Movie Trailers - January 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1927

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Metropolis Trailer (1927)

10 January 1927

In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.

7th Heaven Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

A dejected Parisian sewer worker feels his prayers have been answered when he falls in love with a street waif.

Winners Of The Wilderness Trailer (1927)

15 January 1927

During the French and Indian War the Indians under Pontiac kidnap Rene. Colonel O'Hara hopes to rescue and wed her.

The Kid Brother Trailer (1927)

17 January 1927

The most important family in Hickoryville is (naturally enough) the Hickorys, with sheriff Jim and his tough manly sons Leo and Olin.

The Girl with the Hat Box Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Young and beautiful girl (Anna Sten), lives near Moscow, earning a making hats for the fashion store in Moscow.

The King of Kings Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

The King of Kings is the Greatest Story Ever Told as only Cecil B. DeMille could tell it. In 1927, working with one of the biggest budgets in Hollywood history, DeMille spun the life and Passion of Christ into a silent-era blockbuster.

Should Men Walk Home? Trailer (1927)

29 January 1927

Mabel plays an out-and-out crook, a "Girl Bandit," no less. And she quickly hooks up with a male partner in crime, in this case a Gentleman Crook played by perpetually grinning Creighton Hale.

Alice Foils the Pirates Trailer (1927)

24 January 1927

Julius discovers that Alice has been captured by Pete and held prisoner on his pirate ship. He sets out to rescue Alice.

The Auctioneer Trailer (1927)

16 January 1927

Simon, a young Jewish man emigrating to the US, adopts the daughter of a dying woman on the ship. After he settles in the US, he eventually builds up a successful business as a pawnbroker and auctioneer.

Laila Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Wadad Orfi and Aziza Amir.

The Overland Stage Trailer (1927)

31 January 1927

At a trading post in the Northern Dakotas, Hawk Lespard, an unscrupulous trader, is opposed by Jack Jessup, posing as a gambler but actually a scout for the Overland Stage Co.

Sonno Joi Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

For nearly 300 years, Japan had been hermetically sealed to the outside world. When, in that pivotal year of 1854, the American Admiral Perry took the direct approach that the Dutch had been unwilling to take, the ruling Shogun knew that the dynasty was over.

Pantáta Bezoušek Trailer (1927)

14 January 1927

A Carl Lamac directed movie based on a novel by Karel Václav Rais.

The Red Mill Trailer (1927)

29 January 1927

Marion Davies stars in this 1927 silent comedy, about a servant girl who plays matchmaker for the local burgomaster's daughter while setting her own sights on a visiting Irishman.

The Great Road Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

The Great Road is a 1927 Soviet silent documentary film directed by Esfir Shub. It is the second in Esfir Shub's trilogy of films that began with The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty (1927) and concluded with Lev Tolstoy and the Russia of Nicolai II (1928).

Two-Time Mama Trailer (1927)

29 January 1927

The story involves various misunderstandings and entanglements that occur between two married couples, the Browns (Glenn Tryon & Vivien Oakland) and the Dazzles (Tyler Brooke & Anita Garvin).

The House Behind the Cedars Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Oscar Micheaux.

The Witches Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Did you know that Malayan Movies’ Ang Manananggal (1927), a silent picture directed by Jose Nepomuceno, was the first Tagalog horror movie? “Even with the crudest equipment, Nepomuceno was able to conjure camera tricks.

Whale Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Short directed by Noburô Ôfuji.

Upstream Trailer (1927)

30 January 1927

A silent comedy set in an actor's boardinghouse. Some plot points are seemingly inspired by the Barrymore dynasty.

R-1 Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Oskar Fischinger.

Brennende Grenze Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

The story of Brennende Grenze (= Burning Border) starts after the end of WWI. Polish franctireurs invade the German bordering regions which are to be given to Poland as agreed on in the post-war peace treaties.

Promised Land Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Zbigniew Gniazdowski and Aleksander Hertz.

The Whirlpool Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Pavel Petrov-Bytov.

Belphégor Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Belphégor deals with a series of mysterious appearances by a masked-and-robed figure in the Louvre; a security guard is murdered, and a later police trap is foiled when the phantom—“Belphégor” (the name of a legendary demon)—uses knock-out gas.

Alice the Golf Bug Trailer (1927)

10 January 1927

Alice, Julius and Pete compete in a golf tournament.

Uit het rijk der kristallen Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Uit het rijk der kristallen is one of several scientific films made ​​by J.C. Mol. In the film, the crystallization processes of various chemicals are shown.

