Movie Trailers - August 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1925

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Pretty Ladies Trailer (1925)

05 August 1925

Maggie, a headlining comedienne with the Follies, takes a fall off the stage into the orchestra pit and lands on the drum of musician Al Cassidy.

The Merry Widow Trailer (1925)

26 August 1925

Prince Danilo falls in love with dancer Sally O'Hara. His uncle, King Nikita I of Monteblanco forbids the marriage because she is a commoner.

Felix Trifles with Time Trailer (1925)

23 August 1925

Felix the Cat can't find anything to eat, so he bribes Father Time to send him back to when life was easier.

Sally of the Sawdust Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Judge Foster throws his daughter out because she married a circus man. She leaves her baby girl with Prof.

Kiss Me Again Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Gaston Fleury's wife, Loulou, takes a perfunctory interest in music but a deeper one in a musician named Maurice.

Parisian Love Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Armand and Marie survive in the streets until a scientist takes them in after a botched robbery.

Half a Man Trailer (1925)

30 August 1925

Laurel plays Winchell McSweeney, whose fisherman parents forced him to leave home and make it on his own when they can no longer afford to keep supporting him.

Night Life of New York Trailer (1925)

02 August 1925

Bokays and Brickbatz Trailer (1925)

14 August 1925

A Bill Nolan Krazy Kat cartoon released August 15, 1925.

Innocent Husbands Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Despite his faithfulness, Melvin is always under suspicion by wife Mame. Complications erupt when a woman from a party across the hall passes out in Melvin's bedroom just before Mame returns.

Winds of Chance Trailer (1925)

15 August 1925

A love triangle set against the turn-of-the-century gold rush.

Butter Fingers Trailer (1925)

30 August 1925

The key to baseball is the pitcher, of course. In this comedy short, the pitcher has something special.

Lightnin' Trailer (1925)

23 August 1925

Set in a hotel straddling the border between California and Nevada, this early John Ford comedy follows a female hotel owner's efforts to turn a profit and get some work out of her husband.

Felix Dopes It Out Trailer (1925)

14 August 1925

Felix's friend has a big red nose, and it causes him no end of problems, the least of which being with women.

Des Lebens Würfelspiel Trailer (1925)

21 August 1925

a silent movie by Heinz Paul

In the Slums of Berlin Trailer (1925)

28 August 1925

It was not just the children who were treated badly by the wealthy Weimar republic. Robert Kramer is released from prison but struggles to adjust to civilian life.

Lucky Stars Trailer (1925)

15 August 1925

Harry leaves home to become a doctor, but winds up with "Doc" Healy's Medicine Show.

Her Sister from Paris Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

Helen has a twin sister, who is a famous actress named "La Perry". Helen and her sister decide to trick Helen's husband to prove his love.

Alice's Tin Pony Trailer (1925)

15 August 1925

Alice and Julius are driving a train, which is carrying a large payroll. Pete the Bear and his gang find out about it and devise a plan to rob the train.

Where Was I? Trailer (1925)

24 August 1925

A young man gets engaged to a business competitor's daughter.

Aero NT-54 Trailer (1925)

17 August 1925

They All Fall Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

They All Fall is a 1925 American slapstick comedy film featuring Bobby Ray & Oliver Hardy.

Bajo el cielo antioqueño Trailer (1925)

06 August 1925

Romantic drama of manners. Lina, graceful schoolgirl, argues against the will of his father, Don Bernardo, a romance with Alvaro, a young bohemian who squanders his fortune.

Felix Finds 'Em Fickle Trailer (1925)

03 August 1925

Felix's girlfriend desires a particular flower and wants Felix to get it for her. The only problem is that it's on top of a 40,000-foot mountain.

The Apache Trailer (1925)

01 August 1925

In Paris an Apache dancer weds his ex-fiancée's sister for revenge but learns to love.

Fifty Million Years Ago Trailer (1925)

24 August 1925

An animated introduction to the theory of evolution.

Window Washers Trailer (1925)

29 August 1925

Farmer Al Falfa's car comes to life and sprays oil on his window before driving away. Al Falfa now needs a window washer.

Mary, Queen of Tots Trailer (1925)

22 August 1925

A couple makes dolls modeled on neighborhood kids. A gardener at a mansion buys four of them for Mary, the girl of the house.