Movie Trailers - July 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1922

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The Blacksmith Trailer (1922)

21 July 1922

Buster clowns around in a blacksmith's shop until he and the smithy get in a fight which sends the smithy to jail.

Кино-Правда № 6 Trailer (1922)

24 July 1922

Dziga Vertov-directed Soviet newsreel covering: Streetcar collision / Arms manufacturing plant resume

The Woman from Nowhere Trailer (1922)

26 July 1922

A fifty year old woman, scarred by a life of disillusionment and regret, returns to the place where she lived twenty years before, to rekindle happier memories.

Кино-Правда № 4 Trailer (1922)

01 July 1922

Dziga Vertov-directed Soviet newsreel covering: Trial of the Socialist Revolutionaries / Motor race s

Кино-Правда № 5 Trailer (1922)

12 July 1922

Dziga Vertov-directed Soviet newsreel covering: Peasant People's Commissar for Agricultural Affairs,y

The Masquerader Trailer (1922)

01 July 1922

John Loder looks exactly like his cousin, John Chilcote, who is a member of Parliament. Because of his dissolute ways, Chilcote collapses, and Loder is called in to take his place so that the family honor can remain unsullied.

The Bohemian Girl Trailer (1922)

27 July 1922

A Polish officer posing as a gypsy loves a gypsy girl who is really the count's daughter.

A Trip to Paramountown Trailer (1922)

10 July 1922

Documentary short film depicting the filmmaking activity at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, featuring dozens of stars captured candidly and at work.

The Dumb-Bell Trailer (1922)

16 July 1922

The owners of a movie studio are having problems with a temperamental director, and they promise an actor on one of his pictures that he can have the job if he can find a way to make the director leave the picture.

The Road of Vengeance Trailer (1922)

25 July 1922

The first Peruvian feature-length film.

Kapten Grogg har blivit fet Trailer (1922)

31 July 1922

Captain Grogg tries to master the extra weight he's put on.

Rok 1863 Trailer (1922)

07 July 1922

In the Battle of Małogoszcz Prince Jozef Odrowaz was seriously wounded . Miss Salomea Brynicka and his father risked their own lives giving him food and shelter.

Nice People Trailer (1922)

12 July 1922

Teddy Gloucester, one of the group of jazz age "nice people," is caught in a farmhouse during a storm with her intoxicated companion, Scotty.

Take Next Car Trailer (1922)

29 July 1922

In this 1922 Pathe-distributed, Hal Roach silent-era comedy, the owner of a local streetcar business is in danger of losing his franchise, but the streetcar operator (played by Paul Parrott) and his girl friend (who happens to be the boss's daughter; portrayed by Jobyna Ralston) try to save the day.

My Dad Trailer (1922)

23 July 1922

Western drama film

The Timber Queen Trailer (1922)

16 July 1922

The Timber Queen is a 1922 American action film serial directed by Fred Jackman. The film is considered to be lost, though the UCLA Film and Television Archive has episodes one, four, eight and nine.

Felix in the Swim Trailer (1922)

01 July 1922

A grateful mouse promises Felix "if there's anything I can do for you, just call on me" after Felix lets him go from a mousetrap.

The Lighthouse Keepers Trailer (1922)

12 July 1922

After losing her father in the sea, Rosa is lodged in the house of the lighthouse keeper João Vidal.

Samson and Delilah Trailer (1922)

02 July 1922

Early British version of the tale of Samson. Fifth release in the 'Tense Moments from Opera' series.

La muchacha del arrabal Trailer (1922)

01 July 1922

A 1922 film.

Little Red Riding Hood Trailer (1922)

29 July 1922

Anson Dyer's animation made for Hepworth Picture.

The Chicken Parade Trailer (1922)

23 July 1922

Jimmy Aubrey comedy THE CHICKEN PARADE produced by Vitagraph.