Movie Trailers - November 1931

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Secret Service Trailer (1931)

14 November 1931

In 1864 a Secret Service agent for the Union army goes undercover in Richmond and pretends to be a Confederate captain.

Liebeskommando Trailer (1931)

10 November 1931

Anybody's Blonde Trailer (1931)

17 November 1931

When a boxer is murdered a newspaper reporter tries to frame the boxer's sister, a nightclub owner, for the crime.

Local Boy Makes Good Trailer (1931)

27 November 1931

John is a timid student who works at the University Book Store. He is studying to be a botanist and has a secret crush on the lovely Julia.

Convicted Trailer (1931)

01 November 1931

A criminologist investigates the murder of a Broadway producer on an ocean liner.

The Door Knocker Trailer (1931)

07 November 1931

Al St. John working as a door-to-door book salesman.

Believe It or Not #12 Trailer (1931)

25 November 1931

Traveling to North Africa, Ripley offers views of The Meeting Place of the Dead in Morocco, a jail for nagging wives, a village with houses made of tin cans, and a sultan with many wives and children.

The Last Dance Trailer (1931)

23 November 1931

Four mischievous boys (a chimp, a bear cub, a wolf cub and a puppy) interrupt the lovemaking of a cat and his sweetheart.

Figaro e la sua gran giornata Trailer (1931)

21 November 1931

In this delightful mixture of romance, comedy and music, the director turns back the wheel of time about sixty years and shows the audience an Italy of primitive railroads, high bicycles and the famous "dolce far niente.

By the Light of the Silvery Moon Trailer (1931)

14 November 1931

Fleischer Studios giving "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" the bouncing ball 'Screen Song' treatment.

The Lumberjack's Bride Trailer (1931)

15 November 1931

Die Männer um Lucie Trailer (1931)

06 November 1931

Das Konzert Trailer (1931)

09 November 1931

In Dutch Trailer (1931)

08 November 1931

All the Dutch Van Beuren animals wearing clogs and making.... swiss cheese?!

Golden Mountains Trailer (1931)

06 November 1931

Soviet "proletarian" film about anti-war strike at St Petersburg factory, 1914. Resembles Pudovkin's classic "End of St.

The Hare Mail Trailer (1931)

30 November 1931

A cat and his granddaughter have been robbed of their money. It's up to Oswald to get it back.

The All-American Kickback Trailer (1931)

29 November 1931

Homer Bagwell (Harry Gribbon) is an incredibly talented, but reluctant college football player who is dating one of his teachers, Helen Dover (Geneva Mitchell).

The Fighting Marshall Trailer (1931)

25 November 1931

Not knowing he has just been pardoned, Tim Benton (Tim McCoy, Texas Cyclone) escapes from prison with his cellmate, Red Larkin (Matthew Betz, The Wedding March), a dangerous killer.

Der Herzog von Reichstadt Trailer (1931)

13 November 1931

The Man with the Claw Trailer (1931)

01 November 1931

A killer is on the loose, murdering people with an iron claw.

Gamla Stan Trailer (1931)

11 November 1931

Gamla Stan (Old Town) is a Swedish short film from 1931 directed by Stig Almqvist, Erik Asklund, Eyvind Johnson and Artur Lundkvist.

Mountain Monster Trailer (1931)

18 November 1931

The son and a daughter from very conservative families fall in love and when their parents oppose their relationship, the two come up with a scheme.