Movie Trailers - August 1924

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1924

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Short Kilts Trailer (1924)

03 August 1924

As a way to make peace between two feuding Scottish clans, one invites the other over for supper, but things don't turn out quite as expected.

The Iron Horse Trailer (1924)

24 August 1924

Springfield, Illinois. Brandon, a surveyor, dreams of building a railway to the west, but Marsh, a contractor, is sceptical.

Wanderer of the Wasteland Trailer (1924)

09 August 1924

High Society Trailer (1924)

23 August 1924

This Hal Roach comedy short, High Society, is the thirtieth in the "Our Gang/Little Rascals" series. In this one, Mickey Daniels is Mickey Kelly, a poor boy who lives with his Uncle Pat.

The Tenth Woman Trailer (1924)

24 August 1924

Mandarin Mix-Up Trailer (1924)

29 August 1924

Stan Laurel plays a Chinese laundryman and he displays some good physical slapstick reminiscent of his days with the Karno troupe in England.

Monsieur Beaucaire Trailer (1924)

11 August 1924

The Duke of Chartres is in love with Princess Henriette, but she seemingly wants nothing to do with him.

Lily of the Dust Trailer (1924)

24 August 1924

Lily, a poor and friendless orphan, is married to a sensual and elderly Colonel in the German army who divorces her when he finds her with a former officer sweetheart.

Atahualpa's Treasure Trailer (1924)

06 August 1924

It recounts the mystery surrounding the treasure of the last Inca emperor.

The Love of the Little Dancer's Life Trailer (1924)

09 August 1924

The carnival dancer Esmeralda loves the lion tamer Leonidas. However the sinister sorcerer wants her, but the little dancer rejects him.

Lovers' Lane Trailer (1924)

10 August 1924

Silent film comedy drama...

The Fire Patrol Trailer (1924)

14 August 1924

The First 100 Years Trailer (1924)

16 August 1924

A man saves his lady love from Black Mike then comes wedded bliss. He hires a cook, who's brusque, domineering, and constantly smoking a cigar.

Vaudeville Trailer (1924)

19 August 1924

An "Out of the Inkwell" cartoon featuring Ko-Ko the Clown.

Wall Street Blues Trailer (1924)

09 August 1924

A bumbling bank custodian becomes an unlikely hero when he foils a robbery.

Qarishkhlis tsin Trailer (1924)

03 August 1924

The conflict with the plant owner makes Tade and Gijua to leave the town and return to their home village.

The Love Story of Aliette Brunton Trailer (1924)

01 August 1924

A faithless K.C.'s wife elopes with his opponent in a slum murder trial.

The Dumbwaiter Trailer (1924)

14 August 1924

A comedy short starring Bobby Dunn & Eddie Lyons.

A Truthful Liar Trailer (1924)

16 August 1924

The two-reel comedies Will Rogers made for producer Hal Roach during the 1923-4 season are a mixed lot.

White Slippers Trailer (1924)

01 August 1924

In Mexico a girl saves a treasure hunter from a mutinous crew and he saves her from her gambling husband.

Mezhplanetnaya revolyutsiya Trailer (1924)

17 August 1924

The spread of the Soviet revolution drives the blood sucking international capitalists to desperation, so they take their wealth and fly off into space, but even then cannot escape the wrath of the wronged workers.

Felix Goes West Trailer (1924)

11 August 1924

Felix gets into trouble with a tribe of Indians out west, and is chased by a bear.

The Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu-Manchu Trailer (1924)

07 August 1924

Detective Neyland Smith must thwart the various schemes of Dr. Fu Manchu