Movie Trailers - February 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1922

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Othello Trailer (1922)

08 February 1922

Even without the benefit of sound, the 1922 German adaptation of Othello seems more operatic than Shakespearean.

The Seventh Day Trailer (1922)

05 February 1922

A group of New York society folk on a yachting excursion are forced to put into a New England fishing village for repairs.

Love One Another Trailer (1922)

23 February 1922

Based on the novel by Aage Madelung, this film about anti-semitism in 1905 Russia is extremely rare (only 4 prints survive in archives).

Moran of the Lady Letty Trailer (1922)

05 February 1922

Wealthy young man Ramon Laredo is abducted and put into service aboard a ship commanded by a none-too-scrupulous smuggler.

The Duck Hunter Trailer (1922)

13 February 1922

Watch Your Step Trailer (1922)

16 February 1922

Elmer Slocum has just served a jail sentence for speeding. On his first day of liberty he encounters a physician whose car has broken down and offers to take him to his patient; he is pursued by motorcops for speeding, wrecks his car in a closed street, and knocks down and believes he has killed a policeman.

Smilin' Through Trailer (1922)

13 February 1922

The story is essentially the same as the popular Jane Cowl play, with Talmadge in the dual role of Kathleen and Moonyean.

A Doll's House Trailer (1922)

12 February 1922

Nora Helmer has years earlier committed a forgery in order to save the life of her authoritarian husband Torvald.

The Dresden Doll Trailer (1922)

07 February 1922

In this one, Max has run low on ink, so Ko-Ko finishes drawing himself and then heads over to the camera room, where he creates his own characters, a mechanical dancing Dresden doll with whom he falls in love and a couple of automaton musicians.

Kindred of the Dust Trailer (1922)

27 February 1922

Discovering that her husband is a bigamist, Nan returns with her child to her Puget Sound logging town.

Across the Border Trailer (1922)

15 February 1922

Silent Western...

Felix Saves the Day Trailer (1922)

01 February 1922

Boys playing back alley baseball improbably hold their afternoon game at the Polo Grounds. Felix the Cat takes action when his favored team seems poised to lose.

Grand Larceny Trailer (1922)

26 February 1922

Directed by Wallace Worsley.

Felix Comes Back Trailer (1922)

17 February 1922

Felix goes after a butcher's sausages and captures them, but the butcher catches him and sends him to the Arctic to get rid of him.

Bentley's Conscience Trailer (1922)

01 February 1922

A secretary takes the blame when his fiancée's father ruins his oil company.

Her Husband’s Trademark Trailer (1922)

01 February 1922

James Berkeley (who wants to get rich) and Allan Franklin (determined to be a great engineer) are rivals for the hand of Lois Miller.

Stardust Trailer (1922)

05 February 1922

Lily Becker is born in Paradise, Iowa and raised there by her prudish mother and her spineless father.

Welcome to Our City Trailer (1922)

01 February 1922

Store forventninger Trailer (1922)

28 February 1922

Danish silent adaptation of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

Partners Of The Sunset Trailer (1922)

01 February 1922

Supposedly wealthy, Patricia and Vi Moreland find themselves penniless and dependent upon relatives when their father dies.