Movie Trailers - December 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1927

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The Battle of the Century Trailer (1927)

31 December 1927

Fight manager (Hardy) takes out an insurance policy on his puny pugilist (Laurel) and then proceeds to try to arrange for an accident so that he can collect.

London After Midnight Trailer (1927)

17 December 1927

When Roger Balfour is found shot dead in his London home, his death is declared a suicide by Inspector Burke of Scotland Yard, even though the executor of Balfour's estate, Sir James Hamlin, insists his friend never would have taken his own life.

The End of St. Petersburg Trailer (1927)

13 December 1927

The End of St. Petersburg (Russian: Конец Санкт-Петербурга, translit. Konets Sankt-Peterburga) is a 1927 silent film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin and produced by Mezhrabpom.

The Love of Jeanne Ney Trailer (1927)

06 December 1927

In the Crimean War, Jeanne discovers that the man she loves is a Bolshevik when he kills her father.

Putting Pants on Philip Trailer (1927)

03 December 1927

Pompous J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Hardy), greets his nephew from Scotland (Laurel,) who arrives in kilts.

The Dove Trailer (1927)

31 December 1927

Norma Talmadge plays a Mexican saloon singer, known as 'The Dove.' She is romanced by a young caballero and menaced by a Villa-like brute of a dictator, played by Noah Beery.

Get Your Man Trailer (1927)

06 December 1927

A young American girl in Paris falls in love with a handsome nobleman, but he is about to wed in an arranged marriage.

Sorrell and Son Trailer (1927)

02 December 1927

Stephen Sorrell, a decorated war hero, raises his son Kit alone after Kit's mother deserts husband and child in the boy's infancy.

The Private Life of Helen of Troy Trailer (1927)

09 December 1927

Setting the standard for his later light-hearted biopics The Private Life of Henry VIII and Rembrandt, producer-director Alexander Korda steadfastly refuses to take any of The Private Life of Helen of Troy seriously.

Papa's Boy Trailer (1927)

17 December 1927

Lloyd Hamilton chasing a butterfly in the slapstick comedy "Papa's Boy".

Twenty-Four-Dollar Island Trailer (1927)

03 December 1927

This rarity (cut about by Pathé and at one point apparently used as backdrop for a ballet) is a celebration of Manhattan on the 300th anniversary of its purchase from the locals at a knockdown price.

Batalion Trailer (1927)

25 December 1927

Skid-row epic about a lawyer's decline.

A Hero for a Night Trailer (1927)

18 December 1927

Cab driver falls for rich model.

L'invitation au voyage Trailer (1927)

28 December 1927

A woman enters a nightclub and slowly begins to open herself up.

Empty Socks Trailer (1927)

12 December 1927

The Christmas celebration of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Women of Ryazan Trailer (1927)

13 December 1927

The first interest of the film is its depiction of a rural community just before and after WWI (yes, the time of the Russian Revolution).

Siren of the Tropics Trailer (1927)

30 December 1927

Marquis Sévéro, a rich, lazy Parisian, wants to divorce his wife so that he can marry his own goddaughter Denise.

My Friend from India Trailer (1927)

18 December 1927

Wealthy young man about town, Tommy Valentine (Franklin Pangborn) comes to the aid of Barbara Smith (Elinor Fair).

Troll-Elgen Trailer (1927)

26 December 1927

This the story of a wizard elk - Rauten, as people called him. He was a human being in animal guise. The story begins in Ré Valley, which lies like a yawning gap between mountains, long and flat with borders of forests so dark that they look as though part of the blackness of night lingered in them.

Chicago Trailer (1927)

23 December 1927

Based on a true crime story, the movie is about a wild jazz-loving and boozing wife Roxie Hart who kills her boyfriend in cold blood after he leaves her, and how she finagles her way out being convicted.

Chuji's Travel Diary III: The Chuji Patrol Episode Trailer (1927)

27 December 1927

The Japanese equivalent of penny dreadfuls glorifying Jesse James, A Diary of Chuji’s Travels gives a unique gloss to the tale of Chuji Kunisada, the legendary bakuto (or gambler, the precursors to modern-day yakuza).

