Movie Trailers - June 1923

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1923

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The Shock Trailer (1923)

10 June 1923

A gang of blackmailers sends a cripple to San Francisco to expose a banker they have been blackmailing.

Desert Rider Trailer (1923)

10 June 1923

Kincade shoots Baird and takes the map to his gold mine. Sutherland finds the dying Baird who tells him the mine's location.

Hot Foot Trailer (1923)

29 June 1923

Bobby Dunn and his girl enters a marathon dance contest.

Under Two Jags Trailer (1923)

02 June 1923

Stan is in the company of ladies in this film. He is serving in the military with female officers, but there is also a demure lady who wins his affections.

The Barnyard Trailer (1923)

11 June 1923

Larry Semon comedy for Vitagraph.

Crimson Gold Trailer (1923)

30 June 1923

Silent Western Comedy

Only 38 Trailer (1923)

17 June 1923

The death of her clergyman husband causes Mrs. Stanley, young mother of teenage twins, to change her style of life.

The Sign of Four Trailer (1923)

01 June 1923

The final feature in the Eille Norwood Holmes series.

Back Stage Trailer (1923)

02 June 1923

The gang operates a donkey-propelled tour bus. Later, a cut-rate vaudeville producer hires them to help out with his show, which they wreck.

Evolution Trailer (1923)

01 June 1923

A combination of live action footage and stop-action animation is utilized to illustrate the theory of evolution.

Pick and Shovel Trailer (1923)

16 June 1923

Pick and Shovel, also known as The Miner, is a 1923 silent comedy film starring Stan Laurel.

Plumb Crazy Trailer (1923)

02 June 1923

Bobby Vernon comedy produced by Al Christie.

Judith Trailer (1923)

04 June 1923

Judith, Count Robert de Bertan's daughter, is on holiday with her friend Louise and her father Marquis Emile de Fers.

Trapped Trailer (1923)

01 June 1923

In 'Trapped', we see the cartoonist's hands as still photograph cut-outs, manipulated in front of the camera to look like live-action movie footage.

Miss Suwanna of Siam Trailer (1923)

22 June 1923

The film is a romance about a young woman named Suwanna who is the object of affection for many men. In her search for true love, she has many adventures and mishaps, including overcoming her father's disapproval, before finally finding her soulmate.

Courtship of Miles Sandwich Trailer (1923)

24 June 1923

The story of the first Thanksgiving is re-imagined as a father tells it to his son.

The Victor Trailer (1923)

01 June 1923

In order to save his family from financial ruin, an English aristocrat agrees to come to America and marry the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

The Immortal Voice Trailer (1923)

09 June 1923

The Immortal Voice (1923) rare "orphan" silent film about how phonograph records are made.

Love, Life and Laughter Trailer (1923)

01 June 1923

A silent drama directed by George Pearson. The film was considered as lost for many years. But in March 2014 a copy appeared in an old Dutch cinema.

Felix Gets Broadcasted Trailer (1923)

14 June 1923

Felix spots a fisherman on his way to his fishing spot, and figures he can follow the guy and grab a quick lunch by stealing his catch.

Springtime Trailer (1923)

16 June 1923

In this one, Farmer Al Falfa and Henry the Cat go down to beach, where Al is singularly unsuccessful in impressing the pretty young ladies.