Movie Trailers - May 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1925

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Sure-Mike! Trailer (1925)

23 May 1925

Vermuda, a saleswoman in a department store, is very late for work. She relies on a ruse to fool the floorwalker, and when that doesn't work, she relies on her friendship with the store manager.

Curses Trailer (1925)

16 May 1925

When Buttonshoe Bill steals some papers from Buckwheat Ben, and kidnaps Ben's daughter, Rodney Hemingway comes to the rescue.

White Thunder Trailer (1925)

23 May 1925

Express Train of Love Trailer (1925)

06 May 1925

Silent romantic comedy set on a train.

Wild Horse Canyon Trailer (1925)

30 May 1925

The foreman of a ranch owned by a pretty young girl captures a herd of wild horses, but the herd's lead horse manages to break them free.

What Price Beauty? Trailer (1925)

25 May 1925

Wholesome country girl, Mary, works at the 'House of Magic' beauty salon and pines for the dreamy owner, Clay.

Zander the Great Trailer (1925)

01 May 1925

Mamie, an orphan girl who was abused in the orphanage, is taken in by Mrs. Caldwell, a kindly woman with a young son named Alexander.

Ask Grandma Trailer (1925)

30 May 1925

Ask Grandma is a 1925 short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 39th Our Gang short subject released.

The Rainbow Trail Trailer (1925)

23 May 1925

John Shefford is looking for his uncle Venters who years ago found a hidden valley and lived there with Jane Withersteen and young Fay Larkin.

Raffles Trailer (1925)

23 May 1925

Raffles (House Peters) is an English gentleman with a secret life—he is the notorious jewel thief known as "The Amateur Cracksman".

Die Stadt der Millionen Trailer (1925)

27 May 1925

The first full-length portrait of the city of German film history shows how peaceful and modern, but also hectic busy and happy at the same time sentimental Berlin was in 1925.

Pioneers of the West Trailer (1925)

31 May 1925

Caught by the Piutes, pony Express Rider Dick Carter falls in love with pretty Dorothy Earle, who belongs to that seemingly endless supply of white girls kidnapped in childhood and raised by Indians.

Como los muertos Trailer (1925)

22 May 1925

Romantic drama in which the protagonist suffers from the evil of leprosy. The disease progresses in a way that leads to madness, without his wife's knowledge.

Up the Ladder Trailer (1925)

02 May 1925

An inventor invents a television telephone while going through some love troubles.

13th Alarm Trailer (1925)

02 May 1925

The Hey Fellas gang builds a firehouse out of junkyard parts.

Rhythm 23 Trailer (1925)

09 May 1925

We watch white shapes dancing on black background, which changes when the white shape fills up the screen completely, and black lines and figures bounce around on the now white background.

Felix Monkeys with Magic Trailer (1925)

07 May 1925

Felix's master, a magician, plays tricks on Felix with magic. Felix tricks him into transforming into a mouse, then knocks him out and steals his book of magic.

Soul-Fire Trailer (1925)

30 May 1925

Eric Fane (Richard Barthelmess) is a composer unwilling to compromise his dream for a steady job back home in the United States.

Jocaste Trailer (1925)

15 May 1925

Following her father's advice, Hélène Haviland (Sandra Milovanoff) accepts the marriage proposal of Fellaire de Sizac (Abel Tarride).

Big Chief Koko Trailer (1925)

15 May 1925

When a Native American artist sells a selection of his background drawings and original characters to Fleischer, Koko gives the new arrivals a cold reception.

Good Morning, Nurse Trailer (1925)

30 May 1925

Roland Royce (Ralph Graves) takes his family and a beautiful nurse (Olive Borden) on a camping trip but everything goes wrong.

Shootin' Injuns Trailer (1925)

02 May 1925

Shootin' Injuns is a 1925 short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 38th Our Gang short subject released.

Navy Blue Days Trailer (1925)

29 May 1925

Stationed in a Latin American country, sailor Stan is lonely and wants company. He tries to get his Chief to bring him along to a dinner the Chief has been invited to, but the Chief wants nothing to do with Stan.

Making a Stetson Trailer (1925)

02 May 1925

Documentary showing the making of Stetson hats, from animal skins to the finished product.

Roald Amundsen - Ellsworths flyveekspedition 1925 Trailer (1925)

20 May 1925

“Roald Amundsen – Lincoln Ellsworths flyveekspedisjon 1925″ is a new DVD release of film footage from the nearly disastrous 1925 aeroplane expedition led by Norwegian polar hero Roald Amundsen.

Pongo's Rodeo Trailer (1925)

22 May 1925

Pathe presents its third all-British cartoon of Pongo the Pup. Pongo sees a sign advertising a steer throwing competition with a £100 prize.

Pongo Arrives Trailer (1925)

22 May 1925

An aeroplane in the sky writes the word Pongo in large letters. We see reaction shots from members of the public who look up into the sky.

The Talking Teddie Sic Trailer (1925)

22 May 1925

"The Pathe Sound Magazine presents An All-British Talking Cartoon - Little Bruin - The Talking Teddie.

El amor, el deber y el crimen Trailer (1925)

22 May 1925

A beautiful young woman is getting married soon. However, plans are complicated by the attraction she starts to feel for a boxer/artist.

Manizales City Trailer (1925)

23 May 1925

A documentary shot by Félix R. Restrepo of Manizales City, Colombia, showing the city and life that goes on there.