Movie Trailers - February 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1925

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Alice Gets Stung Trailer (1925)

01 February 1925

Julius goes rabbit hunting while Alice goes bear hunting. Alice and her cat learn at their own expense that one shouldn't bother animals, whether those be rabbits or bears.

The Salvation Hunters Trailer (1925)

15 February 1925

A poor family on the docks move to the city to find fulfillment.

The Swan Trailer (1925)

16 February 1925

The Swan (1925) is a silent film produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Oh, Doctor! Trailer (1925)

23 February 1925

Rufus Billings was born premature and after a lifetime of doctors doting on his frail health he is now a hypochondriac of the first order.

Dick Turpin Trailer (1925)

01 February 1925

1925 adventure film starring Tom Mix

The Midnight Girl Trailer (1925)

14 February 1925

A corrupt art patron finds himself in love with the same girl as his stepson.

The Rag Man Trailer (1925)

16 February 1925

Tim Kelly is an orphan who runs away after his orphanage burns down. Presumed to be killed in the fire, he is able to roam the streets of New York freely.

Water Wagons Trailer (1925)

22 February 1925

A boat race rivalry erupts into comical danger.

Transatlantic Flight Trailer (1925)

08 February 1925

A Aesop's Fables with flying fish and flying hot dogs....

The Chronicles of the Gray House Trailer (1925)

11 February 1925

Hinrich, the son of a feudal German landowner, falls in love with the beautiful daughter of one of his father's serfs despite opposition from both families.

The Lady Trailer (1925)

08 February 1925

A young woman marries the wastrel son of a British aristocrat. Her husband, who has been disinherited by his father, loses what little money he has left gambling in casinos and then dies, leaving her penniless and with an infant son.

Charley's Aunt Trailer (1925)

07 February 1925

Charley Wyckham and Jack Chesney pressure fellow student Fancourt Babberly to pose as Charley's Brazilian Aunt Donna Lucia.

Quo Vadis? Trailer (1925)

14 February 1925

Silent version of QUO VADIS? starring Emil Jannings.

Say Ah-h! Trailer (1925)

18 February 1925

Charley has to find an ostrich egg in a hurry for a disgruntled visitor, but he doesn't count on the introduction of some surreal plot twists and turns that foil his every attempt.

Felix Follows the Swallows Trailer (1925)

01 February 1925

Winter in his hometown is too cold for Felix, especially after having to put up with a bothersome snowball-throwing boy and his dog.

Circus Fever Trailer (1925)

07 February 1925

Circus Fever is a 1925 short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan.It was the 35th Our Gang short subject released.

Koko the Barber Trailer (1925)

25 February 1925

n this 1925 Out of the Inkwell short, Ko-Ko the Clown becomes a barber. As usual, he eventually escapes the animated world for the "real.

Boobs in the Wood Trailer (1925)

01 February 1925

Chester Winfield tries to make it as a lumberjack, but he's foiled by his lack of strength and the jealous foreman, Big Bill Reardon, after Chester catches the eye of Hazel Wood, Big Bill's favorite and the camp's waitress.

Lady of the Night Trailer (1925)

23 February 1925

Lady of the Night ~ the story of two baby girls, born near in proximity, but worlds apart in life, - Molly Helmer, the daughter of a thief, and Florence Banning the daughter of the judge who would send Molly's father to prison.

Surcouf Trailer (1925)

13 February 1925

Based on Charles Cunat's novel, Surcouf tells a romanticized version of the life story of Robert Surcouf, a French privateer and slave trader who operated in the Indian Ocean from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century.

Yanzhi Trailer (1925)

20 February 1925

Yanzhi meets the handsome E Qiuzhun and is attracted to him. When this is revealed to her friend Madam Wong's lover Su Jie, he masquerades as E Qiuzhun and steals into Yanzhi's house at night, attempting to take liberties with Yanzhi.

Oberst Redl Trailer (1925)

20 February 1925

Austria silent film from 1925 directed by Hans Otto, telling the story about the Austrian officer who rose to head the counter-intelligence efforts of Austria-Hungary.

The Trailer Trailer (1925)

21 February 1925

Stuntman and award winning athlete Frank Merrill (Tarzan The Tiger) fights the bad guys in the old west.