Alice's Circus Daze Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Alice and Julius are getting ready for their big performance at the circus while many of the other acts are being showcased.

Wildcat of Bombay Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

The story revolves around the characters played by the actress Sulochana. Sulochana had eight separate roles in this film: a gardener, a policeman, a Hyderabadi gentleman, a street urchin, a European blonde, an old banana-seller and an expert pickpocket who gives her money to charity.

The Last Trail Trailer (1927)

23 January 1927

The robberies on Jasper Carrol's stages have been so frequent that the stage line plans to hold a stagecoach race with the winner getting the new contract.

Hotel Imperial Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

During World War I, an Austrian officer is trapped behind the Russian lines. He tries to sneak through to his own lines, but is forced to take refuge in a small hotel, where he is hidden by the establishment's chambermaid.

Casanova Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

The Plants of the Pantry Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Short documentary film using innovative filming techniques to show how moulds grow and germinate.

Voyage au Congo Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Cinema has long fed our fascination with other cultures, and appears to be just one facet of what is a fundamentally visual fascination.

Man Bait Trailer (1927)

18 January 1927

Silent romantic comedy...

The Chatelaine of the Lebanon Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Marco de Gastyne.

Blonde or Brunette Trailer (1927)

08 January 1927

Adolphe Menjou stars in a Roaring Twenties comedy of remarriage.

Alice the Whaler Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Alice is dancing aboard her ship with a veritable zoo of a crew. Meanwhile, in the galley, the chef (a cat) is preparing food while his assistant, a mouse, is peeling potatoes.

The Town Rat and the Country Rat Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

The Country Rat visits his friend the Town Rat, but finds that life in the great metropolis is rather too hectic (and dangerous - there's a live cat among all the puppet rodents!

The Octopus Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

An octopus slithers over objects on land—a doll, a skull—then oozes along the shore into the sea.

The Little Pest Trailer (1927)

10 January 1927

A slapstick comedy short with Neely Edwards.

Les Halles centrales Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

The goods supplying all of Paris come by cart, by train. Big Les Halles handlers do the unloading, the market's night life in full swing around them: meat cut, vegetables sorted, coffee downed at the café.

Surrender Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Lea Lyon, the daughter of a rabbi, lives happily with her father in their Gulicinu village, but there are rumblings of war.

Zare Trailer (1927)

31 January 1927

Kurdish boy and his girlfriend struggle for their right to a happy love.

Six et demi onze Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

A renowned doctor and his brother live and work together until the brother falls in love with Marie, a singer, and gives up medicine to be with her.

Eine Dubarry von heute Trailer (1927)

24 January 1927

Anything Once! Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

ANYTHING ONCE! is a Cinderella story. Mabel works in a tailor shop, pressing clothes and dreaming of a better life.

The Decembrists Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Aleksandr Ivanovsky.

The Night of Love Trailer (1927)

22 January 1927

Montero, son of a Gypsy leader, is about to take a bride according to primitive ritual, when the Duke de la Garda demands his right as feudal lord--to take the bride to his castle for a night.

Romance of the Western Chamber Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

A love story between a poor scholar and wealthy woman.

The Two Fister Trailer (1927)

07 January 1927

Fast action in the Northwest Mounted Police.

Schweik in Russian Captivity Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Svatopluk Innemann.

Jiraika-gumi: Dai-nihen Trailer (1927)

02 January 1927

Directed by Tomiyasu Ikeda.

Felix the Cat Dines and Pines Trailer (1927)

08 January 1927

A hungry Felix fails at trying to catch a mouse, a chicken and a jumping bean, so decides to eat a shoe, which gives him weird and scary hallucinations.

Hyas and Stenorhynchus Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

In close-ups and extreme close-ups, we watch two small species of marine crustaceans, the slender long-legged stenorhynchus and the clumsy, short-legged hyas.

The Show Trailer (1927)

22 January 1927

A Hungarian carnival troupe follows a young girl who reforms a tearaway after her old suitor tried to kill him with a poisonous lizard.

The Three-Sided Mirror Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

A wealthy young businessman consecutively falls in love with a classy English woman (Pearl), a Russian sculptress (Athalia), and a naive working-class girl (Lucie).

Bring Home the Turkey Trailer (1927)

16 January 1927

Habitually mistreated at the deceptively named Happyland Home Orphanage, the Our Gang kids find a loyal and kindhearted friend in the form of a black grownup named Uncle Tom.

Pedigreedy Trailer (1927)

22 January 1927

Felix tries to get into a snooty nightclub, and is told that only people of "unquestioned lineage" are allowed in.

Le chemin de la gloire Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927