Movie Trailers - April 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1925

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Strike Trailer (1925)

28 April 1925

The film depicts a strike in 1903 by the workers of a factory in pre-revolutionary Russia, and their subsequent suppression.

The Iron Mule Trailer (1925)

12 April 1925

A train known as the Iron Mule is loaded with passengers, and starts off on its trip. Along the way, the train faces numerous obstacles and delays.

The Death Ray Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

Luch Smerti aka The Death Ray an old soviet sci-fi thriller with communist undertones.

Proud Flesh Trailer (1925)

27 April 1925

The snooty Fernanda decides to visit her uncle in Frisco to escape the attentions on Don Diego but he follows her.

Recompense Trailer (1925)

26 April 1925

Black and white melodrama.

The Dome Doctor Trailer (1925)

18 April 1925

A Larry Semon comedy short.

Opus IV Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

An abstract animation by Walter Ruttmann.

A Western Engagement. Trailer (1925)

26 April 1925

Silent movie

1925 Studio Tour Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

A tour of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio in 1925 is given to meet the people who make the movies there and see how movies are made.

Ship Shape Trailer (1925)

25 April 1925

A slapstick comedy starring Cliff Bowes & Virginia Vance.

Ways to Strength and Beauty Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

The film can be described as an essay on the virtues of living a life in unison and conformity with nature.

Hey, Taxi! Trailer (1925)

01 April 1925

A Kiss in the Dark Trailer (1925)

06 April 1925

Based on a Frederick Lonsdale Broadway play.

Whose Baby Are You? Trailer (1925)

25 April 1925

When baby-care-book author Glenn Tryon has an abandoned baby dumped on him during a train trip, he discovers he should have read a book on the subject as well as having written one.

Bad Boy Trailer (1925)

11 April 1925

In this two-reeler, Jimmy Jump wants to please both of his parents, but they disagree about everything.

The Sporting Venus Trailer (1925)

12 April 1925

Familiar story of spoiled heiress, Blanche Sweet, who dabbles in romance with commoner Ronald Colman.

Bashful Whirlwind Trailer (1925)

24 April 1925

Bob Evans is the bashful foreman of the Denton ranch. He reads books and dreams of being a hero. He gets his chance when Gladys overhears Walling planning to smuggle stolen diamonds across the border.

Rebus Film Nr. 1 Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

An "extra" shown in two parts at the movie theater, before and after a feature: part one gives the clues to six words in a crossword puzzle, part two gives the answers.

Adventure Trailer (1925)

26 April 1925

David Sheldon owns a plantation in the Solomon Islands. Many of his field hands die of blackwater fever, and then he becomes sick himself.

Im Lande der Morgenstille Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

The film shows long-lost images of the early 20th-century Korean Peninsula, before the Korean War separated the North and South.

Kino-pravda no. 7 Trailer (1925)

12 April 1925

A short Soviet news reel film: 'Five Years of the Revolution.'

Déclassé Trailer (1925)

11 April 1925

Smiling Earth Trailer (1925)

10 April 1925

Coming soon.

The Love Bug Trailer (1925)

24 April 1925

Farina, Joe and Mickey are all struck by the love bug. After several problems, they go to the beauty salon, where Pineapple works and proceed to make shambles of it.

Kino-pravda no. 15 Trailer (1925)

12 April 1925

A short Soviet newsreel.

Eyes of the Dragon Trailer (1925)

04 April 1925

1925 french animated short by Starewicz

The Smugglers Trailer (1925)

06 April 1925

Anne Marie (Lili Lani) gets invited by her aunt to a hotel to to meet her admirers. Not to fulfill her aunt's wishes, but to verify who works at the hotel.

Red Pepper Trailer (1925)

05 April 1925

The Charmer Trailer (1925)

20 April 1925

A silent film directed by Sidney Olcott

Breaking the Ice Trailer (1925)

04 April 1925

Ralph Graves is a football hero that delvers ice for a living in this Mack Sennett slapstick comedy.

Baree, Son of Kazan Trailer (1925)

18 April 1925

Wolfdog pup, Baree, is nursed back to health by a trapper's daughter after being caught in one of the traps.

The Leopard's Spots Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

An Unnatural History cartoon produced by the Bray Studios and directed by Walter Lantz in 1925.

The Tailor from Torzhok Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

A 1925 Soviet comedy sponsored by the Soviet Finance Ministry, with a plot promoting the new economy.

Labor's Reward Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

A motherless family is thrown into crisis when the father is injured at work. With no workers' compensation to fall back on, the eldest daughter, Mary, has to work long hours for low wages until she collapses.

Jewish Luck Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

The story of a Jewish entrepreneur ins Tsarist Russia always look for a get rich quick scheme.

Lullaby Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

Alternating the realistic depiction of a Russian peasant home and expressionistic hallucinations, 'Lullaby' is a remarkable short film that deserves a lot more recognition than it has.

In Youth, Beside the Lonely Sea Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

An early widescreen film that was told by cutting the two sides of the image off and replacing them with a different image.

Bismillah Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

Religiously themed early Soviet propaganda film in Azerbaijan against Islam. Unlike earlier propaganda films in the region, this was actually made by an (nearly) all Azeri cast and crew and directed by an Azeri filmmaker that would go on to be famous amongst his own people, despite his early collusion with the new ruling government.

Cockeyed: Gems from the Memory of a Nutty Cameraman Trailer (1925)

09 April 1925

Cockeyed, which manipulates city scenes of New York into visual fantasies, is a segment from Pathé Review, a one-reel U.

Remember When? Trailer (1925)

25 April 1925

Little orphan Harry is separated from his childhood sweetheart. Years later, he finds she's a bearded lady in a circus.

The Adventures of Adenoid Trailer (1925)

18 April 1925

It's love among the mice in this very elaborate Paul Terry-Aesops fable silent. There are some nice absurdities to keep it interesting, both in the social assumptions --you can tell the rich mouse, not only because he drives a car, but because he wears a top hat, while the poor mouse (who is, I would guess, Adenoid) wears a straw hat -- and in the venue: the rich mouse takes the lady mouse to a nightclub in a large fish, where an octopus is a one-man band; she is kidnapped by a fish in a fedora and subsequently rescued by the poor mouse.