Movie Trailers - December 1923

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1923

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The Mysteries of a Hairdresser's Shop Trailer (1923)

31 December 1923

The Mysteries of a Hairdresser’s Shop describes the absurd goings-on of a by no means ordinary hair salon, where men with great beards wait in vain for a shave while the barber takes a nap.

The Nightingale's Voice Trailer (1923)

21 December 1923

A partly-animated short film, a fairy-tale-like telling of why the nightingale only sings at night. A young girl who has caught a nightingale dreams about the songbird and its mate, and comes to realize that birds are not meant to be captive.

White Tiger Trailer (1923)

17 December 1923

Three crooks pull off a magnificent crime. As they're forced to hide out together they slowly begin to distrust each other.

Don Quixote Trailer (1923)

01 December 1923

Episodic misadventures of a man who thinks he is a knight.

News Item Trailer (1923)

01 December 1923

An experimental short from 1923 France which offers silent narrative in diverse, optical multi-exposures and severe close-ups offering dense montages which create psychological constructs that unfold a Parisian love affair which turns into a threesome of great emotion and consequences.

Felix Goes A-Hunting Trailer (1923)

14 December 1923

A wife throws her husband out of the house, telling him not to return unless he brings her a fur coat.

The Lost Shoe Trailer (1923)

05 December 1923

Directed by Ludwig Berger.

The Eternal City Trailer (1923)

17 December 1923

War drama - Fitzmaurice was able to film King Victor Emmanuel III and Benito Mussolini reviewing Italian troops.

The Man Life Passed By Trailer (1923)

24 December 1923

The Man Life Passed By (1923)

Mother's Joy Trailer (1923)

23 December 1923

Mother's Joy is a 1923 silent comedy film starring Stan Laurel.

Lucretia Lombard Trailer (1923)

07 December 1923

Lucretia Morgan has been married to an old man for the past seven years. The marriage is loveless but the whole time Lucretia has been a devoted wife.

Scorching Sands Trailer (1923)

09 December 1923

The misadventures of two intrepid explorers in the Egyptian desert.

Black Oxen Trailer (1923)

28 December 1923

A Manhattan playboy falls for a mysterious European woman, whom he notices is an exact double for a famous socialite who disappeared at the turn of the century.

Leblebici Horhor Trailer (1923)

07 December 1923

First completed movie version of the operette.

The Broken Wing Trailer (1923)

19 December 1923

An American pilot flying in Mexico crash-lands on a ranch, and is nursed back to health by the daughter of the ranch's owner.

The Darling of New York Trailer (1923)

03 December 1923

Santussa, an orphan who becomes separated from her nurse en route to America to live with her grandfather, is cared for by gangsters who hide their stolen jewels in her ragdoll.

La República Dominicana Trailer (1923)

29 December 1923

Images of everyday life in the poorest sectors of Dominican society.

Monks a la Mode Trailer (1923)

23 December 1923

Das Geheimnis von Brinkenhof Trailer (1923)

25 December 1923

The Song of Love Trailer (1923)

24 December 1923

The Song of Love is a silent film of 1923 directed by Chester M. Franklin and Frances Marion. The film was produced and starred Norma Talmadge.

Horseshoes Trailer (1923)

09 December 1923

A boxer offers $50 to anyone who can stay in the ring with him for an entire minute. Larry, through a series of mix-ups--including hitting the boxer in the face with a tomato--winds up in the ring with him but, with the aid of some strategically placed horseshoes, manages to knock the boxer out.

Wild Bill Hickok Trailer (1923)

18 December 1923

Silent western film...

Vineta. Die versunkene Stadt Trailer (1923)

21 December 1923

The Man Without Desire Trailer (1923)

01 December 1923

A doctor suspends the life of a mourning lover and he is revived 200 years later.

Norrtullsligan Trailer (1923)

23 December 1923

A collective of office girls and their tribulations in the male world, female solidarity, the place of women in the labor and civil rights struggles and the conflict between love and work.

Condemned Trailer (1923)

01 December 1923

Unable to pay train fare for a pet, a girl disguises her dog as a baby. It is later mistaken for a kidnapped baby.

Fully Insured Trailer (1923)

16 December 1923

A Hal Roach comedy starring 'Snub' Pollard and James Finlayson.

La Légende de sœur Béatrix Trailer (1923)

28 December 1923

Based on the short story by Nodier and the play by Maeterlinck.

Sunday Calm Trailer (1923)

15 December 1923

The kids gets taken on a Sunday picnic in this early three-reeler and after the first ten minutes, manage to elude the adults in this typically charming effort from Our Gang.

Petit ange et son pantin Trailer (1923)

18 December 1923

A young wife, Gisele Aubry, and her young daughter, "Little Angel," cry at the disappearance of a husband, a father.

Slow as Lightning Trailer (1923)

19 December 1923

Our hero Jimmie March works for stockbroker E.J. Philips and daydreams of romance with Eleanor, the boss's lovely daughter.

Uncensored Movies Trailer (1923)

09 December 1923

A morals reformer returns from Hollywood to his small town, and shows his fellow citizens the results of his investigation.

Gossette Trailer (1923)

21 December 1923

In Gossette (1923), Dulac experimented with and designed a number of special lenses and prisms to produce a variety of effects and multiply the expressive means which translate the characters' visions and mental states.

Tiger Rose Trailer (1923)

09 December 1923

Originally a Broadway play by Willard Macks, Lenore Ulric played the lead on Broadway and reprises her role for this film.

The Red Warning Trailer (1923)

17 December 1923

Sally Bishop Trailer (1923)

01 December 1923

A British silent romance film directed by Maurice Elvey

Le Gamin de Paris Trailer (1923)

07 December 1923

Two war orphans, Joseph, apprentice printer, and Lisette, typist, live with their grandmother in Belleville.

Love in Black and White Trailer (1923)

31 December 1923

The misadventures of a traveling theatrical company, as the actors attempt to put on a show while romantic rivalries erupt backstage.

I.N.R.I. - Ein Film der Menschlichkeit Trailer (1923)

24 December 1923

By the director of Cabinet of Dr.Caligari, this is the Passion embedded in a contemporary story. An anarchist jailed for an attempted assassination is told the Passion story by the prison chaplain.

Call the Wagon Trailer (1923)

30 December 1923

Young Dick is pursuing pretty young Mary, but so are a lot of other young men. Dick decides to impersonate her butler and uses that position to keep all of Mary's suitors out of the house so he can work on her himself.

Curro Vargas Trailer (1923)

17 December 1923

Spanish silent based on the novel by the same name. The story begins in the early nineteenth century in a small town of Granada, after the death of Juan de Vargas, Curro, the son of this is in misery.