Movie Trailers - August 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1922

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The Four Musicians of Bremen Trailer (1922)

01 August 1922

Four animal musicians consisting of a Horse, Cat, Dog, & Rooster set out on their own quest to try to find some fame by playing their own music.

Blood and Sand Trailer (1922)

05 August 1922

Juan is the son of a poor widow in Seville. Against his mother's wishes he pursues a career as toreador.

The Frozen North Trailer (1922)

28 August 1922

This satirical parody of William S. Hart's melodramatic films finds Buster in the frozen north, "last stop on the subway.

Robin Hood Trailer (1922)

18 August 1922

Amid big-budget medieval pageantry, King Richard goes on the Crusades leaving his brother Prince John as regent, who promptly emerges as a cruel, grasping, treacherous tyrant.

The Three Must-Get-Theres Trailer (1922)

22 August 1922

In this movie, Max Linder parodies the famous novel "The Three Musketeers".

Just Tony Trailer (1922)

19 August 1922

A cowboy seeks revenge against the man who shot him in a bar-room brawl. While searching for him, he comes across a wild stallion that he is determined to capture and break, and unknowingly falls in love with the daughter of the man who shot him.

Die Grundlagen der Einsteinschen Relativitäts-Theorie Trailer (1922)

16 August 1922

"Produced by Colonna-Film, Berlin, directed by (Professor) Hanns Walter Kornblum, with the collaboration of Dr.

Human Hearts Trailer (1922)

19 August 1922

Innocent country boy Tom Logan is taken in by the scheming Barbara Kay, a city woman who knows Tom is set to inherit his fathers farm which sits on a rich coal field.

Big Stakes Trailer (1922)

12 August 1922

Chasing a steer across the border a cowboy meets a senorita and stays on making the Mexican Captian jealous.

Accidents Will Happen Trailer (1922)

20 August 1922

A comic one-act film about an insurance agent who has to sell an insurance policy to a reluctant client in order to win over the daughter of the insurance company’s boss.

Flesh and Blood Trailer (1922)

22 August 1922

A convict hiding in Chinatown assumes the identity of a cripple to track down a businessman who framed him 15 years previously.

Mi alazán tostao Trailer (1922)

20 August 1922

A man and his horse.

Man and His Kingdom Trailer (1922)

01 August 1922

In South America the wife of the president's son loves the leader of the revolution

The Better Man Wins Trailer (1922)

31 August 1922

Nell refuses Bill's aid when her rancher father can no longer work, but when her father dies, she turns to Bill for help.

When Husbands Deceive Trailer (1922)

20 August 1922

Directed by Wallace Worsley.

Dr. Gyllenborgs doppeltes Gesicht Trailer (1922)

12 August 1922

A Bill of Divorcement Trailer (1922)

01 August 1922

Meg Fairfield secures a divorce from her husband Hilary, and is about to marry Gray Meredith when Hilary returns cured.

Sleeping Beauty Trailer (1922)

01 August 1922

Sleeping Beauty

Creation Trailer (1922)

01 August 1922

A man poses as the reincarnation of a woman's drowned husband.