Movie Trailers - December 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1922

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Cinderella Trailer (1922)

06 December 1922

Cinderella, the "ash girl," is kept in menial labor by her two wicked stepsisters. Meanwhile the handsome prince of the territory is out hunting bears.

Tommy Tucker's Tooth Trailer (1922)

06 December 1922

The ten minute short Tommy Tucker’s Tooth from 1922, is a traditional black and white silent movie, with cards narrating the text and dialogue.

Broken Chains Trailer (1922)

10 December 1922

The Freshie Trailer (1922)

19 December 1922

Silent Comedy...

Vingt ans après Trailer (1922)

22 December 1922

Charming Mimi-Trottin is in love with typographer Louis Chausson, nicknamed Godasse. She meets Doudou, actually a Vicomte, estranged with his parents who are rich automobile manufacturers.

Saturday Morning Trailer (1922)

02 December 1922

The Rascals, feeling unloved at home, decide to become pirates. Meanwhile, a mother, an aunt and a valet join the cops in searching for the runaways.

The Counter Jumper Trailer (1922)

08 December 1922

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, 'counter jumper' was the term used in both Britain and the U.

Bulldog Drummond Trailer (1922)

29 December 1922

A captain saves a kidnapped magnate from a nursing home run by foreign agents.

Captain Fly-by-Night Trailer (1922)

24 December 1922

First one stranger, then another, arrive at the presidio, each with a government pass and each claiming to have been robbed by the notorious Captain Fly-by-Night and his highwaymen.

The Third Alarm Trailer (1922)

01 December 1922

Because Dan McDowell is unable to operate the new mechanized fire equipment, he is retired with a small pension; his son, Johnny, quits school to work in the fire department; and his old horse, Bullet, is sold to a dirt-hauler.

Kino-pravda no. 13 - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. A Film Poem Dedicated to the October Revolution Trailer (1922)

31 December 1922

Vertov’s first themed issue of Kino-Pravda, devoted to the fifth anniversary of the October Revolution in 1922.

The Ninety and Nine Trailer (1922)

17 December 1922

Melodramatic thriller, presented in 9.5mm format

A Quiet Street Trailer (1922)

30 December 1922

The gang mistakenly believes a police patrol is after them for beating up a cop's boy; they wind up encountering the police's real quarry: Red Mike.

Peg o' My Heart Trailer (1922)

17 December 1922

PEG O MY HEART (Metro Studios, 1922), directed by King Vidor, under the supervision of J. Hartley Manners, introduces the legendary theatrical actress Laurette Taylor (1884-1946) to the screen reprising the role she made famous as a poor Irish farm girl who inherits a fortune but would rather have happiness instead.

A Debt of Honour Trailer (1922)

01 December 1922

In India an engineer blackmails a girl over her gambling brother.

Jumping Beans Trailer (1922)

15 December 1922

Max tricks Koko with a jumping bean. Koko finds a way to duplicate himself to get his revenge.

Deserted at the Altar Trailer (1922)

01 December 1922

Anna Moore, a poor orphaned country girl, and her little brother, Tommy, live with hypocritical Squire Simpson, who conspires with his son to acquire the inheritance due the girl.

A Blind Bargain Trailer (1922)

03 December 1922

Lon Chaney performs two roles: Doctor Lamb, a mad surgeon who's doing experiments on human bodies, and his crippled and apish assistant, the result of his first experiment.

The Fable of Henry's Busted Romance Trailer (1922)

18 December 1922

Henry’s Busted Romance is a tale about a lovesick tomcat. Spotting a theatrical poster for Mademoiselle Kitty, he feels his passion surge and consults a fortuneteller for advice.

Die höllische Macht Trailer (1922)

21 December 1922

a silent movie by Robert Wiene

David Copperfield Trailer (1922)

05 December 1922

The love story of David Copperfield.

'A Santanotte Trailer (1922)

24 December 1922

A feature film by Elvira Notari, Italy's earliest and most prolific female filmmaker.

Luffar-Petter Trailer (1922)

25 December 1922

Greta Garbo in her first feature "Luffar-Petter" (Petter The Tramp) 1922.

Elezione e incoronazione di S.S. Pio XI Trailer (1922)

08 December 1922

The election and coronation of S.S. Pius XI.

Texas Jack zähmt ein wildes Pferd Trailer (1922)

06 December 1922

Humorous animated short about a cowboy trying to tame a horse.

Riders of the Law Trailer (1922)

15 December 1922

Jack Meadows and sidekick Toby are looking for whiskey smugglers along the Canadian border. They find a badly wounded Seriff who earlier caught one of them and a nearby hoofprint of a horse with a broken shoe.

The Pest Trailer (1922)

03 December 1922

Stan is Jimmy Smith, a salesman who is trying hard to pitch his Napoleon book to an uninterested customer as they stand in front of some iron gates.

Felix in the Bone Age Trailer (1922)

14 December 1922

Felix comes upon a caveman and his girlfriend. The girlfriend is crying, and when the caveman asks her what she wants.

Nathan der Weise Trailer (1922)

28 December 1922

Silent movie adaptation of Lessing's play. Set in Jerusalem during the Third Crusade, it describes how the wise Jewish merchant Nathan, the enlightened sultan Saladin and the (initially anonymous) Templar bridge their gaps between Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

The Little Girl Trailer (1922)

01 December 1922

In order to conquer Margaretella with expensive presents, a young man called Tore steals his mother's jewels but Margaretella seems to prefer another man.