Movie Trailers - August 1923

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1923

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The Silent Command Trailer (1923)

18 August 1923

A distinguished young Naval officer from a celebrated military falls prey to a terrorist and his seductress accomplice bent on destroying the Panama Canal.

Oranges and Lemons Trailer (1923)

12 August 1923

After getting into a scuffle with his boss and some co-workers, an orange packer tries to help another co-worker, only to wind up in a conflict with him as well.

Carmen, Jr. Trailer (1923)

29 August 1923

A spoof of Bizet's Carmen, showcasing child star Baby Peggy.

Kino-pravda no. 17: For the First Agricultural and Cottage Industries Exhibition in the USSR Trailer (1923)

21 August 1923

Dziga Vertov-directed Soviet newsreel covering: Hunger and harvest / Alliance between city and counts

Felix in Fairyland Trailer (1923)

01 August 1923

Felix is reading a book about Fairyland, and decides that it must be a wonderful place to be. Suddenly he hears a cry for help, and finds a fly stuck on a piece of flypaper.

Ashes of Vengeance Trailer (1923)

06 August 1923

This historical piece, set in the Huguenot days of France, is Norma Talmadge's 37th feature film and the longest to date at two hours.

The Burning Crucible Trailer (1923)

04 August 1923

A woman, named simply "Elle" and her husband, a wealthy industrialist, are not on the best of terms. While she enjoys the way he caters to her every whim, she wonders whether he really loves her.

Little Old New York Trailer (1923)

01 August 1923

An Irish girl comes to America disguised as a boy to claim a fortune left to her brother who has died.

Die Buddenbrooks Trailer (1923)

30 August 1923

The Purple Highway Trailer (1923)

05 August 1923

Two inmates and a cleaning girl at a home for struggling artists achieve success and fame when they pool their talents and produce a smash hit Broadway musical.

Be Honest Trailer (1923)

19 August 1923

One monkey is stealing eggs from the farmyard. Another monkey, with his dog friend, tries to stop the crook.

Drifting Trailer (1923)

26 August 1923

In Shanghai, an American girl who helps runs an opium ring meets an American agent disguised as a mining engineer.

The Cheat Trailer (1923)

27 August 1923

After losing money she embezzled, a socialite borrows cash from a foreign "prince" who expects sexual favors in return.

Wilhelm Tell Trailer (1923)

22 August 1923

William Tell (German: Wilhelm Tell) is a 1923 German silent adventure film directed by Rudolf Dworsky and Rudolf Walther-Fein and starring Hans Marr, Conrad Veidt and Erich Kaiser-Titz.

The Man Who Won Trailer (1923)

26 August 1923

Bill is a gambler, whose friend Scipio goes in search of his wife Jessie. Jessie, fed up with her life of poverty, has run off with the wealthy and villainous James.

Three Wise Fools Trailer (1923)

19 August 1923

Sydney Fairchild, the daughter of a woman who was once loved by three bachelors, surprises the men with a visit.

False Alarm Trailer (1923)

01 August 1923

An "Out of the Inkwell" short featuring Ko-Ko the Clown, this time as a fireman.

Seeing Double Trailer (1923)

09 August 1923

An Eddie Lyons comedy short.

Jungle Pals Trailer (1923)

26 August 1923

Der Tiger des Zirkus Farini Trailer (1923)

02 August 1923

Nip and Tuck Trailer (1923)

11 August 1923

Billy Bevan, Harry Gribbon, Kewpie Morgan and their dog engage in a poker game.

The Common Law Trailer (1923)

30 August 1923

Valerie West, a beautiful artist's model, falls for wealthy artist Louis Neville. However, his aristocratic family doesn't approve of the relationship and persuades Valerie to promise that she won't marry him.

Shadows of the North Trailer (1923)

27 August 1923

Based on the novel by Edison Marshall

July Days Trailer (1923)

25 August 1923

The gang is trying just about anything to pass the time during their summer vacation. As usual, Mickey and Jack are trying to win the affections of Mary.

The Gown Shop Trailer (1923)

13 August 1923

Here we have 'The Gown Shop', very much in Semon's usual style but with fewer laughs than usual. Semon plays his default character, a grotesque hard-working incompetent.

East and West Trailer (1923)

17 August 1923

Morris Brown, a New York gambler acquainted more with his checkbook than his prayer book, returns to Galicia with his very American daughter, Mollie (Molly Picon) for a family wedding.

The Huntress Trailer (1923)

20 August 1923

A 1923 film directed by John Francis Dillon and Lynn Reynolds.

Post No Bills Trailer (1923)

05 August 1923

Paul Parrott plays an obsessive-compulsive bill poster in this thoroughly average Hal Roach comedy from 1923.

Bluebeard's 8th Wife Trailer (1923)

05 August 1923

Bluebeard's 8th Wife

The Green Goddess Trailer (1923)

13 August 1923

The Green Goddess is a 1923 American silent adventure film based on the play The Green Goddess by William Archer.

Galleguita Trailer (1923)

23 August 1923

A 1923 film.

Proslava Kumanovske bitke Trailer (1923)

07 August 1923

Proslava Kumanovske bitke is a Yugoslavian movie.