Movie Trailers - March 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1925

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Seven Chances Trailer (1925)

11 March 1925

A man learns he will inherit a fortune if he marries -- by 7 p.m. today.

The Joyless Street Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

In 1921 in the poor part of an Austrian town called Melchiorgasse there are only two wealthy people: the butcher Josef Geiringer and his wife.

Whirlpool of Fate Trailer (1925)

20 March 1925

Jean Renoir's directional debut and first silent film stars his wife, Catherine Hessling, as a young girl who manages to turn her tragic family life into one of joy and happiness.

Confessions of a Queen Trailer (1925)

29 March 1925

The King of Illyris marries a neighboring princess, who finds out he has a mistress, Sephora. Revolted, she turns to Prince Alexei for friendship.

Taming the West Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

Wolfheart's Revenge Trailer (1925)

04 March 1925

Blake, the crooked foreman of a cattle ranch, murders a sheep rancher. Then after framing ranch hand Jack for the murder, he urges the ranch hands to hang him.

Kino-pravda no. 23 - Radio pravda Trailer (1925)

24 March 1925

Though only a third of this final issue of Kino-Pravda seems to survive, we are nonetheless treated to Aleksandr Bushkin’s time-lapse animation and his brilliant sequence in which, as Yuri Tsivian describes, “a cross-section of a photographically correct izba (Russian peasant’s log hut) is penetrated by schematically charted radio waves”—a testament to the magical properties and propagandistic uses of radio in reaching out to Russia’s distant peasantry.

Riders of the Purple Sage Trailer (1925)

15 March 1925

A Texas Ranger searches for his kidnapped sister.

Sackcloth and Scarlet Trailer (1925)

22 March 1925

Silent Drama

Dynamite Doggie Trailer (1925)

21 March 1925

Al wants to elope with his girlfriend, but her dog Pete disrupts the plan.

Is Marriage the Bunk? Trailer (1925)

29 March 1925

Charley has in-laws that look down on him because he's not rich. So, to try to keep up, he rushes out to buy a car--but no matter, they still think he's a drip--as does his wife.

His Marriage Wow Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

In Highland Park, it's Agnes Fisher and Harold Hope's wedding day. Mishaps almost keep them from getting hitched: he goes to the wrong church, then, one of the guests, Professor McGlumm, convinces him that the bride only wants him to collect his life insurance.

Men and Women Trailer (1925)

23 March 1925

Will Prescott (Richard Dix) is a bank cashier whose assistant, Ned Seabury (Neil Hamilton), has made a killing in the stock market.

Stick Around Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

A paperhanger and his helper arrive at a sanitarium to do a job. The chubby paperhanger leaves most of the work to his thin assistant, who tries gamely but usually makes a mess.

The Mad Whirl Trailer (1925)

02 March 1925

A teenager with permissive parents gets too caught up in wild parties and the fast life.

The Air Mail Trailer (1925)

15 March 1925

Russ Kane obtains work as a pilot in the airmail service with the purpose of robbing the mails. However, during his training period at the Reno field, he becomes imbued with the spirit of the service and dedicates himself to getting the mail through.

Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life Trailer (1925)

20 March 1925

A silent documentary which follows a branch of the Bakhtiari tribe of Persia as they and their herds make their seasonal journey to better pastures.

Bashful Jim Trailer (1925)

07 March 1925

A Mack Sennett slapstick comedy short starring Ralph Graves.

Dog Days Trailer (1925)

07 March 1925

The boys are showing off their dogs to each other when little rich girl Mary Kornman rides by in her pony-drawn cart.

Pie-Eyed Trailer (1925)

29 March 1925

It's 3:00 AM at the Firewater Club, and Stanley has had more than enough to drink. When he tries to take over leading the orchestra, the manager - a former boxer - lets him know that he needs to restrain himself.

Edo kaizoku-den : Kagebôshi Trailer (1925)

06 March 1925

Kageboshi, based on the screenplay by Rokuhei Rokuhei Susukita, depicts the life of the ‘jovial thief’, Kageboshi.

The Phantom of the Moulin-Rouge Trailer (1925)

13 March 1925

A young man, unsuccessful in love, manages to leave his body and tours Paris, disembodied and invisible, playing practical jokes: a row of coats walks off from a hotel cloakroom; an unattended taxi drives itself away; a row of top hats appears on the pavement.

Plain Clothes Trailer (1925)

28 March 1925

Detective Harry is on the trail of a stolen diamond necklace worth $100,000.

Felix Gets His Fill Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

Felix, hungry and looking for a meal, hears that food is plentiful down south, and decides to check it out.

The Saddle Hawk Trailer (1925)

08 March 1925

Daddy's Gone A-Hunting Trailer (1925)

08 March 1925

Julian (Percy Marmont) is a poor artist who lives with wife Edith (Alice Joyce) and their newborn baby in Harlem.

The Monster Trailer (1925)

16 March 1925

A general store clerk and aspiring detective investigates a mysterious disappearance that took place quite close to an empty insane asylum.

Six Faces West Trailer (1925)

27 March 1925

A rare entry from the short-lived Our Gang rip-off "Hey Fellas!" Featuring Cliff Daniels, Gene Buckel, Billy Naylor, Jeff Jenkins, Jingo Jones, Jimmy Thompson, Dick Gilbert, and Nancy McKee.

The Presumption of Stanley Hay, MP Trailer (1925)

31 March 1925

In Ruritania, an MP weds the princess and saves her from an abduction.

Head Winds Trailer (1925)

29 March 1925

Peter kidnaps Patricia to prevent her from marrying the wrong man.

In Dutch Trailer (1925)

08 March 1925

Cortometraggio animato

Kino-pravda no. 22 - Peasant Kino-Pravda. In the Heart of the Peasant Lenin Lives on Trailer (1925)

25 March 1925

A Soviet Union newsreel in the Kino-pravda series by Dziga Vertov.

The House That Dinky Built Trailer (1925)

28 March 1925

Dinky Doodle marries a pretty milkmaid and brings her back to the House That Jack Built.

Welcome Danger! Trailer (1925)

01 March 1925

Cliff Bowes and Eddie Nelson in a Cameo comedy produced by Educational.

Should Husbands Be Watched? Trailer (1925)

14 March 1925

Mr. Jump has come into some money and informs his wife that they can now hire a maid and won't have to do anymore housework.