Movie Trailers - May 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1922

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Gymnasium Jim Trailer (1922)

09 May 1922

Keystone comedy about a garage owner pining for the girl next door, coming into money, and betting on a fixed fight.

My Wife's Relations Trailer (1922)

15 May 1922

Buster is falsely accused of breaking a window by a woman and is taken into a courtroom. Thinking that Buster and the woman are engaged, the judge mistakenly marries them and Buster is quickly taken home by the woman to meet her family.

Beauty's worth Trailer (1922)

14 May 1922

Prudence Cole is an unsophisticated Quaker girl being raised by her two aunts. Prudence is flirted with by snobbish Henry Garrison, who actually disdains the girl for her lack of worldliness and savoir faire.

Tragedy of Our Children Trailer (1922)

09 May 1922

An educational movie about deleterious effects of alcoholism.

Mr. Barnes of New York Trailer (1922)

22 May 1922

An English naval officer and a Corsican youth have a duel, and the Corsican is killed. The young man's sister, Marina Paoli, swears vengeance on the killer.

The Man from Hell's River Trailer (1922)

01 May 1922

Adventure of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Trap Trailer (1922)

08 May 1922

A miner's happiness is destroyed when a rival steals his mine. He becomes obsessed with revenge, and plans a trap for the man who took his mine.

The Fighting Streak Trailer (1922)

13 May 1922

The Worldly Madonna Trailer (1922)

01 May 1922

Ms. Young portrays two roles. As Janet, a convent novitiate, she agrees to exchange places with her sister, Lucy, a cabaret dancer, who believes she has killed a man.

The Half Breed Trailer (1922)

31 May 1922

Beyond the Rocks Trailer (1922)

07 May 1922

A young woman marries an older millionaire and then falls in love with a handsome nobleman on her honeymoon.

Barb Wire Trailer (1922)

31 May 1922

Kino-pravda no. 1 Trailer (1922)

21 May 1922

Kino-pravda 1

His Back Against the Wall Trailer (1922)

21 May 1922

Jeremy Dice, a finisher in a New York East Side tailor shop who prides himself on being a smart dresser and dancer, proves to be cowardly when he retreats from a bully who gets fresh with his girl, and his employer discharges him.

The Cowboy King Trailer (1922)

01 May 1922

"Hadley, owner of a nearby ranch, had fenced off a water hole belonging to Miss Dunlap, thus depriving her stock of water.

Diana of the Crossways Trailer (1922)

01 May 1922

A sensuous woman trapped in a loveless relationship has an affair with a leading politician which threatens to bring down the government.

A Weakend Driver Trailer (1922)

04 May 1922

Larry goes driving... and flying... and falling....

Shibukawa Bangorô Trailer (1922)

05 May 1922

A film on the life of Shibukawa Bangorō, the founder of the Shibukawa-ryū school of jūjutsu. To paraphrase Satō Tadao’s blurb on the back cover of the video, this is an important film for three reasons.