Movie Trailers - March 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1929

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The Younger Generation Trailer (1929)

04 March 1929

Soap-opera about a social-climbing Jewish man and his old-world parents who are heartbroken by his rejection of them.

Asphalt Trailer (1929)

12 March 1929

One of the last great German Expressionist films of the silent era, Joe May’s Asphalt is a love story set in the traffic-strewn Berlin of the late 1920s.

The Barn Dance Trailer (1929)

13 March 1929

Mickey and Putrid Pete vie to take Minnie Mouse to a barn dance. Mickey gets the upper hand when Pete's car falls apart and continues to hold his own by using a balloon to give his dancing feet some lift.

That's My Wife Trailer (1929)

23 March 1929

Oliver stands to inherit a large fortune from his rich Uncle Bernal, with the condition that he be happily married.

The Opry House Trailer (1929)

19 March 1929

Mickey runs a small theatre. The orchestra plays, rather badly, excerpts from Carmen. Mickey appears as a snake charmer, but the snake is revealed to be a cat with a snake's head painted on its tail.

Chinatown Nights Trailer (1929)

29 March 1929

Joan Fry, a society woman, falls in love with Chuck Riley, the white-leader of a powerful gang in Chinatown, and he quickly drags her down into the depths with him.

The Godless Girl Trailer (1929)

31 March 1929

High school students led by the Girl and Boy turn from Christianity toward secret atheistic meetings.

Páter Vojtěch Trailer (1929)

01 March 1929

Father Vojtech (Czech: Páter Vojtěch) is a 1929 silent Czech romance film directed by Martin Frič.

Summer Saps Trailer (1929)

16 March 1929

How the Lupino's spent their summer. Slapstick comedy.

Miss Else Trailer (1929)

07 March 1929

Fräulein Else (English: Miss Else) is a 1929 German silent drama film directed by Paul Czinner and starring Elisabeth Bergner, Albert Bassermann and Albert Steinrück.

The Letter Trailer (1929)

17 March 1929

A planter's wife shoots a neighbor, but tells conflicting stories of what happened.

Today Trailer (1929)

08 March 1929

Syncopation Trailer (1929)

23 March 1929

Benny and Flo are a husband and wife dance team, Sloane and Darrel, traveling around the country as part of a revue.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey Trailer (1929)

30 March 1929

This first cinematic version of the classic book is a part-talkie, although the only surviving print is silent (housed in the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY).

Tide of Empire Trailer (1929)

23 March 1929

California's gold discovery in 1848 draws a "tide of empire" to the area, which becomes ripe for bandits.

Desert Nights Trailer (1929)

09 March 1929

A con man with his beautiful accomplice and a hostage steals a half million dollars worth of diamonds but finds they're all lost in the desert without water.

The Divine Lady Trailer (1929)

31 March 1929

A partly fictionalized account of history begins with the arrival of slatternly Emma Hart, a cook's daughter, at the home of Charles Greville.

The Under Dog Trailer (1929)

30 March 1929

A Aesop's Fables cartoon with dogs raiding the butcher.

The Rodeo Trailer (1929)

24 March 1929

The film begins with a family at home having a meal. The biggest laugh involved some candles being substituted for asparagus and the hilarity that resulted when the people and dog at them.

Nachtgestalten Trailer (1929)

21 March 1929

A man who thinks he killed a millionaire is cared for by a Cockney girl and becomes a composer.

Matchmaking Mamma Trailer (1929)

30 March 1929

This marriage is the second for both Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius McNitt. He is panty-whipped by his social climbing second wife.

The Arizona Kid Trailer (1929)

31 March 1929

With help from his talented horse and dog, a marshal captures bandits.

Ruth Etting in Favorite Melodies Trailer (1929)

15 March 1929

Singer Ruth Etting sings two popular tunes of 1929. The whole short is filmed in one take.

Die Zirkusprinzessin Trailer (1929)

08 March 1929

Linda Trailer (1929)

31 March 1929

A young woman is forced by her abusive father to marry an older man even though she is in love with a kindly young doctor.

