging and murder.

Double Whoopee Trailer (1929)

18 May 1929

Stan and Ollie wreak havoc at an upper class hotel in their jobs as footman (Hardy) and doorman (Laurel).

The Brandenburg Arch Trailer (1929)

22 May 1929

In the year 1914: The assistants of cobbler Lehmann compete for the affections of his daughter Frieda.

The Black Watch Trailer (1929)

22 May 1929

Captain Donald King of the British Army goes to India just as World War I breaks out, convincing his comrades that he is a coward.

The Squall Trailer (1929)

09 May 1929

A fiesty and sexy gypsy (Myrna Loy) disrupts the lives of a conservative farm family.

Bulldog Drummond Trailer (1929)

02 May 1929

Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond is a British WWI veteran who longs for some excitement after he returns to the humdrum existence of civilian life.

Mickey's Brown Derby Trailer (1929)

11 May 1929

A Mickey McGuire comedy short starring Mickey Rooney.

Ball Park Trailer (1929)

19 May 1929

An animated short film, and part of Paul Terry's Aesop's Film Fables, in which some animals play a game of baseball.

Small Talk Trailer (1929)

18 May 1929

The gang are all orphans, hoping to be adopted by nice families where "spinach is not on the menu". Wheezer, the youngest child, gets adopted by a wealthy couple, while his older sister Mary Ann does not.

Border Romance Trailer (1929)

25 May 1929

In a cantina across the border, Bob Hamlin shoots a man that threatens his friend. He and his pals escape but return that night for the dance as Bob is attracted to Conchita.

The Vagabond Queen Trailer (1929)

11 May 1929

The Vagabond Queen is a 1929 British comedy film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Betty Balfour, Glen Byam Shaw and Ernest Thesiger.

The Woman and the Puppet Trailer (1929)

31 May 1929

Womanizer Don Mateo helps a girl in a train when attacked by a other woman. This girl, Conchita - a cigarette maker, soon visits the rich Don Mateo at his palace in Sevillia.

The Man I Love Trailer (1929)

25 May 1929

Wellman’s first all-talkie, scripted by Herman Mankiewicz, with arrogant boxer Richard Arlen romancing Mary Brian, then falling for temptress Olga Baclanova (Freaks) on the eve of the big fight.

The Lady from the Sea Trailer (1929)

01 May 1929

Handsome young fisherman Tom Roberts is among the crew of a lifeboat that rescues Frenchwoman Claire le Grange, sole survivor of a shipwreck on the treacherous Goodwin Sands.

The New Aunt Trailer (1929)

11 May 1929

28th release in 'The Smith Family' series of 2-reel comedies.

Rainbow Man Trailer (1929)

16 May 1929

The Rainbow Man is a 1929 black and white American musical film.

Movie Night Trailer (1929)

28 May 1929

Le bled Trailer (1929)

17 May 1929

An Algerian adventure with intrigue, romance, action and falcons.

Saba Trailer (1929)

19 May 1929

A rework of Boris Sigal's play The Trial of Stepan Korolev. Set in Tbilisi rather than Leningrad is a morality tale about the hazards of alcohol consumption that is nonetheless not without humor.

Hurdy Gurdy Trailer (1929)

10 May 1929

A heat wave sends the residents of a New York City tenement to their fire escapes for whatever breeze is stirring.

A Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic Trailer (1929)

04 May 1929

A simple filmed performance featuring Cantor, done up in his stage minstrel makeup, allegedly at the Ziegfeld Theatre Roof Garden, but actually filmed on a soundstage at the Paramount Astoria studio.

Gentlemen Of The Press Trailer (1929)

04 May 1929

A newsman is drawn away from family life by the needs of his paper until a new woman enters his life.

Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 Trailer (1929)

25 May 1929

Lila Beaumont is an understudy in a Broadway musical. Her boyfriend, George Shelby, arrives in New York hoping to take Lila back home with him to marry.

The Valiant Trailer (1929)

19 May 1929

A man condemned to execution tries to convince two women that he is not their son and brother, and that they must get on with their lives.

A Romance of Seville Trailer (1929)

20 May 1929

Dolores and Ramon celebrate their arranged betrothal with little enthusiasm: Dolores has a lover, and Ramon wants his freedom so that he can pursue Pepita.

Captain Cowboy Trailer (1929)

29 May 1929

Story of a Cowboy who met challenges with action! He matched his fists against another man's diabolical brain!

Sound Test by Andre Sauvage for "Pivoine déménage" Trailer (1929)

10 May 1929

short sound test featuring the director for his film "Pivoine déménage"

The Roof Garden Revue Trailer (1929)

05 May 1929

A musical Vitaphone short by Larry Ceballos. The songs include "Over the Garden Wall", It Was the Dawn of Love", and Baily and Barnum singing "Pretty Little Bom Bom Maid From Bombay".

A Dangerous Woman Trailer (1929)

16 May 1929

The commissioner of an African outpost lives with a woman who drives the white men to their deaths with her seductive ways.

Jack White with the Montrealers Trailer (1929)

26 May 1929

Jack White & The Montrealers playing a few tunes.....

Where East is East Trailer (1929)

04 May 1929

A Chinese wife returns to the American family she left and moves in on her daughter's (Lupe Velez) beau (Lloyd Hughes).

The Phantom of the North Trailer (1929)

27 May 1929

In the great white north, a trapper searchers for the thief who has been stealing his furs while a local trader seeks to take advantage of the situation.

Pivoine déménage Trailer (1929)

10 May 1929

Silent Andre Sauvage film starring Michel Simon

The Big Squawk Trailer (1929)

25 May 1929

Shy Charley tries to win his girl.

The Return of the Rat Trailer (1929)

30 May 1929

The rich, amoral Zelie is married to Pierre Boucheron, "The Rat" - but her interest in another man is an open secret.

When the Cat's Away Trailer (1929)

02 May 1929

While Tom Cat goes away hunting, Mickey, Minnie, and their mouse friends break into his house and perform music.

Astero Trailer (1929)

14 May 1929

In a village in the Peloponnese, on the slopes of Mt. Chelmos, lives rich sheep owner Mitros with his wife Asimina, his son Thymios and adopted daughter Astero.

Custard Pies Trailer (1929)

25 May 1929

Animals take on human characteristics in this good-natured comedy.