Movie Trailers - July 1928

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1928

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Underground Trailer (1928)

01 July 1928

A working-class love story set in and around the London Underground of the 1920s. Two men - gentle Bill and brash Bert - meet and are attracted to the same woman on the same day at the same Underground station.

The Mating Call Trailer (1928)

21 July 1928

Director James Cruze's 1928 silent film, with a plot involving infidelity in the Deep South, Ellis Island immigrants, and a Ku Klux Klan-like secret society.

Ghosts Before Breakfast Trailer (1928)

14 July 1928

Hans Richter, noted for his abstract shorts, has everyday objects rebelling against their daily routine.

The Sex Life of the Polyp Trailer (1928)

25 July 1928

Dr. Benchley is addressing the Ladies Club on the subject of the reproductive habits of the polyp, a small aquatic organism.

Lights of New York Trailer (1928)

18 July 1928

Eddie is conned into fronting a speakeasy for a local gangster who intends to framed him for the murder of a cop.

Sharps and Flats Trailer (1928)

15 July 1928

Jimmy Conlin and Myrtle Glass perform a short vaudeville routine.

The Sad Sack Trailer (1928)

18 July 1928

The tale of a rich, flaky poet and his servant who both join the army and wind up in the same barracks.

Tall Timber Trailer (1928)

08 July 1928

An Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short, Walt Disney's earlier character, before going on to create Mickey Mouse.

The Blossom Man Trailer (1928)

01 July 1928

Adaptation of Japanese fairy tale Hanasaka Jiisan.

Heart to Heart Trailer (1928)

22 July 1928

Princess Delatorre, young and beautiful widow of an Italian scion of royalty, returns with her fortune to the small American town where she grew up as Ellen Gutherie.

Beware of Blondes Trailer (1928)

01 July 1928

Jeffrey (Matt More), a jewelry store clerk prevents a robbery and, as a reward, given a vacation in Honolulu, provided that he transports a valuable emerald to the Hawaiian Islands.

Sleigh Bells Trailer (1928)

27 July 1928

Oswald plays the hockey champ, but gets distracted and flirts with a beautiful snow bunny.

A Home Made Man Trailer (1928)

17 July 1928

Ham gets a job at the lunch counter at a fitness club and soon rouses the ire of the manager.

Thunder Trailer (1928)

08 July 1928

Thunder film

Dick Rich and His Synco-Symphonists Trailer (1928)

15 July 1928

Dick Rich and His Synco-Symphonists play "Chlo-e (Song of the Swamp)", "Lovely Little Silhouette" and "St.

High Up Trailer (1928)

23 July 1928

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Cartoon

Joseph E. Howard: America's Popular Composer Trailer (1928)

23 July 1928

Joseph E. Howard presents some of his compositions: 1, 'Goodbye My Lady Love' used in 'Showboat,' 2. 'What's the Use of Dreaming,' 3.

Astronomeous Trailer (1928)

07 July 1928

Felix (as a candidate for 'cat president', apparently) promising to find a better place for cats--and courtesy of his bow and arrow, establishes a rope climb straight to Mars!

The Lost Laugh Trailer (1928)

15 July 1928

THE LOST LAUGH - starring Wallace Lupino, with Lucille Hutton and Monte Collins. After a rough start with their rise and shine, a couple's breakfast is interrupted by a washing machine salesman's visit.

Shinban Yotsuya Kaidan Trailer (1928)

05 July 1928

An adaptation of The Ghost of Yotsuya

Die Frau von gestern und morgen Trailer (1928)

13 July 1928

a silent movie by Heinz Paul

Chips of the Old Block Trailer (1928)

01 July 1928

The Foy Family performs a vaudeville act.

Trent's Last Case Trailer (1928)

01 July 1928

Trent's Last Case (1929) is an American detective film directed by Howard Hawks, starring Raymond Griffith, Marceline Day, Raymond Hatton, and Donald Crisp, and released by Fox Film Corporation.

The Code of the Scarlet Trailer (1928)

01 July 1928

Assigned to catch a gang of outlaws, officers Bruce Kenton (Maynard) and Paddy Halloran (Edwin Brady) rescue Helen Morgan (Gladys McConnell) when her wagon is attacked by the very same gang.

Ko-Ko's Catch Trailer (1928)

06 July 1928

Max is busy with his pretty new secretary and puts Koko and Bimbo on automatic for the day -- he sets a pantograph to draw a world run by slot machines like mechanical banks.

The Love Charm Trailer (1928)

15 July 1928

Short tourist film set on a tropical island where a sailor falls in love with a native girl.

The Adventurer Trailer (1928)

14 July 1928

American mining engineer Jim McClellan is in love with Dolores de Silva, daughter of the deposed president of a Latin American country.

The Good-Bye Kiss Trailer (1928)

08 July 1928

Sally (Sally Eilers) joins the Salvation Army in order to follow her boyfriend Johnny (Johnny Burke) when he's shipped off to fight in the First World War.

The Birth of White Australia Trailer (1928)

24 July 1928

An early Australian silent film depicting historical events on the Young district goldfields, then known as Lambing Flat.

The Jazzmania Quintette Trailer (1928)

05 July 1928

A musical short featuring George Stoll, Edythe Flynn and The Hot Four.

Say It with Sables Trailer (1928)

12 July 1928

(no information on the plot)

Gus Arnheim and His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra Trailer (1928)

05 July 1928

"Gus Arnhein and His Coconut Grove Orchestra" is an agreeable short--and one of the earlier Vitaphone released.

Blossom Seeley and Bennie Fields Trailer (1928)

05 July 1928

The curtain opens; behind it are two pianos where Charles Bourne and Phil Ellis, billed as the Music Boxes, are seated playing.

Die Dame und ihr Chauffeur Trailer (1928)

02 July 1928

Painted Post Trailer (1928)

01 July 1928

Silent Western movie...

The Cowboy Kid Trailer (1928)

14 July 1928

Roaming Romeo Trailer (1928)

29 July 1928

Belle-Hure and Horatio Babaorum escape from a Roman galley only to land in a Roman palace where they indulge in their antique antics!

The Far Paradise Trailer (1928)

14 July 1928

This second feature film from the McDonagh sisters is an emotional romance of an innocent young woman, Cherry Carson, forbidden to continue the relationship with the man she loves, Peter Lawton, because he is a son of her father’s enemy.

Standing Pat Trailer (1928)

08 July 1928

Ton O' Fun comedy produced by Larry Darmour.

Kurama Tengu Trailer (1928)

11 July 1928

Kurama Tengu is a 1928 black and white Japanese silent film with benshi accompaniment directed by Teppei Yamaguchi.

The Cockeyed Family Trailer (1928)

10 July 1928

Amos faces a few difficulties as he tries to drive his cross-eyed wife and their two rambunctious children to California.

Celebrity Trailer (1928)

10 July 1928

"After eight years as a gagman for Mack Sennett and Hal Roach, Garnett graduated to directing with this remarkably assured character comedy, with Robert Armstrong (King Kong) as a prizefighter who poses as a poet as a publicity ploy.

Grønlandsfilmen Trailer (1928)

06 July 1928

A Danish documentary about Greenland. Filmed by Janus Sørensen for Elfelt Film. Peter Elfelt takes an important place in the history of Danish cinema as being probbly the first documentarist in Denmark and a great deal of his films are about Greenland.

Fuzzy Knight and His Little Piano Trailer (1928)

10 July 1928

A hilarious musical short starring character actor John Forrest "Fuzzy" Knight and his little piano, 1928.