Movie Trailers - July 1924

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1924

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Alice and the Dog Catcher Trailer (1924)

01 July 1924

Alice presides over a secret club which proposes to rid the town of dog catchers and free the dogs!

The City Without Jews Trailer (1924)

25 July 1924

In the Republic of Utopia, because of the bad economic crisis ailing the nation, the Jews are made the scapegoats for the economic and social ills affecting the population; therefore, the government decides to expel them.

Captain January Trailer (1924)

06 July 1924

A lighthouse keeper finds a little girl who is washed ashore tied to some wreckage. He adopts her and they become inseparable.

Alice the Peacemaker Trailer (1924)

31 July 1924

Alice tries to make two rival newsboys friends by telling them a story of a cat and a mouse whose constant battlings lead to being hunted by the police, when they learned to cooperate.

Manhandled Trailer (1924)

21 July 1924

Comedy which concerns the struggles of an ambitious department store sales clerk who is caught up in New York high society.

The Passionate Adventure Trailer (1924)

01 July 1924

A rich man leaves his wife, poses as a coster, and saves a factory girl from a crook.

The Arab Trailer (1924)

13 July 1924

Footage of La Cuesta Encantada Trailer (1924)

01 July 1924

A rare glimpse of a unique home movie shot on the grounds of La Cuesta Encantada, more commonly known as Hearst Castle.

His First Car Trailer (1924)

26 July 1924

Al St. John buys a touring car and takes his extended family on a disastrous trip.

Felix All Balled Up Trailer (1924)

01 July 1924

Felix's owner goes to a golf course and brings along a new "club"--Felix in disguise. While trying to teach his owner how to play golf.

Les Ombres Qui Passent Trailer (1924)

20 July 1924

Directed by Alexandre Volkoff, 1924

Our Congressman Trailer (1924)

19 July 1924

This two-reel comedy was the second of three shorts in which Will Rogers starred as Congressman Alfalfa Doolittle, a naive and unsophisticated but basically good-hearted guy from the heartland who finds himself rubbing elbows with Washington power brokers.

Seeing Nellie Home Trailer (1924)

26 July 1924

The situation is typically embarrassing and unlikely-but-possible for Charley, but it is at the same time such a simple idea -- Charley shows off by taking a pretty girl back home, wreaks havoc trying to get her in, then discovers that she's married.

A Ten-Minute Egg Trailer (1924)

19 July 1924

The main premise for the comedy is the Jimmy discovers he can convince people he is a tough figure to be reckoned with merely by giving them a business card identifying him as the bouncer of the "Bucket of Blood Cafe.

The Eleventh Commandment Trailer (1924)

31 July 1924

An actress thwarts a blackmailer by taking the blame for her sister's compromise. Based on the play The Pillory by Brandon Fleming.

The Cost of Beauty Trailer (1924)

01 July 1924

A rich woman refuses to bear her husband a child, but adopts a son by his mistress after his death.

Faster Foster Trailer (1924)

19 July 1924

Aus eigener Kraft - Ein Filmspiel vom Auto Trailer (1924)

10 July 1924

A Motion Picture Play about the Automobile.

The Notorious Mrs. Carrick Trailer (1924)

01 July 1924

A man's second wife is blackmailed by her former husband for the murder of her lover.

The Signal Tower Trailer (1924)

19 July 1924

A railroad worker accepts a colleague's offer to stay in his home, but when his friend is called out one night to stop a runaway train, he makes a play for the man's wife.

Pierrot, Pierrette Trailer (1924)

22 July 1924

Pierrot et Pierrette, brother and sister, live in a caravan with their grandfather, the former ringmaster of a circus.

It's a Bear Trailer (1924)

26 July 1924

The story is pretty simple as the kids pretend to be hunting a variety of animals when they're invited to a farm where they try to capture real game.

Gichin Funakoshi Trailer (1924)

04 July 1924

Considered to be the father of modern karate and the originator of the shotokan style, Sensei Gichin Funakoshi is captured on this remarkable documentary film demonstrating the Tekki 1, 2 & 3 katas and the meykyo kata shot c.

The Alley of Golden Hearts Trailer (1924)

01 July 1924

A lonely squire throws a New Year's party for villagers and discloses that he is a poor girl's uncle.