Movie Trailers - April 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1927

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The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty was pieced together by documentarian Esfir Shub from material recorded between 1913 and 1917, and represents the final years leading up to the Russian Revolution.

The Draw-Back Trailer (1927)

10 April 1927

A dim witted, scrawny fellow from the country finds college full of bullies that trick him into various painful situations with the dean.

Two Days Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

Two Days was originally released in the Soviet Union as Dva Dnya. Per its title, the story concentrates on a single 48-hour period during the Russian Revolution.

Tragedy of the Street Trailer (1927)

14 April 1927

Before road movies there were street films, a distinct cycle within German silent cinema. The essential ingredient - misalliance between bourgeois and slum dweller - is present here, though somewhat displaced by Asta Nielsen's star persona.

Alice's Auto Race Trailer (1927)

03 April 1927

Alice, Julius and Peter enter a road race. Pete, of course, tries to cheat by pulling such stunts as switching road signs, but Julius is on to Pete's tricks.

Broke in China Trailer (1927)

23 April 1927

Donald Drake, a deep sea gondolier ex soda jerk, arrives at the All Nation Cafe in Shanghai. The proprietor believes he's a penniless ne'er-do-well - which he is - but he unexpectedly comes into a small windfall.

München-Berlin Wanderung Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

In 1927, motivated by a longing for freedom, Fischinger set off on a walking trip from Munich to Berlin.

Wax Experiments Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

For the production of this film, Oskar Fischinger tinted various layers of hot wax. After cooling, the resulting lump of wax resembled a marble cake.

The Forty-First Trailer (1927)

01 April 1927

A young woman snarpshooter fighting with the Reds in Turkestan misses her forty-first victim, a handsome White lieutenant, and ends up escorting him, by boat, into captivity across the Aral Sea.

The Revelers Trailer (1927)

18 April 1927

The Revelers sing a couple of songs around the piano.

Robinson Crusoe Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

Silent film version of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe, directed and produced (and starring) M.A.

The Rambling Ranger Trailer (1927)

09 April 1927

Germ Mania Trailer (1927)

02 April 1927

Felix, working in a laboratory, inspects test tubes and finds Golf germs and Love germs, who are annoyed at his interrupting their romantic endeavors.

Katok Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

Trying to escape a chase, a little skater wins the first prize at the competition.

Catalina, Here I Come Trailer (1927)

16 April 1927

Wanda is a gum-chewing waitress; dim Eddie, the pastry boy at the café, likes her. So does Mr. Hamhocks, the café owner, whose head is also turned by the arrival of Pearl Minnow, a gold digger in town for the annual Catalina Channel Swim, sponsored by Wrigley's.

Now You're Talking Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

Bell Telephone instructional film shows how - and how not - to treat your upright desk telephone set.

The Little Adventuress Trailer (1927)

11 April 1927

When Victoria’s husband Leonard leaves her for Helen , Victoria takes up with artist Antonio. However both couples end up on George La Fuente's dude ranch.

Frate Francesco Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

Frate Francesco/The Passion of St. Francis (1927) aka Santo Francesco was the third Italian film on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Prostitute Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

"Prostitutka" (1927) is a Bolshevist silent rarity, unusual because of its subject matter, that being prostitution in the U.

Forgotten Sweeties Trailer (1927)

10 April 1927

No Overview

The Parisian Cobbler Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

This little known Russian movie, from the director of the following year's Oblomok imperii/ A Fragment of Empire is both surprising and accomplished.

Double Trouble Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

"Snub" and his much larger dancing partner, "Fat" (Marvin Loback), struggle with each other in the room they share, try to crash the local vaudeville house and end up having to repossess a piano from their former landlord.

Céleste Aïda Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

Giovanni Martinelli sings "Céleste Aïda" from the opera "Aïda", by Giuseppe Verdi and Antonio Ghislanzoni.

Moscow Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

Documentary almanac directed by the great cinematographer Mikhail Kaufman about the life of the Soviet capital.

Señorita Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

Señorita is a 1927 American silent action comedy film directed by Clarence Badger, and starring Bebe Daniels.

Die Weber Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

Die Weber (1927), a rousing German tale of the 1844 weavers’ revolution.

The Ridin' Rowdy Trailer (1927)

24 April 1927

Add a Plot.

El negro que tenía el alma blanca Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

Pedro (played by a white actor in blackface), a son of a former slave, leaves Cuba (where he was being mistreated for being black) to seek his fortune in Paris.

Car Shy Trailer (1927)

03 April 1927

Car thieves are running rampant in the city and it's up to Reginald Van Bibber to save the day. In spite of himself of course.

The Scar of Shame Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

An educated, upscale young black musician marries a woman from a lower socioeconomic class to get her out of the clutches of her stepfather.

Hollywood the Unusual Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

If you love beautiful and zany architecture you will marvel at the gems offered in this amusing short subject from the golden age of Hollywoodland.

Spiritual Constructions Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

Whimsical and yet somewhat deranged silhouettes of anamorphic men twist and transform themselves in a world where nothing moves or acts as one should, would or could expect.

House in the Snow-Drifts Trailer (1927)

01 April 1927

An adaptation of Evgenii Zamiatin’s short story “The Cave,” about a musician dying of hunger in his large, unheated Petersburg apartment because he was not needed in the revolutionary city.

La marche des machines Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

La marche des machines (Deslaw,1927) is a sort of symphony of machines.

Love My Dog Trailer (1927)

16 April 1927

Farina Hoskins discovers a stray dog. Joe Cobb suggests that he and Farina take the dog to the gang's dog show.

Rookies Trailer (1927)

30 April 1927

Greg, an arrogant entertainer, gets drafted into the army and runs up against tough drill sergeant Sgt.

A Dog's Pal Trailer (1927)

26 April 1927

A comedy short from Zion Myers starring Jerry Madden.

Bernado De Pace Trailer (1927)

05 April 1927

Bernardo De Pace, known as "The Wizard of the Mandolin," plays several tunes, including "Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna" and "That's Why I Love You.

Hawaiian Nights Trailer (1927)

01 April 1927

The Hawaiian Beach Scene Orchestra performs six local Hawaiian tunes for the Vitaphone cameras.

Naughty Boy Trailer (1927)

16 April 1927

This is a real corker. It starts off with a terrific routine with an erratic elevator. Lane's character, Johnny Jones, upon sight falls in love with Mary Craig (played by Kathryn McGuire who appears in a number of Lane comedies).

Children of Divorce Trailer (1927)

25 April 1927

A young flapper tricks her childhood sweetheart into marrying her. He really loves another woman, but didn't marry her for fear the marriage would end in divorce, like his parents'.

Jungle Heat Trailer (1927)

24 April 1927

Two reel comedy starring Al St. John

Mitt The Prince Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

The film begins with Snub and Fat (yes, that IS the politically incorrect and cruel name given to Snub's partner in this and several other films made for the Weiss Brothers) want to make a few bucks.

Sinner without a Sin Trailer (1927)

28 April 1927

A young village girl with traditional upbringing comes to the big city where she meets an elegant man.

The She Beast Trailer (1927)

29 April 1927

a comedy short with Sid Smith, Teddy Reavis, Art Hammond, and Madelyn Field.

The Prince of Whales Trailer (1927)

09 April 1927

A silent cartoon short produced by Mason Wadsworth and animated by John R. McCory.

Cyclone of the Range Trailer (1927)

26 April 1927

A cowboy searches for the man who killed his brother.

In the Big City Trailer (1927)

01 April 1927

The story of a peasant poet.