Movie Trailers - July 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1925

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Alice Wins the Derby Trailer (1925)

11 July 1925

Alice, Julius, and one other character are in a combined auto/horse race. Julius gets off to a bad start when his car takes off, without him, in the wrong direction; it takes him a while to get it straightened out.

Isn't Life Terrible? Trailer (1925)

05 July 1925

Charley is plagued with failure and with his brother-in-law, who's allergic to labor. When he decides to take the family on a camping trip, his wife learns about a contest sponsored by a pen company, with the first prize being an ocean trip.

Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde Trailer (1925)

30 July 1925

Stan Laurel before Laurel and Hardy, in this "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"-inspired story, which was released 30 July 1925.

Below Zero Trailer (1925)

11 July 1925

Exasperated by his playboy son, a wealthy man sends him to Canada to become a Royal Canadian Mountie, in hopes that the young man will learn something about life.

Chasing the Chaser Trailer (1925)

04 July 1925

A very good as a faithful husband, whose wife is looking for proof that more than his eyes have been roving.

Moonlight Nights Trailer (1925)

15 July 1925

With a little-known director and second-string cast, the two-reel Moonlight Nights is typical of these low-budget independent productions.

Alice Picks the Champ Trailer (1925)

29 July 1925

It's mayhem in the house as Julius the cat squares off against a pugilistic bear while Alice looks on adoringly.

Are Parents People? Trailer (1925)

14 July 1925

The teenage daughter of a wealthy couple is horrified to find out that her parents, who spend most of their time fighting with each other, are planning to divorce.

Boys Will Be Joys Trailer (1925)

25 July 1925

Adults have the Pike and Coney Island amusement parks, so the rascals put up their own rides in a large vacant lot.

The Manicure Girl Trailer (1925)

06 July 1925

A manicurist in the beauty shop of a large metropolitan hotel, is engaged to Antonio Luca an electrician.

Yes, Yes, Nanette Trailer (1925)

19 July 1925

Nanette sends a letter to her family telling of her new husband, Hillory. When Hillory arrives to meet the family, he gets insulted by each member, including the dog, and loses his wig.

Tin Hoss Trailer (1925)

15 July 1925

COMEDY; featuring kids' gang and a home-made railway. After a fat boy is served with soup doctored with plaster of Paris by two black youngsters, his teeth have to be prised apart.

Animated Hair Cartoon, No.18 Trailer (1925)

10 July 1925

The “Animated Hair” films, featuring artwork by “Marcus” (not well-known animator Sid Marcus, but a caricaturist for the original humorous Life Magazine) were relatively easy for the studio to produce, using one artist (his hand usually seen on screen drawing the image) and the gimmick of manipulating one caricature with stop motion to create a second caricature (usually by rearranging a hair-do).

The Street of Forgotten Men Trailer (1925)

24 July 1925

Easy-Money Charley, the best fake crippled beggar in New York, loses his beloved dog and adopts a dying prostitute's daughter to fill the empty place in his heart.

The Coast Patrol Trailer (1925)

18 July 1925

Coast Patrol was a threadbare silent 5-reeler starring Kenneth MacDonald as an officer in the titular patrol.

Hop to It! Trailer (1925)

01 July 1925

Two nutty bellhops raise havoc at a posh hotel.

Riding for Life Trailer (1925)

30 July 1925

Hearing his brother the Express Clerk is in trouble, Bob Williams rides to the Express Office only to find the safe open, his brother and the money missing, and himself accused of the robbery.

The Road Agent Trailer (1925)

30 July 1925

A rancher has left his spread to his long lost son, but only if he shows up to claim it. A mean-fisted fugitive from justice looks just like the missing heir and a plan for deception is hatched.

Fighting Youth Trailer (1925)

01 July 1925

Silent action drama film...

Tracked in the Snow Country Trailer (1925)

13 July 1925

Icy action in the northwest