Movie Trailers - March 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1922

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Nosferatu Trailer (1922)

06 March 1922

Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter's wife. Silent classic based on the story "Dracula.

Cops Trailer (1922)

15 March 1922

Buster Keaton gets involved in a series of misunderstandings involving a horse and cart. Eventually he infuriates every cop in the city when he accidentally interrupts a police parade.

A Studio Rube Trailer (1922)

19 March 1922

Sherlock Holmes Trailer (1922)

07 March 1922

Starring John Barrymore as Holmes and Roland Young as Watson the film was believed lost for decades. Much of the film finally resurfaced in the mid-1970s and was restored by the George Eastman House from rolls of negatives to the extent that it could be printed and screened.

Das Logierhaus für Gentleman Trailer (1922)

03 March 1922

The Loves of Pharaoh Trailer (1922)

14 March 1922

The Ethiopian King offers his daughter to a powerful Pharaoh to secure peace between the two countries.

The Cuckoo Trailer (1922)

09 March 1922

Coming soon.

Walter Makes a Movie Trailer (1922)

08 March 1922

Walter makes a Movie was directed by Tom Seymour and Walter Forde in 1922. Forde plays a petty thief who steals from film star Pauline Highbrow (Pauline Peters).

Anna-Liisa Trailer (1922)

19 March 1922

Anna-Liisa carries a secret.Three years ago she has killed her baby she had with Mikko, the old hired hand of Kortesuo (Einar Rinne).

The Burning Soil Trailer (1922)

03 March 1922

The film follows tells the story of a struggle over a plot of petroleum-rich land. Considered lost until 1978, the film was discovered to have been owned by an Italian priest who organized screenings in mental hospitals.

Iron to Gold Trailer (1922)

12 March 1922

Danse macabre Trailer (1922)

08 March 1922

The Black Death is ravaging Spain. As Camille Saint-Saëns's "Danse Macabre" plays on the soundtrack, a mix of animation and acted scenes tells the story of Youth and Love meeting one night.

Come on Over Trailer (1922)

11 March 1922

Shane O'Mealia leaves Ireland, promising to send for his sweetheart, Moyna.In the mean time the son of the old lady she lives with, takes them back to America without telling Shane, who then must explain a girl he's been seeing in New York.

Walter Wants Work Trailer (1922)

08 March 1922

Walter wants work (1922) (Directed by and starring Walter Forde this stands as a good introduction to the work of the UK's only major comedian.

A Day with Thomas A. Edison Trailer (1922)

08 March 1922

A six-part documentary recording the 74-year-old Edison's collaborations with his staff, conversations with industrial leaders, and supervision of the factory's production line.

My Mistake Trailer (1922)

25 March 1922

Eddie Lyons, silent movie comedian , was a movie factory. He appeared in and directed nearly 400 films between 1911 and 1926.

Aus den Erinnerungen eines Frauenarztes - 1. Fliehende Schatten Trailer (1922)

29 March 1922

The Lonely Lady of Grosvenor Square Trailer (1922)

01 March 1922

A country girl inherits, weds a Duke, and meets her dead brother's family.

Mixed Nuts Trailer (1922)

08 March 1922

Nuts in May, re-cut, with added footage and outtakes from _Pest, The (1922)_ , combined with newly shot sequences to bridge the scenes.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Trailer (1922)

27 March 1922

An 18-part silent American adventure film serial now considered to be lost. Chapter Titles: 1. The Sea Raiders 2.

The Show Trailer (1922)

19 March 1922

No Overview

Reckless Youth Trailer (1922)

30 March 1922

A cautionary tale for aspiring flappers. Five of six reels survive.

A Romance of Old Baghdad Trailer (1922)

01 March 1922

n nineteenth century Mesopotamia a series of romantic enganglements ensue.

Eve's Wireless Trailer (1922)

16 March 1922

"Bless us, they're never still - always up to something new. And Eve's latest invasion is in the wireless world - " Two women walk towards the camera on a city street.

Belonging Trailer (1922)

01 March 1922

In Paris a Count's enforced wife takes the blame when her ex-lover is killed by the diplomat she loves.

La casa sotto la neve Trailer (1922)

30 March 1922

A snowy Italian drama directed by Gennaro Righelli.

Charles Augustus Milverton Trailer (1922)

01 March 1922

Holmes is hired by the débutante Lady Eva Blackwell to retrieve compromising letters from a blackma:

On Patrol Trailer (1922)

12 March 1922

Billy Bevan trying to escape the cops!

Tracked to Earth Trailer (1922)

06 March 1922

Roars and Uproars Trailer (1922)

08 March 1922

The heroine must marry one of three prospective bridegrooms who are all lunatics with odd fake facial hair to inherit $500,000.

Laborer's Love Trailer (1922)

08 March 1922

Cheng the fruit seller is in love with the daughter of his neighbor the doctor, but the good doctor won't let him marry her unless Chang finds him more patients.

Travelin' On Trailer (1922)

22 March 1922

A Western involving William S Hart as an outlaw who comes to the aid of a preacher in a small town through his infatuation with the preacher's wife.