Mogila nieznanego zolnierza Trailer (1927)

15 December 1927

The captain Michal Lazowski says goodbye in the Krakow railway station to his family; Wanda, his wife and Nelly, his beloved daughter.

Vom Reiche der sechs Punkte Trailer (1927)

13 December 1927

Vom Reiche der sechs Punkte is an unusual silent film, produced far away from the film studios in Berlin and Munich.

Der falsche Prinz Trailer (1927)

01 December 1927

a silent movie by Heinz Paul

Almost Human Trailer (1927)

26 December 1927

Canine comedy-drama

Dog Heaven Trailer (1927)

16 December 1927

Poor Pete the Pup. He wants to hang himself because his master, Joe, has given up playing with him and going fishing for the love of a girl.

Flying Luck Trailer (1927)

04 December 1927

A naive young man joins the Army in order to become a pilot.

The Big Jump Trailer (1927)

20 December 1927

A young Italian girl living in the Dolomites falls in love with a member of a tourist party skiing on the nearby mountains.

Stork Exchange Trailer (1927)

17 December 1927

Krazy Kat fills in at a stork nursery for babies.

3 Missing Links Trailer (1927)

11 December 1927

A Ton of Fun slapstick comedy short directed by Albert Herman.

Splash Yourself Trailer (1927)

03 December 1927

A young Swedish immigrant gets a job as a plumber's assistant. The problem is that he has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of plumbing, or pretty much anything else.

Flaming Fathers Trailer (1927)

17 December 1927

Papa Gimplewart (Max Davidson) chaperones his daughter and her "steady" during a beach adventure.

Oh, What a Man! Trailer (1927)

04 December 1927

A detective sets out to nab Notorious Nora, the tough female leader of a gang whose headquarters is in a dangerous speakeasy.

The Desert of the Lost Trailer (1927)

17 December 1927

Chased by Detective Murray and the posse, a wounded Jim Drake heads across the border into Mexico where he recuperates with the Wolfe's.

En perfekt gentleman Trailer (1927)

27 December 1927

Social comedy-drama. Aristocrat's boredom in marriage of convenience and sacrif ice of self on behalf of wife's lover.

Rickety Gin Trailer (1927)

26 December 1927

Oswald plays a cop who woos a nurse who wanders into the park. Pete then gets Oswald drunk and woos the nurse wearing Oswald's stolen uniform.

Felix the Cat Hits the Deck Trailer (1927)

10 December 1927

Felix learns card tricks, and the cards come to life and chase him into a bizarre land of playing cards.

Mickey's Battle Trailer (1927)

05 December 1927

The Valley of the Giants Trailer (1927)

04 December 1927

Bryce Cardigan struggles to protect his Redwood inheritance from a railroad-owner, who is also the guardian of the woman Bryce loves.

De zaanstreek Trailer (1927)

07 December 1927

Partly staged long documentary about the Zaan region. As far back as the 17th century, the local council in the Zaan region developed the area with an eye towards labour and people, and the mills were the machines that enabled productivity and prosperity.

That's My Daddy Trailer (1927)

19 December 1927

A wealthy bachelor lies his way out of a speeding ticket by telling the cops he's on his way to visit his baby girl in hospital - ever helpful, they accompany him whereupon a little girl attaches herself to him, with hilarious results.

The Enemy Trailer (1927)

08 December 1927

Carl Behrend, son of a wealthy businessman, marries Pauli Arndt, daughter of a pacifist professor. When World War I breaks out, Carl is drafted.

Dream Cafe Trailer (1927)

27 December 1927

James Clemens gets the top-billing in this Vitaphone short where he plays a drunk who can hardly stand.

Yaji and Kita: Yasuda's Rescue Trailer (1927)

30 December 1927

Yaji and Kita: Yasuda's Rescue is a 1927 black and white Japanese silent film directed by Tomiyasu Ikeda.

Gogi Ratiani Trailer (1927)

11 December 1927

Directed by Kote Mardzhanishvili Production: Georgia Goskinprom The fate of two Georgian schoolchildren, Gogi and Kiko, who share a love of painting, a dream to go to art school.

Ko-Ko the Kid Trailer (1927)

25 December 1927

Koko the Clown seeks the Fountain of Youth.