Movie Trailers - April 1924

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1924

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Sherlock, Jr. Trailer (1924)

21 April 1924

A film projectionist longs to be a detective, and puts his meagre skills to work when he is framed by a rival for stealing his girlfriend's father's pocketwatch.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks Trailer (1924)

26 April 1924

An example of ironic Soviet propagandistic film from the silent era, this film chronicles the adventures of an American, "Mr.

Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild's Revenge Trailer (1924)

25 April 1924

After Siegfried's dead, Kriemhild marries Etzel, the King of the Huns. She gives birth to a child, and invites her brothers for a party.

Girl Shy Trailer (1924)

20 April 1924

Harold Meadows (Lloyd) is a shy, stuttering bachelor working in a tailor shop, who is writing a guide book for other bashful young men, "The Secret of Making Love," chapters from which are portrayed as fantasy sequences.

Mademoiselle Midnight Trailer (1924)

14 April 1924

Renée (Mae Murray) is the heiress of a Mexican ranch, granddaughter of a woman known for her recklessness and frivolity at night.

The Lone Wolf Trailer (1924)

27 April 1924

A silent film Directed by Stanner E.V. Taylor.

Trip to Mars Trailer (1924)

01 April 1924

Dave Fleischer sends Koko to Mars.

True As Steel Trailer (1924)

20 April 1924

Successful middle-aged manufacturer Frank Parry takes a business trip to New York, where he becomes infatuated with Eva Boutelle, manager of the Swansea Cotton Mills.

Seein' Things Trailer (1924)

05 April 1924

At the start we learn that Farina is suffering nightmares each time he eats meat. His mom tells him to stay away from the stuff but he loves it so much he sneaks out of the house and ends up eating several chickens.

Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model Trailer (1924)

16 April 1924

Nellie Horton, when mistreated by her father, is taken in charge by Thomas Lipton. She grows up in poverty not knowing her true identity as the heiress to her mother's millions.

Alice's Spooky Adventure Trailer (1924)

01 April 1924

When a ball is accidentally knocked through the window of a neighbourhood haunted house, Alice is the only one brave enough to go inside to retrieve it.

The King of the Wild Horses Trailer (1924)

06 April 1924

A stallion known as "The Black" is the leader of a band of wild horses. A cowboy is determined to capture and break him.

Die Nibelungen Trailer (1924)

25 April 1924

Die Nibelungen: Siegfried and Die Nibelungen: Kriemheld's Rache

Morin the Pig Trailer (1924)

11 April 1924

The Hollywood Kid Trailer (1924)

19 April 1924

THE HOLLYWOOD KID (1924, Sennett, D: Roy Del Ruth) A short packed with more stars and gags than most features of its day, this film delivered a gaggle of guffaws! With appearances by Mack Sennett, Andy Clyde, Vernon Dent, Ben Turpin, Marie Prevost, Billy Bevan, Charlie Murray, a dozen bathing beauties and a toothless lion! The most fun in this comedy was seeing all of the behind the scenes shots of the studio as it really was and all as part of the frenetic plot.

Nène Trailer (1924)

04 April 1924

Michel Corbier, a widower, remarries Madeleine. His children, Lalie and Jo, see her as their second mother and call her "Nène.

L'énigme du Mont Agel Trailer (1924)

25 April 1924

One night, someone came looking for Mr. Stevens to take care of an urgent matter … Claude Stevens (played by Claude Machin), who ignored yet the urgent matters, slept an innocent sleep.

The Trader Keeps Moving Trailer (1924)

19 April 1924

A wilderness series by Robert C. Bruce.

One Wet Night Trailer (1924)

13 April 1924

It's raining heavily, but at first the young husband and wife are not concerned about it. But the husband gets soaked on the way home from work, and then finds that the butler has left all of his suits hanging outside in the rain.

Not Wanted Trailer (1924)

01 April 1924

After five years as the best of the Chaplin imitators, Billy West struck out with his own comedy character, a middle-class man in a nice suit and a fedora -- but with the mustache.

The Mechanic Trailer (1924)

01 April 1924

"The Mechanic" finds Jimmy Aubrey working at an auto service station. He obviously has no idea what he's doing and again and again, he messes up.

Love and Hate Trailer (1924)

01 April 1924

British silent comedy film directed by Thomas Bentley...

On ne badine pas avec l'amour Trailer (1924)

11 April 1924

The film is based on the theatrical work of Alfred de Musset of the same name. In this version, Lysiane Bernhardt (daughter of Sarah Bernhardt) plays the role of Camille.

Safe and Sane Trailer (1924)

05 April 1924

The movie starts out with a publicity stunt at a local store. The owners promised $500 to anyone that can open their supposedly unbreakable safe.

The Unwanted Trailer (1924)

22 April 1924

A colonel's bastard son pretends his cowardly brother died a hero.

A Boy of Flanders Trailer (1924)

06 April 1924

An orphan boy wins a prize for his drawing.