Campus Knights Trailer (1929)

01 March 1929

High-stepper Earl Hastings is continually mistaken for his twin brother, Ezra, a meek professor at a girls' seminary, and his constant flirtations in and around the dormitories--most notably with the daughter of the dean--involve Ezra in several compromising situations.

Melodie der Welt Trailer (1929)

12 March 1929

An impression of the state of the world in 1929, contrasting similarities and differences in religion, customs, art and entertainment from all over the world.

Foolish Follies Trailer (1929)

16 March 1929

A Van Beuren Aesop's Fable cartoon.

Square Shoulders Trailer (1929)

10 March 1929

Tad's dream is to attend a military academy so he can grow up to be a great soldier and a war hero, like his father.

Green's Twentieth Century Faydettes Trailer (1929)

20 March 1929

A straight vaudeville performance of an all-girl ensemble. The leader is dressed in something like a lord Fauntleroy outfit, and the orchestra members wear matching dresses, with a patch in the shape of their individual instruments in front.

Shiraz Trailer (1929)

17 March 1929

A historical romance set in the Mughal Empire. Selima (Enakshi) is a princess-foundling raised by a potter and loved by her brother, Shiraz (Rai).

Ko-Ko's Hot Ink Trailer (1929)

09 March 1929

Drawn with steaming ink, Koko and Fitz try to cool off.

Hawk of the Hills Trailer (1929)

16 March 1929

Hawk of the Hills (1927), a ten episode serial, re-edited into a five-reel feature length version released in 1929.

The Wolf Song Trailer (1929)

29 March 1929

In 1840, Sam Lash heads west for adventure. He meets up with some Mountain Men, and they head for the Rockies to trap beavers and cats.

Saturday's Children Trailer (1929)

10 March 1929

Comedy romance film

High Treason Trailer (1929)

25 March 1929

The year is 1950 and tension is growing between the empires of United Europe and the Atlantic States.

Ship Ahoy Trailer (1929)

11 March 1929

Comedian Pat West performs his vaudeville act.

The Shakedown Trailer (1929)

09 March 1929

The life of a less-than successful professional boxer changes when he takes in an orphan.

No Children Trailer (1929)

10 March 1929

Parents pretend they are in show business and their kids are ventriloquist dummies.

The Duke Steps Out Trailer (1929)

19 March 1929

Millionaire's son Duke wants to be a champion boxer but takes time out to enroll in college when he sees co-ed Susie.

A Lad and His Lamp Trailer (1929)

10 March 1929

A Aesop's Fables mouse cartoon variation of Aladdin's lamp.

Music Hath Harms Trailer (1929)

15 March 1929

In Harlem, Bud Peagler's "Barbecue Lunch and Poolroom" (the home of Brunswick Stew), also serves as the meeting place and hangout for many citizens and organizations such as 'The Sons and Daughters of The I Will Arise Society," and also Mosby's Blues Blowers.

A Musicale Melange Trailer (1929)

12 March 1929

This Vitaphone short features the Kjerulf Mayfair Quintette in their only film performance. Their act is basically five women, three on a harp, one on a violin and another that does the singing.

Kogane no Hana Trailer (1929)

12 March 1929

His College Chums Trailer (1929)

16 March 1929

Eddie Peabody and His College Chums play us a few songs.

The Big Burg Trailer (1929)

10 March 1929

An Aesop fable installment from Paul Terry and co.

The Black Duck Trailer (1929)

16 March 1929

Okay, this is an entry in the "Aesop's Sound Fables" and is a version of the little-black-duck and the wolf-in-sheep's clothing fables about the sibling duck who was shunned because of his color, and not because of race.

Paul Tremaine and His Aristocrats Trailer (1929)

05 March 1929

The popular jazz band in performance. The numbers presented include "I've Been Working on the Railroad," "On the Road to Mandalay," "Chinese Dream," "Fanfare" and "Here Comes the Showboat.

Pigskin Troubles Trailer (1929)

07 March 1929

One is the quarterback and mute. The other comes up with poor comic excuses for his bad play, and then oppresses his partner.