Movie Trailers - March 1924

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1924

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The Thief of Bagdad Trailer (1924)

18 March 1924

A recalcitrant thief vies with a duplicitous Mongol ruler for the hand of a beautiful princess.

The Enchanted Cottage Trailer (1924)

23 March 1924

The Enchanted Cottage stars Richard Barthelmess as Oliver, a physically and emotionally wounded World War I veteran who comes home to a fiancée who promptly leaves him.

The Misfit Trailer (1924)

22 March 1924

THE MISFIT - starring Clyde Cook, with Blanche Payson and Joe Roberts. A rarely-seen silent comedy short.

The Saga of Gosta Berling Trailer (1924)

09 March 1924

Gösta Berling is a young and attractive minister. Because of his alcoholism and his daring sermons, he is finally defrocked.

Opus III Trailer (1924)

11 March 1924

An abstract animation from Walter Ruttmann.

Beau Brummel Trailer (1924)

30 March 1924

George Bryan Brummel, a British military officer, loves Lady Margery, the betrothed of Lord Alvanley.

Shanghaied Lovers Trailer (1924)

30 March 1924

Shanghaied on his wedding day, Harry struggles to cope with a cruel captain while fending off a sailor who seems attracted to him.

Felix Doubles for Darwin Trailer (1924)

14 March 1924

A famished Felix reads an advertisement telling of a large reward for anyone that can give proof for the theory of evolution.

Secrets Trailer (1924)

24 March 1924

An old woman's memories are rekindled as she rereads her diary. She recalls her youth in England when she married a suitor over the objections of her parents and moved with him to the Wyoming frontier.

Soviet Toys Trailer (1924)

11 March 1924

Considered to be the first animated Soviet film, Soviet Toys was made by the acclaimed director, Dziga Vertov.

Zeb vs. Paprika Trailer (1924)

16 March 1924

Stan Laurel as a harness racing jockey who must win a big race.

Visitin' 'round at Coolidge Corners Trailer (1924)

11 March 1924

This is as slick a piece of campaign film as ever came out of Hollywood -- barring, of course, the anti-Upton Sinclair stuff turned out as newsreels in the 1930s during his campaign for governor of California.

On Time Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

A scientist attempts to transplant a gorilla's brain into a man.

Alice's Day at Sea Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

Alice's trip to the sea inspires her to dream of a visit to an animated underwater world.

Big Moments from Little Pictures Trailer (1924)

29 March 1924

In this short, Will Rogers introduces and concludes the movie. And, then, he acts in different fake versions of highlights from famous movies--such as Douglas Fairbanks as ROBIN HOOD, the bull fighting scene from BLOOD AND SAND as well as a recreation of a KEYSTONE COPS short.

Reno or Bust Trailer (1924)

22 March 1924

Bobby Vernon has just been married to Lila Lee, but her parents object and kidnap her to Reno, where, if not rescued, they will be divorced.

Slaves of Destiny Trailer (1924)

31 March 1924

In Africa an Englishman is sold as a slave by a blind beggar who then weds a girl after he has killed her crooked husband.

Kino-pravda no. 18 - A Movie Camera Race over 299 metres and 14 Minutes and 50 Seconds in the Direction of Soviet Reality Trailer (1924)

12 March 1924

A Soviet Union newsreel in the Kino-pravda series by Dziga Vertov. A movie camera race from Paris tw

The Fraidy Cat Trailer (1924)

29 March 1924

Jimmy Jump is a coward. Everyone and everything makes him afraid. He cowers from the neighborhood children, even though he's old enough to be their father.

Colonel Heeza Liar's Knighthood Trailer (1924)

31 March 1924

Heeza Liar was a club bore who told Munchausen-style stories. In this one he tells of how he was a knight when he was a youngster and defeated a brigand.

Fishin' Fever Trailer (1924)

22 March 1924

No overview.

Icebound Trailer (1924)

02 March 1924

Ben Jordan runs away after accidentally setting fire to a barn in his small New England community. He returns when his mother dies to find that she has left everything to her ward, Jane Crosby.

Unmounted Policemen Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

In this one, Bobby Dunn shaves his beard off (!) and then gets involved with the Mounties.

Old Bill Through the Ages Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

A soldier serving in the trenches during the First World War falls asleep and travels through time, encountering a number of historical figures.

Moonbeam Magic Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

The legend of how colour came into the world.

Smile Please Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

Our hero is the town's photographer and its sheriff. He' in love with a young woman who's also pursued by the older, more devious Dudley Somerset.

The Little Street Singer Trailer (1924)

11 March 1924

A little girl tries to help her mother with the aid of an agile monkey.

Henry, King of Navarre Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

In France the Queen poisons the Huguenot Queen and weds her son to the King's sister as part of an assassination plan.

The Buccaneers Trailer (1924)

08 March 1924

This Our Gang short has the group playing pirates and building a ship to sail in. Once the ship hits water it sinks but they end up on another boat when the good ol' dog unties the rope and the kids head off to sea where they must be rescued by the Navy.

Aura o las violetas Trailer (1924)

23 March 1924

Adaptation of the novel by José María Vargas Vila (1860-1933), a romantic drama that tells about the middle-class Bogota early last century.

Felix Out of Luck Trailer (1924)

11 March 1924

Felix, having lost his home, his job and his girlfriend, grabs a pistol and decides to end it all. Before he can do that.

Miriam Rozella Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

A silent drama film directed by Sidney Morgan.

The World of Wonderful Reality Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

A poor author has an engaged girl pose as his wife to please his dying father.

El dia de Guipuzcoa Trailer (1924)

16 March 1924

Propaganda film celebrating soldiers who fought during the military coup of 1923 that saw the rise oa

Las emboscadas de Cupido Trailer (1924)

19 March 1924

A pair of lovers devise several plots so that the father of the girl consents their relationship.

Straws in the Wind Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

A benefactor ejects a tramp who covets his wife and later adopts the child of the girl the tramp saved from suicide.

The Great Well Trailer (1924)

01 March 1924

In India a major tries to cash in on a dry oil well but shoots himself when the oil returns.

Die vier letzten Sekunden des Quidam Trailer (1924)

11 March 1924

Only a fragmented 52 minutes from the film survive.

Wedding Bells Trailer (1924)

16 March 1924

Monty Banks plays a groom who is about to get married. In fact, he has the marriage license just about in hand.

Family Life Trailer (1924)

29 March 1924

The Duff family can't seem to get along with their neighbors, an obsessed policeman and his wife.