Movie Trailers - January 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1925

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Alice's Egg Plant Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Julius, the boss of Alice's chicken farm, has to find a way to deliver 5000 eggs to Sinkem and Soakem when the hens go on strike.

Alice Chops the Suey Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice is kidnapped by Chinese Gangsters and brought to Chinatown. Her cat tries (successfully) to rescue her, but then they're hunted by a bunch of angry Chinese Triad members.

The Wizard of Oz Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Toymaker tells a bizarre story about how the Land of Oz was ruled by Prince Kynd, but he was overthrown by Prime Minister Kruel.

Alice Cans the Cannibals Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice and her cat are driving along the coast when they accidentally ride off a cliff and into the ocean.

Alice Solves the Puzzle Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice and Julius are playing on the seashore when Pete comes around, gets Julius drunk and tries to steal a crossword puzzle from Alice.

Stickleback Eggs Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

An educational film, a movie through a microscope, in two parts. Within minutes after the egg drops in the water, fertilization occurs and contractions start.

Ubasuteyama Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Based on a Japanese legend, this animated short tells the story of a farmer who attempts to hide his mother from the wrath of a Lord who forces all people 60 and older from his village.

Cobra Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

An impoverished Italian nobleman (Rudolph Valentino) takes a job with a New York antique dealer and falls in love with the secretary.

Alice the Toreador Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice is in a bullfight where she thinks she will win since she is matched against a peaceful bull. But the tables are turned when her bull is switched with one with a worse temper.

Capital Punishment Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

This is not a Clara Bow vehicle, and yet it is clearly the aspect/asset of Clara Bow which elevates a fairly serious melodrama to a timeless and profound social statement.

Alice the Jail Bird Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice and Julius are riding along on a turtle until they notice someone has left a pie to cool on their third-storey window sill.

Alice Rattled by Rats Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

While Alice is away, her cat is guarding the house. He chases one pesky rat inside the house, and shoots a hole in the floor, which he falls through, into a vat of home-brew.

The Sea Squawk Trailer (1925)

04 January 1925

A Scottish immigrant on board ship becomes a pawn in a jewel heist aboard the S.S. Cognac, a three-star liner.

Der Zirkuskönig Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Édouard-Émile Violet.

Smouldering Fires Trailer (1925)

18 January 1925

A successful businesswoman falls in love with one of her (much younger) factory workers. She doesn't know that he is in love with her younger sister.

Salammbô Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Based on the historical novel by Flaubert, "Salammbo" tells the story of the Mercenary War between Carthage and the Barbarians in the third century BC.

Boarding House Groonen Trailer (1925)

09 January 1925

a silent movie by Robert Wiene

In the Land of Giants and Pygmies Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

IN THE LAND OF GIANT PYGMIES, a diary of Aurelio Rossi's 1925 trek into the immense Belgian Congo, preserves a long-gone-Colonial-era wonder at natural resources, "primitive" tribes, customs and costumes in Europe's cast African possessions, and implies that the "dark continent" could benefit from the "civilizing" influences of home.

Santa Claus Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Two children sneak out of their bedroom on the night of December 24, so that they can ask 'Santa Claus' where he lives and what he does the rest of the year.

Madame Sans-Gêne Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Léonce Perret.

Grief in Bagdad Trailer (1925)

09 January 1925

It's a similar story like in "Thief of Bagdad", but the main "actors" are actually… chimpanzees… it makes the story so funny.

Faces of Children Trailer (1925)

24 January 1925

A young boy living in the Swiss Alps struggles to come to terms with his mother's death and his father's remarriage which brings a new mother and step-sister into his family.

Jeux des reflets et de la vitesse Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

A high-speed travel through Paris on trains and on the Seine.

Amour et carburateur Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Alcide Darbois, a small-time garage owner, and his sister Ursule come into a fabulous inheritance and become powerful industrialists.

Under a Spell Trailer (1925)

04 January 1925

When Neely is hypnotized to think he's a monkey, he goes on a freewheeling chase where he climbs things he wouldn't ordinarily and throws lots of things.

Through the Dark Trailer (1925)

06 January 1925

Through the Dark is a 1924 silent mystery drama produced by Cosmopolitan Productions and distributed through Goldwyn Pictures.

Alice in the Jungle Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Alice and Julius the cat are riding an elephant through the jungle. Julius falls and is nearly eaten by crocodiles but manages to escape nevertheless.

