Movie Trailers - June 1924

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1924

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Help! Trailer (1924)

17 June 1924

Max accepts a wager that he cannot remain in a haunted castle for one hour (11 PM to midnight) without crying for help.

Jubilo, Jr. Trailer (1924)

28 June 1924

A young boy, determined to make money enough to buy his mother a birthday present, finds a variety of odd jobs and finally starts up a makeshift circus.

Up and at 'Em Trailer (1924)

02 June 1924

A 'Dippy Doo Dad' comedy with an all-animal cast.

Rupert of Hee-Haw Trailer (1924)

07 June 1924

A parody version of "Rupert of Hentzau" (a version of "The Prisoner of Zenda") with Stan Laurel in the lead.

Alice's Fishy Story Trailer (1924)

01 June 1924

Alice wants desperately to get out of practicing her piano so she can go have fun with her friends. She tricks her mother into thinking she's still playing by getting her dog to play for her, and then she and the gang hitch a ride to the local pond where they spend their time fishing.

The Sea Hawk Trailer (1924)

14 June 1924

The adventures of Oliver Tressilian, who goes from English gentry to galley slave to captain of a Moorish fighting ship.

Yukon Jake Trailer (1924)

07 June 1924

Cyclone Bill is the popular sheriff of Mustang Gulch, where "a gun in the hand is worth two on the hip.

The Lion and the Souse Trailer (1924)

14 June 1924

Mack Sennett silent short comedy.

The Good Bad boy Trailer (1924)

01 June 1924

Billy Benson has a reputation as a "bad boy" largely due to his habit of winding up in fist fights. Billy is usually fighting to defend his dad's reputation.

Don't Park There Trailer (1924)

21 June 1924

Don't Park There was one of a series of two-reel comedies Will Rogers made for producer Hal Roach during the 1923-4 season.

Young Oldfield Trailer (1924)

22 June 1924

Jimmy always fantasied about racing. But now he has to pay the mortgage before noon or else he won't own his shop any longer.

Cradle Robbers Trailer (1924)

01 June 1924

The boys cannot go fishing because they have to take care of their baby brothers and sisters. After trying unsuccessfully to sell their babies to some traveling gypsies, Mary shows up and tells them that her little sister just won a prize at the baby show.

The Sixth Commandment Trailer (1924)

01 June 1924

John Brant, a devoted minister, is in love with Marian Calhoun, but must keep it a secret because she is engaged to Robert Fields.

His New Mamma Trailer (1924)

21 June 1924

The aging father of a farm lad thinks the boy is after dad's fiancée, so he banishes the lad. The young man heads to California where he drives a cab.

Crossing the Great Sagrada Trailer (1924)

30 June 1924

A spoof travelogue of an expedition by three explorers, confusing London and New York with Papua, sending up film effects, censorship and a profusion of other cinema-related targets.

Daughters of Pleasure Trailer (1924)

15 June 1924

Newly rich Mark Hadley drifts from his old-fashioned wife into a secret liason with Lila Millas, a pretty French girl.

The Bedroom Window Trailer (1924)

08 June 1924

William C. DeMille, Cecil B. DeMille's talented director brother, teamed with his favorite collaborator, scenarist Clara Beranger, for the 7-reel silent The Bedroom Window.

Code of the Sea Trailer (1924)

02 June 1924

Young Bruce McDow tries to live with the specter of his late Father's perceived folly as a Sailor. That led to the loss of a ship and its crew many years earlier.

The Adventures of Villar Trailer (1924)

26 June 1924

The oldest Greek feature film to be saved, starring a burlesque comedian Sfakianos (or Villar), who had trained in France.

Changing Husbands Trailer (1924)

22 June 1924

A bored rich housewife wants to go on the stage, but her husband won't let her. When she meets a despairing actress who looks exactly like her, she suggests they swap places for a little while, giving the actress a break while the rich husband is out of town.

Women and Diamonds Trailer (1924)

01 June 1924

In Africa a typist is framed for killing a diamond smuggler who betrayed her father.

Western Luck Trailer (1924)

22 June 1924

Silent Western

Blue Wing's Revenge Trailer (1924)

21 June 1924

A short melodrama. A girl is held hostage in an Indian village, but is rescued by Tom, after which they are chased by Indians.

El último centauro - La epopeya del gaucho Juan Moreira Trailer (1924)

11 June 1924

Life of Juan Moreira.

Banim Bonim Trailer (1924)

09 June 1924

Abstract: A group of pioneers immigrate to Palestine, are shown around the country and then settle in the Jezreel Valley.

A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio Trailer (1924)

11 June 1924

A behind-the-scenes look at Thomas H. Ince Studios in Culver City, California.

Die Macht der Finsternis Trailer (1924)

15 June 1924

Highly theatrical version of Tolstoy's play.