Movie Trailers - June 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1922

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Nanook of the North Trailer (1922)

11 June 1922

This pioneering documentary film depicts the lives of the indigenous Inuit people of Canada's northern Quebec region.

Кино-Правда № 3 Trailer (1922)

22 June 1922

Dziga Vertov-directed Soviet newsreel covering: Trial of the Socialist Revolutionaries / Demonstratos

Кино-Правда № 2 Trailer (1922)

12 June 1922

Dziga Vertov-directed Soviet newsreel covering: The opening of an electric generating station / Trias

Walter's Trying Frolic Trailer (1922)

30 June 1922

A car salesman dreams he is kidnapped in mistake for his noble double.

Sie und die Drei Trailer (1922)

22 June 1922

Alexandra Trailer (1922)

08 June 1922

Drama about the unhappily married Alexandra who hopes to recover from tuberculosis in a mountain resort, but instead meets the multimillionaire Edgar Buchanan.

The Kickback Trailer (1922)

30 June 1922

A Joy Ride Trailer (1922)

17 June 1922

A Joy Ride is a 1922 animated short subject made by Bray Productions. It is among the many films starring Judge Rummy, the character from Tad Dorgan's comic strips.

Im Kampf mit dem unsichtbaren Feind Trailer (1922)

27 June 1922

The Fast Freight Trailer (1922)

18 June 1922

Unreleased in America, this was one of Arbuckle's last starring roles in a feature film.

La trappola Trailer (1922)

05 June 1922

The life and loves of Leda, from orphan in a convent boarding school to film star, narrated through the pages of her diary and her correspondence with her best friend.

The Non-Skid Kid Trailer (1922)

11 June 1922

The Mad Locomotive Trailer (1922)

03 June 1922

This one is amusing in its early use of the rubber tire school of animation as Mr. Givny informs Jerry that they are out of coal for the train.

Sherlock Brown Trailer (1922)

26 June 1922

Sherlock Brown

Flesh and Spirit Trailer (1922)

01 June 1922

Flesh and Spirit Belle Bennett stars in this pioneering paranormal silent film.

Fathoms Deep Beneath the Sea Trailer (1922)

30 June 1922

A short documentary showing a variety of sea creatures.

Cainà Trailer (1922)

01 June 1922

Cainá is a young peasant who lives in a small village in Sardinia together with her goats and parents.

A Pair of Kings Trailer (1922)

10 June 1922

A Pair of Kings is a 1922 American silent comedy film featuring Larry Semon & Oliver Hardy.

A Sporting Double Trailer (1922)

30 June 1922

A man wins a Derby bet despite his rival framing him for theft.

Don't Be Foolish Trailer (1922)

11 June 1922

Billy gets into trouble with a couple of cops by littering in the park, and must use all his ingenuity to elude them.