Alice Is Stage Struck Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

While Alice and her gang are performing "Uncle Tom's Cabin" she is knocked unconscious and dreams she is being chased by Pete across ice floes.

The Tower of Silence Trailer (1925)

29 January 1925

Eva lives in the sinister Tower with her father, a mad inventor, and her grandfather. The aviator Wilfred Durian and his lovely wife live nearby in the town.

The Mad Marriage Trailer (1925)

30 January 1925

Silent film drama directed by Frank P. Donovan.

The Golden Bed Trailer (1925)

25 January 1925

Femme fatale Flora marries a titled European to save the family planation. Her husband and a rival fall to their deaths in a glacier.

Madrid en el año 2000 Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

A fantasy depicting Madrid in the distant future when the city has become a port thanks to the transformation of the Manzanares River into a Suez-type canal affording passage to the grandest of ocean liners.

Fanfan-la-Tulipe Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

The Wild Goose Chaser Trailer (1925)

17 January 1925

A Mack Sennett slapstick comedy featuring the cross-eyed man Ben Turpin.

One of the Thirty-six Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Henryk Szaro.

East of Suez Trailer (1925)

12 January 1925

After being educated in England, Daisy Forbes returns to China, the country of her birth, and discovers that her father has recently died and that she has become a social outcast, owing to the public revelation that the oriental nurse who raised her was actually her mother.

Deserted Palaces Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Lost film directed by Tito Strozzi.

Dayosh radio! Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Sergei Yutkevich.

Aymara Heart Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

An Aymara woman strugges against accusations that she is unfaithful to her husband.

Haydn and Mozart Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Short film about the composers.

Dream Picture Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

In 1924 California’s Tribune-American newspaper ran a competition for its readers to write in with their most unusual dreams and the winning entry was made into a short film.

The conjuror in the town Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Minoru Murata.

Savkari Pash Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

A social film with high melodrama, concerning a peasant (Shantaram) who loses his land to a greedy money-lender and moves to the city where he becomes a mill worker.

Broken Chains Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Yakov Protazanov.

Inklings, Issue 12 Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Series of animated vignettes linked by a disembodied hand which appears to be drawing the illustrations.

La terre promise Trailer (1925)

23 January 1925

In a small east-european ghetto, the Jewish family is celebrating Easter. The fraternal dissonance between the Sigoulim brothers pretty accurately mirrors the strife between the two powers, one surrounding Samuel, a devoted rabbi, and the other around Moïse, a talented money lender.

Warrior Gap Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Western directed by Alan James (as Alvin J. Neitz).

Miss Bluebeard Trailer (1925)

26 January 1925

Director Frank Tuttle's 1925 silent mistaken-identity comedy, adapted from the 1923 play "Little Miss Bluebeard", stars Bebe Daniels.

Opus I-IV Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Astrattism movie made by four short-movies.

The Big Town Trailer (1925)

10 January 1925

The gang play inside a railroad box car which suddenly closes, trapping them inside. The next morning they find themselves in New York City.

Somewhere In Wrong Trailer (1925)

29 January 1925

Stan plays a kind hearted tramp whose love goes un-requited in this sweet short film from 1925.

The Bear's Wedding Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Directed by Konstantin Eggert and Vladimir Gardin.

Film 20 Trailer (1925)

11 January 1925

Schools, businesses and other locations in Kansas City, MO; Boley, OK; Tulsa, OK; Taft, OK; Muskogee, OK.

Film 21 Trailer (1925)

11 January 1925

Residences markets, schools and other locations in Okmulgee, OK.

Crab Temple Omen Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

An early silhouette animated film by Hidehiko Okuda, Hakusan Kimura and Tomu Uchida. The original story is a Buddhist tale of a young lady who saved a crab (a spiritual being according to Japanese Buddhist faith) from being eaten, and was later saved from danger by the same crab.

The Message of the XIII Party Congress (on Cooperation) Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

1925 (Soviet Union)

I Want to Betray My Husband Trailer (1925)

02 January 1925

Adaptation of the Ermanno Geymonat play.

Le Theatre du hula hula Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

A short animation of a comedic theatrical show featuring Hawaiian musicians and dancers.

Kinken Chochiku Shiobara Tasuke Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Industrious farmer Tasuke makes the necessary sacrifices to advance his station in life from a farmer to a store-owner.

Searching for Santa! Trailer (1925)

01 January 1925

Krazy Kat is babysitting. The obnoxious whippersnapper can not be consoled and expresses his wish for Santa Claus.