Movie Trailers - April 1922

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1922

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Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler Trailer (1922)

27 April 1922

Arch-criminal Dr. Mabuse, who is a master of disguise and has been hypnotising people into doing his bidding, sets out to make a fortune and run Berlin.

Pay Day Trailer (1922)

02 April 1922

A bricklayer and his wife clash over his end-of-the-week partying.

The Original Movie Trailer (1922)

08 April 1922

A writer sells his masterpiece to a film company. It gets butchered horribly in the process of getting made into a movie.

Fultah Fisher's Boarding House Trailer (1922)

01 April 1922

Fultah Fisher runs a boarding house catering to seamen passing through the port. A girl known as Anne of Austria has had many lovers amongst the sailors, but presently she's known to be the "property" of Salem Hardieker, a tough Bostonian.

The Man from Home Trailer (1922)

30 April 1922

A fairly conventional romance of an American heiress, loved by boy back home, bedazzled by a glamorous prince in beautiful Italian surroundings.

Mimi-Trottin Trailer (1922)

21 April 1922

Charming Mimi-Trottin is in love with typographer Louis Chausson, nicknamed Godasse. She meets Doudou, actually a Vicomte, estranged with his parents who are rich automobile manufacturers.

Head Over Heels Trailer (1922)

16 April 1922

When theatrical agent Sterling, a ladies man known for signing his latest paramours onto his agency's talent roster, returns to New York from a trip to Europe, he tells his more down-to-earth partner, Lawson, that he has hired a beautiful Neopolitan acrobat he saw onstage in Italy.

The Crimson Skull Trailer (1922)

19 April 1922

To rid the range of a gang of outlaws that are rustling cattle and robbing the banks and stagecoaches, cowhand Bob Calem, working on the gang-leader's superstitions, dons a skeleton-costume to strike fear into the gang.

The Wicked Cat Trailer (1922)

22 April 1922

A Aesop's Fables Studio cartoon.

A Rag Doll Romance Trailer (1922)

01 April 1922

A short film with all kinds of comic complications between poor Mr. Ras, his nephew Jimmy, a monkey, a girl with a doll carriage, and a large dog.

The Wheels of Chance Trailer (1922)

04 April 1922

A clerk on a bicycle tour saves a girl from eloping with a bully.

Aus den Erinnerungen eines Frauenarztes - 2. Lüge und Wahrheit Trailer (1922)

06 April 1922

Sagebrush Trail Trailer (1922)

30 April 1922

Having banned the carrying of firearms in his jurisdiction, Larry Reid, the sheriff of Silvertown (Roy Stewart), pursues a trespasser of the strict law to the home of schoolmarm Mary Gray (Marjorie Daw).

The Green Temptation Trailer (1922)

01 April 1922

Genelle and Gaspard operate an itinerant Parisian theatre in which the greatest profits are realized by picking the pockets of the audience and robbing their homes while they are watching the show.

The Primitive Lover Trailer (1922)

30 April 1922

A free-spirited girl is caught between her love for her husband and her attraction to a handsome adventurer.

Cikáni Trailer (1922)

06 April 1922

The film version of Karel Hynek Mácha's novel about love, disappointment and revenge.

Rounding Up the Law Trailer (1922)

15 April 1922

Larry Connell arrives in a border town run by Sheriff Bull Weyman and Branch Doughty. Connell wins the sheriff's ranch at draw poker, but Weyman uses his influence with Judge Hyland to have Larry declared bankrupt.

Der Todesreigen Trailer (1922)

04 April 1922

This anti-communist propaganda film discusses the revolutionary curse of communism in the Soviet-Union shortly before and after the fall of czardom in Russia, told from the point of view of Belarusians in exile.

Nathaniel Hawthorne Trailer (1922)

22 April 1922

A short about Nathaniel Hawthorne directed by documentary maker James A. FitzPatrick.

The Man from Beyond Trailer (1922)

01 April 1922

A man who has been frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years returns to civilization to find his lost love.

The Face Between Trailer (1922)

16 April 1922

The Face Between

Bubbles Trailer (1922)

19 April 1922

Max and Koko The Clown bet who can blow the biggest soap bubble.

Fascination Trailer (1922)

09 April 1922

Fascination is a 1922 American silent drama film directed by Robert Z. Leonard and starring his then wife Mae Murray.

Bought and Paid For Trailer (1922)

16 April 1922

Jimmy Gilley is engaged to Fanny Blaine. Jimmy would like to live in a more luxurious style, so he and Fanny urge her sister Virginia to marry the wealthy Robert Stafford despite her lack of love for him.

Boy Woodburn Trailer (1922)

30 April 1922

A horse trainer's daughter agrees to wed a broke banker if her foal wins a race.

The Blonde Vampire Trailer (1922)

01 April 1922

Marcia Saville, thought to be a hopeless flirt by her sweetheart, Martin Kent, shows him that she prefers Tom Smith, a man from the underworld, because Tom is more authoritative.

Buenos Aires también tiene Trailer (1922)

19 April 1922

A 1922 film.

Channing of the Northwest Trailer (1922)

10 April 1922

Melodrama set in the Northwest, starring Eugene O'Brien.

Hanneles Himmelfahrt Trailer (1922)

09 April 1922