Movie Trailers - March 1923

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1923

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The Covered Wagon Trailer (1923)

15 March 1923

Two wagon caravans converge at what is now Kansas City, and combine for the westward push to Oregon. On their quest the pilgrims will experience desert heat, mountain snow, hunger, and indian attack.

The Love Nest Trailer (1923)

01 March 1923

In an attempt to forget his lost sweetheart, Buster takes a long trip at the sea when he's caught by pirates.

The Nth Commandment Trailer (1923)

18 March 1923

Though The Nth Commandment survives incomplete, enough exists of director Frank Borzage’s last film while under contract with William Randolph Hearst’s Cosmopolitan Pictures for scholar Hervé Dumont to declare “it the first truly Borzagian work.

Shoot Straight Trailer (1923)

10 March 1923

SHOOT STRAIGHT - starring Paul Parrott, with Jobyna Ralston, Eddie Baker and George Rowe. A rarely-seen comedy short.

Bed Time Trailer (1923)

01 March 1923

First, Max, in his pyjamas, gets back up and draws an isolated mountain area and puts Koko on top of a steep mountain.

A Pleasant Journey Trailer (1923)

24 March 1923

Ernie and Farina anger the police force with their shoeshine scheme. Later, the gang switches places with some runaways about to board a train.

The Shriek of Araby Trailer (1923)

04 March 1923

An employee in a theater showing Valentino's "The Shiek" daydreams about himself playing Valentino's role.

Fridericus Rex - 4. Teil: Schicksalswende Trailer (1923)

18 March 1923

The last part of Fridericus Rex's main focus is entirely on the battle after years of conflict with Austria, which allied itself with France and Russia finally opens against Prussia in 1756 in the Seven Years War.

Und dennoch kam das Glück Trailer (1923)

01 March 1923

Santarellina Trailer (1923)

31 March 1923

Little Church Around the Corner Trailer (1923)

09 March 1923

A wealthy minister in a mining town is something of an advocate for the miners' safety, but he doesn't really get involved in the issue.

Der steinerne Reiter Trailer (1923)

31 March 1923

In a distant Teutonic village, people dance and drink merrily celebrating a wedding feast. However, an elderly man tells the villagers that the valley where they live wasn't always happy but sorrowful.

Kino-pravda no. 17 - For the First Agricultural and Cottage Industries Exhibition in the USSR Trailer (1923)

12 March 1923

A Soviet Union newsreel in the Kino-pravda series by Dziga Vertov.

C-V News: Filming Greed Trailer (1923)

09 March 1923

C-V News follows the cast and crew of "Greed" (1925) into Death Valley while filming the infamous closing scenes in 150+ degree heat in 1923 at the height of the summer.

Bella Donna Trailer (1923)

31 March 1923

Is Divorce a Failure? Trailer (1923)

16 March 1923

Directed by Wallace Worsley.

Chop Suey Louie Trailer (1923)

26 March 1923

Joe Rock short comedy, also featuring Billie Rhodes and Frank Alexander.

Iron Wills Trailer (1923)

04 March 1923

Fredrik Mack (Gustav Ranft) owns a glue factory in northern Norway and Ove Rolandsen (Eugen Skjønberg), a great womanizer, works for him.

La fuga di Socrate Trailer (1923)

25 March 1923

Italian silent adventure with a comic touch directed by Guido Brignone.

Luck Trailer (1923)

01 March 1923

A young man is bet $100,000 that his famous luck can hold out and he can make that sum in one year's time, literally starting with nothing.

Filmens Vovehals Trailer (1923)

09 March 1923

A fun Danish comedy short silent about a "Daredevil of the Movies".

The Stone of Mazarin Trailer (1923)

01 March 1923

Adaptation of the Conan Doyle story The Mazarin Stone.