Movie Trailers - February 1924

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1924

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Die Nibelungen: Siegfried Trailer (1924)

13 February 1924

Siegfried, son of King Sigmund, hears of the beautiful sister of Gunter, King of Worms, Kriemhild. On his way to Worms, he kills a dragon and finds a treasure, the Hort.

Venus of the South Seas Trailer (1924)

01 February 1924

The daughter of man who owns a South Seas pearl business falls in love with a wealthy traveler. Her father dies, leaving her the business.

Picking Peaches Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A series of sketches with a shoe clerk, his wife, and his extra-curricular activities. The shoe clerk steps out on his wife with one of his customers.

Neck and Neck Trailer (1924)

03 February 1924

The Marriage Circle Trailer (1924)

10 February 1924

Professor Stock and his wife Mizzi are always bickering. Mizzi tries to seduce Dr. Franz Braun, the e

The Wolf Man Trailer (1924)

17 February 1924

Gerald Stanley (John Gilbert) is an English gentleman who is engaged to Beatrice Joyce (Alma Frances).

Shadows of Paris Trailer (1924)

17 February 1924

A young woman rises from an apache dancer to become a wealthy woman in post-WW1 Paris.

Lily of the Alley Trailer (1924)

01 February 1924

Bill and Lily are newly married. Bert works as a tea salesman and is of a naturally cheery disposition.

Hard Knocks Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A man tries to win over the daughter of his boss.

Edmund Kean: Prince Among Lovers Trailer (1924)

14 February 1924

By 1820, Edmund Kean is the most admired Shakespearan actor. But if his art is peerless, his free lifestyle is ill thought of, particularly by the high society.

Big Business Trailer (1924)

09 February 1924

In this short the kids are managing their own barber shop, with harrowing results. No one gets hurt, but most of the customers wind up bald or close to it: one kid even gets a prematurely fashionable Mohawk! Scenes involving close calls with sharp scissors might make some viewers wince, while the manicurist uses a device that looks like a wire-cutter.

America Trailer (1924)

21 February 1924

The story of a family caught up in the American Revolutionary War.

Cartoon Factory Trailer (1924)

21 February 1924

Koko the Clown discovers a machine that can make cartoons. Note that there's a re-released version of this short from the 1930s with added music and voice-work.

The Stranger Of The North Trailer (1924)

01 February 1924

Silent film drama...

One of the Family Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

Charley Chase (as Jimmy Jump) is hired as a chauffeur.

Just a Minute Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A car salesman wants to get marreid but has to make one last sell first.

The Night Hawk Trailer (1924)

17 February 1924

Lilies of the Field Trailer (1924)

29 February 1924

A young mother, Mildred, doesn't know that her husband Walter is cheating on her. One night she attends a party with a friend of her husband's, and the man gets drunk and begins groping her when they get home.

Three Weeks Trailer (1924)

10 February 1924

A young aristocrat strikes up an affair with a mysterious woman for three weeks.

Hot Sands Trailer (1924)

29 February 1924

Monty Banks finds love and mischief at the amusement park, in this two-reel comedy

Powder and Smoke Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A lightning rod salesman gets in the middle of a western shootout.

The Cowboy Sheik Trailer (1924)

03 February 1924

A shy cowboy is interested in the local school teacher, but must compete with a bully for her attention.

Eugene Aram Trailer (1924)

28 February 1924

A blackmailed ex-thief is executed for a murder he didn't commit.

Don't Forget Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A man arrives late at his own wedding.

Stolen Goods Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A man starts working in a department store and has to deal with a female kleptomaniac.

Jeffries Jr. Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A man contacts a boxer in order to get in shape.

Poisoned Paradise Trailer (1924)

29 February 1924

Margot Le Blanc loses her small fortune at Monte Carlo and makes the acquaintance of Hugh Kildair, an artist, who hires her as a housekeeper.

Battling Bunyan Trailer (1924)

11 February 1924

A young man has a chance to become partners in an auto-repair business, but he doesn't have the money.

Publicity Pays Trailer (1924)

02 February 1924

A man tries to help hi wife getting famous.

Die Hermannschlacht Trailer (1924)

26 February 1924

Deutschland is under the power of Rome; the heartless Empire, ever in need of new conquests, is merciless and its legions pillage and sack throughout the land with deep Gallic hatred.

Daring Youth Trailer (1924)

01 February 1924

On the eve of the marriage of her daughter, Alita, Mrs. Allen, unhappily married for 25 years, advocates writer Fannie Hurst's widely publicized mode of living with her husband: only two breakfasts a week together and complete freedom otherwise.